Solved: What is Adobe GC Invoker Utility? Should I Remove It?

 Adobe GC Invoker Utility

If you want to check the performance of your computer, and also want to know what all those processes running in your task manager and you come across the agcinvokerutility.exe file, a program that you simply haven’t downloaded into your computer and also got confused about what to do with this “Adobe GC Invoker Utility” whether to delete it or to keep it.

To all your queries we got the answer, but before that let us understand in this article what is Adobe GC Invoker Utility and how dangerous it could be and what actions can be taken against it.

What is Adobe GC Invoker Utility (agcinvokerutility.exe)?

Adobe GC Invoker Utility is also known for agcinvokerutility.exe is the product of the adobe system, you should know that the file is one of the non-essential and harmful executable files that could cause damage to your computer.

According to the expert and most of the leading antivirus companies around the agcinvokerutility.exe is one of the most harmful executable files observed in computers.

Now you must be wondering how it got into your computer? To tell you, it can get through spammy emails, external storage devices as well as free downloaded applications. Once it enters your system, the file will be displayed as a fake sponsored link or an Ad.

As you click and install the agcinvokerutility.exe file, this malware program will execute the files or harmful software cracking codes that create backdoors into your computer system and files.

You can find this in a folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ under the Adobe folder.

Is ACGinvokerutility.exe is Safe or Virus?

 Adobe GC Invoker Utility

Judging from the above content, you would have come to know that ACGinvokerutility.exe is a malicious file and it is not safe. So yes, it is a virus and you should remove it if you find it on your computer.

However, the problem is that it could slow down your entire computer, and consumes unnecessary resources that could stress your processor to perform the activities.

This Adobe GC Invoker Utility program causes an error during the startup of the computer that will slow down your computer and that indulges your time in figuring out the fix.

So it’s not an easy task to delete the .exe files entirely from your computer. In most cases, third-party software applications is required to remove programs from your pc.

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When is ACGinvokerutility.exe is not Safe?

when you do some changes like:

  • Modifications of your system settings
  • Damage to your registry files
  • Disable security programs
  • Strange sound to your video cards cooler

How to Remove Adobe GC Invoker Utility from your Computer

There are a few methods where you can easily remove the ‘Adobe GC Invoker Utility’ from your Computer.

Solution 1Disable ACGinvokerutility.exe using Task Manager

If you want to stop it at the startup of your computer then disable it from Task manager, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the task manager by pressing ctrl + shift + Esc together.

Step 2: Click on the processes tab, and scroll down until acginvokerutility.exe.

Step 3: Right-click on it, choose to disable option, and disable it.

Solution 2. Uninstall ACGinvokerutility.exe using Control Panel

Step 1: Open the control panel on your windows 10/7 system.

Step 2: Click on Uninstall a Program.

Then you need to find the program related to AGCInvokerUtility.exe and select the uninstall option and remove it.

Solution 3Delete all the files from your Registry

Step 1: Open the Run dialog box by pressing the keys “Windows + R” to open it.

Step 2: Type regedit. The registry will open.

Step 3: Press CTRL+F.

Step 4: Type in AGCInvokerUtility.exe to reveal the files.

Step 5: Now proceed to delete all dangerous files.

Solution 4. Using the Advanced System Care for AGCInvokerUtility.exe removal

The third-party software Advanced System Care downloads it from the internet, will automatically disable the process of the AGCInvokerUtility.exe program and also other programs that may cause an error to your computer.

Advanced System Care third-party software comes with a professional toolbox called Process Manager that will end the processes automatically and also a set priority for that particular process.

 Adobe GC Invoker Utility

Step 1: Download and install Advanced System Care on your computer.

Step 2: Navigate to the toolbox tab and proceed to the process manager.

Step 3: In the Process Manager, select “Processes” you will find the list of all the programs that are running in the background.

Step 4:Select the “Adobe GC Invoker Utility” process and click on the “End Process” in order to disable it.

After disabling the GC invoker utility from your computer, it is essential to scan your system from Advanced SystemCare, under Clean & Optimize, check the box of Select All, and then hit Scan.

 Adobe GC Invoker Utility

Solution 5: Disable using Safe Mode

To disable the Adobe GC Invoker Utility, you need to run the pc in safe mode with the network option. How to perform, let us know step by step.

Step 1: Restart your computer and go to the safe mode with networking before booting up to the operating system.

Step 2: Once you enter into safe mode then locate the agcinvokerutility.exe  in the task manager.

Step 3: Once found, then right-click on it and select Disable option.

later, check for the issue if persists.


How did you find this article, these methods will help you in solving the ‘Adobe GC Invoker Utility‘ AGCInvokerUtility.exe issue from your PC. However, be careful while deleting .exe files from your computer as most of them are essential for your operating system’s functioning. Please mention your queries in the comment section below.