Tap Windows Adapter V9: What is and How to Remove it on Windows 10

If you use Windows VPN to protect your privacy then you should know about Tap Windows adaptor v9, it is basically a virtual network interface where a VPN client can activate a VPN connection.

But, many users have reported that they are facing internet connection problems while their tap Windows v9 was activated. If you are also experiencing this same issue then worry not in this article we will let you know about how to remove or reinstall it in our system.

What is a tap windows adapter v9?

Before going ahead we must understand what is tap Windows adapter v9?

Almost all the VPN software and stalls a specific network driver which is called tap Windows.

This Windows tap driver usually appears in the device manager after the installation of the VPN client and it is used by most of the VPN packages as a nickname for private Internet connections.

Depending on the version of Windows your computer is running, you would see two different versions of the Windows tap driver and they are:

  1. Windows XP – this version of Windows uses NDIS 5 driver (tap Windows version 9.9.x)
  2. Windows Vista, 7, 8,10:- all these versions of Windows uses NDIS 6 driver (tap Windows version 9.21.x)

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Why Tap Windows Adapter v9 is used?

The windows tap adapter is a network driver that VPN services use to connect to servers. It means for most VPN clients like (Express VPN, Nord VPN, CyberGhost turbo VPN) this is a component that will need to be installed on your system.

But if you use a VPN browser extension. you won’t find it, but you will also not be benefited from a fully functional VPN client installed directly on your system.

Windows tap adaptor is safely removable. if you have configured your VPN client so that it is not used to create private connections. In this case, the windows tap adaptor can cause some problems such as:

A. interference with your network connection
B. making network access nearly impossible

Some users panic when they find an application and can’t install it. This is a legitimate fear because many malware and spyware application appear out of nowhere as apps on your device. But, the tap-windows adaptor is completely safe and it is not a virus.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for the virtual private network. This feature allows you to access blocked websites in your country and it protects you from ISPs, hackers, and Data collecting sites. It uses private and direct routes to speed up your server connections.

Almost all IT professionals recommend using a VPN (a virtual private network) because it reduces the risk of many online attacks and spyware.

Both home and business users can take benefit of a private network connection, a virtual private network or VPN is a useful technology nowadays.

When to reinstall or delete the Tap Windows Adapter v9?

In general, when we use a VPN network connection to connect to the internet we have several reasons to remove the adaptor.

However, if you experience a connection problem while the VPN connection is active, then the best thing to do is to investigate if the driver is corrupted and re-install the tap windows adaptor v9.

If you have used a VPN connection before but have stopped using it in the meantime, it’s possible that the windows adaptor could be causing problems with your internet connection.

If so, then removing the adaptor will most likely fix the problem. You may find that a doctor is installed if you leave the VPN software kept installed on your system.

How to remove the tap windows adapter V9? ( In Windows 10)

  1. Disconnect the VPN connection and Close the software ( VPN client )
  2. Search for (from the bottom left side of the screen) “Add or remove program” and click on it.
  3. Find your VPN client from the list and simply uninstall it.

If we stop here the tap windows drivers will reappear when next time we start/open our VPN software. in order to prevent the drivers from being installed automatically on your computer, you will need to remove the necessary programs:

  1. Open Run Window type (Windows Key + R).
  2. Search for “appwiz.cpl” and click on OK.
  3. Find your VPN client and remove it from the list.

How to Reinstall Tap Windows Adapter V9?

If you are not able to connect to your VPN then you must check twice that your Windows type adaptor v9 is installed properly in your system or not. If you can’t connect to your VPN. then you need to troubleshoot by making sure that TAP-Windows adaptor v9 is installed properly.

If you find any science of a corrupted driver then follow the guide below to reinstall the windows tap adaptor:

  1. Disconnect the VPN connection and close the VPN client.
  2. Open a run window with (Windows key + R).
  3. type “devmgmt.msc” and click on OK.
  4. you will see the Device Manager is opened. In the Device Manager window Scroll down until you find Network Adapters and click the forward arrow to expand the drop-down list.
  5. check if you see the Tap-Windows V9 Adapter. If yes, then reinstalling the drivers will often fix the problem. So right-click on the driver and select Uninstall device.
  6. Once the Windows Tap adapter has been removed from Device Manager, go ahead and start your VPN client. Depending on the VPN software you are using, you will be prompted to install the missing Tap Windows adapter v9or install it automatically without prompting.
  7. If you have followed all instructions properly then you must have reinstalled the Windows tap adapter v9 successfully.

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Hope this article helped. In this article, we have covered almost every part of the tap Windows adaptor v9 and also about how we can remove or install it in our system. And have also provided a step-by-step guide to uninstall and reinstall the windows tap adapter in your system. thanks for reading.