Top Best text to speech do YouTubers use in 2021

text to speech

Do you want to know which text to speech software do YouTubers use for their video? The answer is speechlo software. Speechelo is software that converts text with 100% natural voice into human-sounding speech. Speechelo puts 8 certified master English speakers at your disposal to turn your substance into a basically amazing voiceover!

They help you build trust by using the same voice for a brand without looking for qualified professionals with a good reputation in the scene like Fiverr or voice bunny.

The discovery of text-to-speech mp3 content for discourse has grown over the last few decades. Through intensive training, it is now possible to create a very even-sounding discourse that includes changes in pitch, speed, articulation, and pronunciation.

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What is text to speech?

Text to Discourse (TTS) is a type of discovery aid that examines computerized text so that everyone can hear it. It’s rarely called “full reading” as an innovation. With a click or a fingertip, TTS can record words on a computer or other computing device and convert them into sound.

Some TTS systems are fully automated; they are sketched so that they do not require a trained operator to control the volume or timing of speech.

The technology behind TTS has been around for years but came into the spotlight in 2020 with the announcement of a fantastic AI-speaking engine called MegaVoice.

Why Use Speechlo for text to speech?

text to speech

Cheaper and faster than voice recording: Creating a text-to-speech story doesn’t take as long as you record it yourself. Just paste the text and you’re done! Not to mention all the money you save on audio equipment!

More realistic than ever: In recent years, text-to-speech technology has made tremendous progress. Powered by a neural network, some of our AI voices barely sound any different from real people!

Telling stories makes videos more fun: People tend to prefer video content because it is easier to get information by listening than reading. If there is no story in your video, people will no longer watch!

And Speechlo is going to provide you with all the points mentioned above

Benefits of using speechlo?

Saves you money.

To save time.

Increase Engagements with viewers

Turn your audience into sales

Generate more sales and more views.

The basic logic is that more additional views mean more sales, and more sales mean more money. However, your content should certainly have the ability to generate more leads and conversions.

Getting the best sound by optimizing YouTube for text-to-speech in 2021 has never been incremental, immediate, or faster. You don’t need convincing motivation to tackle and correct yourself with high-quality film material immediately after completion of construction and associated demonstration materials.

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How does Speechlo software works?

You can get the job done in three clicks.

  • Correct your text and then the Speechelo software will do the test; then combine the necessary punctuation to produce natural-sounding speech.
  • Choose a voice from more than 30 voices collected in Speechelo. You can choose them from their rating.
  • Your voice-over will be created in less than 10 seconds, if you wish you can proceed with downloading or reconstructing it by restarting the required settings.

Speechelo Review: Pros and Cons


Impressive speed when converting text into audio recordings.

The software is quite well explained and easy to use, even for beginners.

You can convert as much text as you want without any limitations.

Best sound quality.

The software contains more than 30 human-sounding male and female voices.

You can also add longer breath sounds and pauses after each phrase.

This is because most languages ​​are available, although other software does not support certain languages.

Speechelo is the only text-to-speech app that adds speech inflection, and it’s a great choice.

Cons of Speechelo:

You can download sound in MP3 format only.

If you want to know more details about the Speechelo software and also if you want to buy this software click here.

Standard version vs. Pro

The main difference between these two versions is the amount of visible noise. For the standard version with 23 languages, there are only 30 voices. You want access to over 100 sounds during professional upgrades.

The voice transmission frequency of this standard edition is also limited. However, you’ll find casting times that last for hours in the professional version of Speechelo. Even though Speechelo is a pro, you have access to first-class voices.

This software also gives you access to business licenses with Speechelo pro. You can buy votes from your subscribers with the same license or take advantage of you. Other additional features of Speechelo Pro include 40 contextual sound effects, voice videos, support for promotions, and cash prizes. Here are the pros and cons of text-to-speech software that you need to know.

Who should take Speechelo Pro?

  • People never want to use auto sound in videos.
  • Who doesn’t love Android Wavenet Api with Sound Creator?
  • If you run a business YouTube channel.
  • Business owners, video artists, brands, and more,
  • Multiple marketers for each context or so

How much does Speechelo Pro cost?
Speechelo PRO is the latest version of Speechelo. Consumers pay the full cost when they buy. As soon as you update through the Speechelo front end, you will be paid monthly to download additional features from the Speechelo Pro plan.

Does Speechelo come with a free trial?
The basic free trial plan is simple if the user only wants to use the software. The amazing fact is that Speechelo doesn’t charge him enough! Also, if the user wants, the user can switch to multiple kits. You can find all the pricing details in this Speechelo test.

Are Speechelo alternatives free and paid?
No, Speechelo is not available except for the free version. Although the Pro edition is sold at a lower price, they do offer a discount coupon. But this request was short-lived. For the Pro edition with Speechelo, the discount is $47 for each half.

Conclusion on text to speech do YouTubers use

Say you are a Youtuber, sound artist, freelancer, or work in a job where you need to make videos and recordings. In this regard, we encourage you to positively review the Speechelo software, which provides you with a high-quality performance at a reasonable price.

You don’t have to lose extra dollars for your dedicated artist. More savings means more profits. So do some research. I hope you enjoyed our article on which text to speech software do YouTubers use for their video.