How to Fix ‘Waasmedic Agent Exe’? High Disk usage? in 2022

As you’ll all know, Microsoft updates come out on Tuesdays and most of the updates are released in the morning. Microsoft attempts to combine the largest updates into this maintenance window. 

During this process, some of the important updates get corrupted or damaged. To receive Windows updates without any interruption Microsoft has introduced Waasmedic Agent Exe Windows Update Medic Service (or WaasMedicAgent) as a part of the Windows Update feature.

This feature runs in the background and repairs the damaged components of the windows update services this way laptop users receive smooth windows updates without any trouble to the computer.

Now we have seen the good part of it, what is the drawback of this feature? 

Laptop users are complaining about this feature, as they are facing high disk usage and their system getting slow in their work process during the windows updates.

Many users are also complaining that their laptop is overheating and lagging too much. So when they checked in the Task manager, they found out that most of the Memory usage, CPU, and Processor are being consumed by WaasMedic Agent.exe.

So what are the best possible solutions for this problem, and how we can get rid of this issue permanently? Let’s check out.

But before that, we will understand what is WaasMedic Agent exe, Is WaasMedic agent exe a virus and Can you disable WaasMedic agent exe?

What is WaasMedic Agent exe?

WaasMedic Agent Exe

WaasMedicAgent exe stands for Windows Update Media Service. It’s a legitimate service digitally signed by Microsoft Corporation and also part of Microsoft Windows OS.

It runs in the background as a windows helper to make the Windows update process smooth and without any interruption.  

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Is WaasMedic agent exe a harmful virus?

WaasMedic Agent Exe

If you are using third-party antivirus software, it will detect this file as malware or virus in your system while running in the background of your system or else it is also observed that when you try to disable this WaasMedic agent exe, the third-party antivirus software installed to treat it as a malware.

The third-party software developer has developed and programmed its software in such a way that it’ll detect WaasMedicAgent.exe as an executable file and executable files can be malware. 

when a user will disable this executable file, it’ll allow them to exploit the security flaws of the user’s system.

So you should mark the executable file or confirm that executable file’s ownership. The file is not malware if it’s marked as © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Can you disable WaasMedic agent exe?

Yes, you can disable the WaasMedic agent exe, either using a freeware software tool called Windows Update Blocker or you can turn it off using the Registry Editor and many other methods. 

Let’s check out below. Before that, you can also watch the video below on how to fix ‘Waasmedic Agent Exe’ error.

Video Guide: WaasMedic Agent.Exe fix High Disk Usage?

How to disable WaasMedic agent exe?

Here we have assembled the best methods for you, which are tried and tested methods that will help you in solving the issue of ‘how to disable waasmedicsvc’.

1. Windows Update Blocker to Disable WaasMedic Agent.exe

From this method, you can manually Disable and Enable the WaasMedic agent.exe as and when required. You need to download this third-party tool called Windows Update Blocker

“Software Download from a trusted website.”

  • Once you download Windows Update Blocker, extract the zip file and run Wub_x64.exe and install it into your system.
  • Once completed, launch Windows Update Blocker and it will pop out on your screen. Under Service Status, click on the Menu button.
  • From the context menu, select Windows Services option.
  • It will open a services window, under the Name column you need to locate Windows Update Medic Service.
  • Just right-click on it and go to its properties, under that you will find the General tab.
  • Now you can see the Service name section and copy the name WaaSMedicSvc.
  • Now you need to go to the Windows Update Blocker directorywhere you had extracted software files earlier, and open the Wub.ini file in Notepad.
  • In the Notepad, locate the Service List section and under dosvc=2,4 type WaaSMedicSvc=3,4, or you can copy and paste the same and later Save and exit.
  •  Now, you need to go to the Windows Update Blocker box and hit on the Apply Now tab to save the changes.
  • Now the WaasMedic Agent.exe high disk usage issue will be fixed.
  • In future, if you require to enable the windows to update feature, then enable it from the same Windows Update Blocker box.

2. Using Task Scheduler Disable WaasMedic Agent.exe high disk usage

If you wish not to use the Windows Update Blocker (third-party tool), then you go with Windows Task Scheduler to fix the WaasMedic Agent.exe high disk usage. 

  • Go to the start menu and type task Scheduler in the search box.
Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • Once you click on it, a task scheduler window will open.
  • In the left pane, navigate to Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > WaasMedic.
Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • In the right pane, check for any task that is scheduled, just right-click on it and select Disable.
Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • After this activity, restart your system and your issue will be resolved.

3. Disable WaasMedic Agent.exe Via Registry Editor

If you don’t wish to use the second method and you want to disable the windows service feature with Registry Editor then, here are the steps below.

Note: Before making any changes or modifications in the registry editor make sure you need to create a backup of the registry editor settings. To avoid data loss.

  • Registry Editor, you can also type it as ‘regedit’ in the run dialogue box by pressing the Win + R key.
  • A Registry Editor window will open on your screen, you need to paste the below address in the address bar as shown on the image below.


Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • Once the address is pasted, it will navigate to the WaasMedicSvc folder.
  • On the right side, double-click on the start file as you can see below.
Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • Open the Edit DWORD (32-bit) Value dialogue box.
  • Go to the Value data field and change the value from 3 to and press enter or click ok.
Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • Exit the Registry Editor window and restart your system. The Windows Update Medic Service is now disabled from your computer.

