Fix: Windows Media Player Error- Server Execution Failed

Sometimes an error shows when you try to open a media file from the window media player. This error is “Window Media Player Error- Server Execution Failed”. Which opens as a dialogue message box popup with an option of ok to close it.

Windows media player is software very professional with its working and mostly bug-free and stable with your computer’s operating system.

It is software mostly preferred by people. It has lower crash rates and doesn’t create any glitch with media files.

But this “Window Media Player Error- Server Execution Failed” is recently reported very much by users that are trying to open a media file from the player.

This error is because you attempted to open too many files at the same time. Like when you close a media file and then open another media file. In doing the process this error message shows in between.

Why Does This “Windows Media Player Error- Server Execution Failed” Occur?

When you consistently open one over another media file at a time the process gets some sluggishness.

Your computer might get hang in between or shows this error of “Window Media Player Error- Server Execution Failed”. It happens mainly due to the program process which doesn’t close properly and remains active even if you have selected to close it.

Some other reasons which create this error in your COMPUTER…

  • Your user’s account might have any problem or it is unable to connect with the services which lead to the window media player network getting stopped.
  • Sometimes old hardware’s and drivers also create this problem because they are not able to function very well with the latest version of media files.
  • Virus In your computer- which is covering the space very necessary to run your functions easily. Damaged files also create this issue so it is recommended to scan your computer and clean it with the antivirus program.
  • This might also happen on the side of a media file- which might be a corrupted file that isn’t able to function in the supported format.

*Note- for performing the troubleshooting methods that we have mentioned below you will have to restart your computer to get rid of the error message.

How to Fix “Window Media Player Error- Server Execution Failed”

This might be because of a media file corrupted in itself. To check if the media file is correctly working you can run it on the other third-party media players like VLC media player. If your media file runs successfully on the player and doesn’t create any problem then the file is OK to be tested.

So now we have a real issue with window media players which we have to fix.

Solution 1: Ending the Task and Restarting the Window Media Player.

Step 1: We have to end the task directly from the task manager. So, to open task manager just hold control + shift + ESC keys altogether.

Step 2: Getting onto the process tab of task manager you can look for the window media player in running apps.

Step 3: After finding you just have to right-click on the window media player option and click to End that task.

Step 4: After successfully clearing all the running files now you can restart the Windows media player application again. The “Window Media Player Error- Server Execution Failed” might not appear at this time.

Solution 2: Disabling the Network Sharing Service of Window Media Player

Step 1: you have to open the run box which you can find from the start menu or directly press window + r keys to open it.

Step 2: Now in the run box type‘services.msc’ and press the enter key to execute the command.

Step 3: After opening the service window look for ‘window media player network sharing service’ from the list below. Once you find it- do right click and select the stop option.

Step 4: Another step you have to do here is to double click the ‘windows network sharing service’ option again and look for its properties and open them.

Step 5: Into the properties box there will be a column of ‘general’ after clicking on it you will find a ‘startup type’ tab. From the tab, you have to click and choose ‘disabled’.

Step 6: After running all these steps successfully you just have to apply the settings and press ok.

Step 7: Now close the services box and try to restart the window media player. Check if the problem of “Window Media Player Error- Server Execution Failed “is solved or still there.

Doing this solution might have solved your error this time. And if not- just continuing to the next solution below.

Solution 3: Run the Troubleshooter for Video Playback.

Step1: To open the setting application press window + I keys and select the option of update and security.

Step2: Go to the troubleshoot and you will get a video playback option when you right-click it. Now run the troubleshooter for the video playback.

Step 3: Wait for the processing of troubleshooting to be completed successfully after that, it will tell you whatever the problem windows media player is facing and if there is any issue in the application. It will give you the proper fixing method to solve it.

Step 4: Finally, check if the “Window Media Player Error- Server Execution Failed” error is fixed or not. Try to play a media file into it and see whether this solution has worked for you or not.

“If all this works then it is fine and if not- we will recommend you to reinstall the windows media player again or updated it from the Microsoft store.”

How to Uninstall and Reinstall Windows Media

It is as simple as uninstalling any other computer application. You just have to go on the control panel to find the option of repairing and uninstalling applications. From there you can install or repair the window media players with their default settings.