Top 8 Best-Proven Business Card Scanner & Reader

 Business Card Scanner
Business Card Scanner

If you already do a lot for sorting stacks of business cards, then stop worrying more as we have the best solution for you.

You can make an instant visit to that is loaded with the best business card scanner application and reader to organize and digitize business cards within no time.

Apart from that, we shortlisted a few best business card scanner mobi apps that work significantly. They all use your mobile camera for capturing important contact data and swiftly digitize your business world and store every single element into a digitized file. 

ABBYY Business Card Reader:

This business card organizer assists to identify the edges of the business card and quickly crop out the unwanted backgrounds. This OCR based mobile application swiftly highlights the unrecognized data and even automatically adds country codes.

The most apparent reason to use this card scanning app is that it works for fixing typos issues and the best way to store names, contacts, email addresses and more. Once you have done it all, this app allows you to share the data through email, VCF File (vCard), or even as a JPEG image file.

Why Use?

Supports more than 25 different languages

Swift filling in missing data 

Get the ease of sharing contact details

Why Don’t?

Can’t recognize and read all types of information


If you’re seeking a top-rated business card reader and scanner, then it’s time to proceed with CamCard. This application uses advanced OCR function for reading, processing, and storing the business card contact details.

Besides that, this handy tool is taken into account to add notes and reminders to the cards it stores. It will also entertain you with the best batch scanning feature that lets you save the information from multiple cards simultaneously.

In addition to that, it is loaded with secretary scan mode through which you can be able to invite personal secretaries for adding contact details to your account. 

Why Use?

  • Allow you to synchronized across multiple devices
  • Works best for tracking contact detail changes
  • Loaded with powerful data sharing features

Why Don’t?

  • OCR results variations

Card Scanner by Zoho:

Scanning business cards without any disruption becomes easy with the assistance of this business card scanner. It is indicated as the super-fast way to read and store vital contact information from the existing paper cards.

Once processed, this application assists to make editing within no time. You can also find certain management functions regarding digitizing your business card details.

For instance, give a try to its contact manager program that lets you import phone numbers directly to your phone book. Once you have done so, you can be able to share them via cloud services including Google Drive and vCard.

Despite that, this app is packed with different productivity tools, invoicing traits and even the email facility. 

Why Use?

  • Optimal business management solution
  • Works best for storing and sharing all mobile contacts
  • Lets you proceed with 14 different languages

Why Don’t?

  • some features are only available for PRO plan

Microsoft Office Lens:

Microsoft Office Lens not only allows you to scan business cards, but also works to scan different types of documents. Get this OCR scanner app that functions with business card mode through which you can extract names, email address, numbers, and much more.

Also, it allows you to generate full-fledged business contact lists that you can store and share with natural ease. 

Why Use?

  • Process different types of documents for free
  • Powered by Microsoft for optimal results
  • Loaded with highly accurate data capturing feature

Why Don’t?

  • Packed with bit complicated interface

Business Card Scanner + Reader:

This is referred to as the best business card organizer that lets you convert a paper card into a digital business card using your Android and iOS devices. This business card reader saves your precious time by handling your minor, but some essential tasks.

Get this card scanner right now and say goodbye to a bunch of business cards right now by making them all in a digitized file. No huge manual intervention involves, just make a single tap to digitize all of your business cards contacts with this free assistance. 

Why Use?

  • Attractive interface
  • Takes couple of taps to digitize and organize your business cards information
  • No huge manual intervention involves for scanning card information

Why Don’t?

  • Lack of features in free plan

Card HQ:

Give a try to this Card HQ business card scanner that lets you scan and digitize your business card details within a matter of seconds. The upside is that this handy app allows you to share the scanned details via email and different social networks.

Although it does not entertain you with huge numbers of features, still this app does everything that you need to organize your business card details. 

Why Use?

  • Fully freeware business card scanning utility
  • Super-fast and accurate conversions
  • Allow you to proceed with batch cards scanning

Why Don’t?

  • Loaded with limited features


The very first thing is that this business card reader does not rely on OCR function. It simply takes a picture of an individual business card and just sends it to a real person. Sounds strange, this person is your virtual secretary.

A secretary takes a couple of seconds to type up the contact details and enter it into your online contact list. Don’t fret since it does not compromise over the data loss while saving your business cards information. 

Why Use?

  • Works to store all elements that printed on a business card
  • Loaded with human touch, this means it can resolve every single issue prior they takes place
  • Simple UI

Why Don’t?

  • Require monthly fee and even scanning process may takes time


Evernot is referred to as one of the best business card scanner apps that lets you read, process, and save digital data from different mediums. All you need to do is use your phone’s camera to capture your contact details.

The most auspicious parameter about this tool is that it quickly extracts data from LinkedIn and accurately matches it to your existing saved iPhone/Android contacts. With this, you can attain someone’s complete business profile. 

Why Use?

  • Indicated as the leading brand around the business world
  • Allow data capturing from different sources
  • Packed with cross-platform capabilities for enhancing contacts

Why Don’t?

  • Offers some confusing features