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How to Fix the High Resource Usage?

Fix 1: Update Your Windows 11 / 10

One of the most important things you should remember is the Windows OS build version

Most Windows users skip or forget to update the Windows OS to the latest version if they have configured it to pause updates or manually update, which leads to high CPU usage due to older versions of the operating system.

So I would like you to suggest keeping it automatically, so when Microsoft releases the latest patches, the system will automatically start to update the Windows OS 11.

So if you don’t know how you can update your Windows 11 OS, check the steps below.

  • Take your cursor on the Windows icon.
  • Then, click on the settings option icon.
Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • A window will pop up, on the left pane, select Windows Update.
  • Then click on Check for updates button.
  • If there is any update it will start updating the PC.
Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • It will check for the updates, and automatically update Windows OS and after that, you can restart your PC.

Fix 2: Disable Your Antivirus Temporarily 

Waasmedic Agent Exe

Sometimes it is observed that a third-party antivirus may have a conflict with the WaasMedic Agent exe, as it is an executable file, antivirus suspect or detect it as a suspicious file in the background of the system.

Which tends to block the agent from updating the windows patches and thereby consuming high CPU usage of the system.

So to avoid this kind of issue you need to temporarily disable your antivirus, whichever it may be Avast, Kaspersky, Macfee, Norton or Quickheal, etc.

Waasmedic Agent Exe

Just right on the icon, in the taskbar and click on disable and re-enable it once your issue gets solved.

Fix 3: Turn On DEP to Fix Agent.exe

The reason to Turn on DEP( Data Execution Prevention) as it will protect your system against threats and viruses that lead to agent.exe high disk usage.

So what are the steps to turn the Data Execution Prevention, let’s check out?

  • Click on the Search icon in Windows 10/ 11 OS.
  • Type Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows in the search bar, click to Open.
Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • In the Performance Options window, locate the Data Execution Prevention tab.
Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • Click on the radio button of Turn on DEP for all programs and services only.
  • Then click on the Add tab and search for the WaasMedic.exe file.
Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • Now click on Open and the file will be added under the protection of the DEP section.
  • Then click Ok to save changes.
  •  Restarting your computer and checking if WaasMedic Agent.exe high disk usage is solved.

Fix 4: Perform Disk Cleanup on Windows 11

Normally, after a few months or years of system usage, the ‘C’ drive disk storage gets full in space, due to the unwanted junk and temp files.

Make the laptop sick in operation, so you need to clean up this junk and make it free for function. The total amount of disk space it consumes is unimaginable, it can go up to 0GB – 20GB, which is simply cutting out your disk space.

So what are those steps to clean the insufficient space, let’s check them below?

  • Click on the Search icon in Windows 11 OS.
  • Type Disk Cleanup tool in the search bar and click on it and select the OS drive, for example (C: Drive).
Waasmedic Agent Exe
Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • A window will pop up Disk Cleanup for (C:), in the Disk Clean tab you need to check all the unwanted or junk files that you want to delete.
Waasmedic Agent Exe
  • And then press OK and it will start to delete unnecessary files.
  • Restart your PC and check for WaasMedic Agent.exe high disk usage on Windows 11

Fix 5: Unplugging the External Hard Drive

If you are using an external hard drive to your PC and if you notice that ‘waasmedic agent exe’ is using 100% disk usage, then the particular service may be somehow using the external removable drives instead of your inbuilt primary hard disk.

 This can be easily fixed, just follow the below steps to monitor the Disk Usage of your system.

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + ESC key simultaneously.
  • Then locate the Performance tab and select Open Resource Monitor on the Task Manager window.
  • If you observe that WaasMedicAgent.exe is excessively using your external hard drive space, then immediately unplug the external hard drive.


Is WaasMedic exe a virus?

No, it is not a virus as it is just a windows feature that helps to repair windows update components from damage and thereby allowing a smooth flow in the windows updates.

But the third-party antivirus software detects it as malware, as it is an executable file and antivirus is programmed in such a way that they pretend this kind of file is a virus. 

Can I delete windows update medic service?

Since it is a built-in windows feature, you cannot delete the Waasmedic agent from your computer, but you can disable it as discussed in the above solution methods.

Why is windows Service WaasMedic always running?

Windows 10 had introduced this feature as a windows Service Medic Agent (WaaSMedicAgent) to “Enable remediation and protection of Windows Update components.” In other words, it pause Windows Updates from delivering corrupt or damaged components. So you’ll experience or receive Windows updates without any interruptions therefore WassMedic always runs in the background of your system.

What is WaasMedic and how do you disable waasmedicagent and fix it?

WaasMedicAgent exe stands for Windows Update Media Service. It’s a legitimate service digitally signed by Microsoft Corporation and also part of Microsoft Windows OS.

You can disable the WaasMedic agent exe, either using a freeware software tool called Windows Update Blocker or you can turn it off using the Registry Editor and many other methods. 


We have tried our best to get all the possible solutions and answer questions, which you have asked in the google address bar.

Hope you have found the above fixes helpful in resolving the Waasmedic Agent Exe High Disk usage.

If you found anything or any solution method lagging from our end, then please try to add it in our comment section. We will update the post.