How to Fix “Screen Overlay Detected” Error? on android phones

Screen overlay detected

Screen overlay detected is a very common problem that occurs in android phones. when you download any app and after installing when you try to give all the permissions to the app it shows the error of  “Screen overlay detected” to some users.

The screen overlay error is irritating because it won’t let some apps run and not even let you open them on your device. 

However, it gets more frustrating when the causes are hard to find, and you don’t know where to look for a solution.

If you have suddenly seen the “screen overlay detected” error on your smartphone display, then you are in the right place. Here we have explained why this message appears and how you can get rid of it in minutes.

Actually, screen overlay is a feature of Android 6.0 marshmallow, and it is not a bug that requires special permission to appear on top of certain Apps.  

Almost every APK nowadays uses overlay permission to improve the user experience and show certain things on top of other screens like new notifications. 

The Truecaller APK also uses this permission to display the caller ID popup notification that shows the information about the call that you have received from another device. 

What is the Cause of Screen Overlay Error? 

This message may appear when you are using a floating app window and then start a newly installed APK that wants access rights to overlay settings. 

The most common floating app is Facebook Messenger that can show floating messages on top of every APK on your device whenever you receive a message from a friend or family member.   

Generally, Samsung and Motorola phone users have experienced this problem the most in the last couple of years. 

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Here are the steps to fix Screen Overlay Detected  

Step 1 to fix “Screen Overlay Detected” error.

For Samsung Users

1. Open the notification bar and click on settings.

2. Scroll down to the bottom, find the Application manager and click on it.

3. Tap on the three-dot menu button on the top right of your screen. 

4. Now, select the “Apps that can appear on top” option.

5. Click on the three-dot menu button again, and select “Show System Apps“.

6. Then, you would see toggle buttons in front of every app in the list. 

7. Immediate switch off each app from the toggle button available on the page. 

For Non-Samsung Users 

1. Find out the setting and click on it.

2. Select the Search button at the top of your settings menu. 

3. Write “Draw” and hit search.

4. You will see many results select “Draw over other apps“. 

Step 2 to fix “Screen Overlay Detected” error.

You would find yourself in front of a list of apps that have permission to use the floating button, or we can say screen overlay settings page. 

Now it’s important to identify the app that’s causing the problem and temporarily deny its permission to draw over other apps. 

Here are some pointers to identify which apps are causing trouble in your device.

– Have you ever seen a bubble on your screen? If yes, then that should be the reason to disable that app from the list.

– Have you installed an application that changes display color or adjusts brightness?

– Users of Clean Master might suffer from this problem. So, if you use it on your phone disable the overlay options. 

– If you want to be sure, turn them all off at once.

– All Samsung users should disable the one-hand keyboard as it is one of the most common programs that are responsible for this overlay error behaviour.

Step 3 to fix “Screen Overlay Detected” error.

Now you have to go to “Settings“> “Applications“> “Truecaller APK or The app that had this problem”> “Permissions” and “Give access to all permissions“.

Step 4 to fix “Screen Overlay Detected” error.

 In order for the app you disabled in step 2 to work again, you must re-enable its overlay permissions. If you’ve turned off all apps, you may only have to activate the apps you actually use.

Step 5 to fix “Screen Overlay Detected” error.

Go back to the home screen and close all the applications running and relaunch that app that has faced the problem of screen overlay. Done 

Application-based solutions. 

There are many apps that can solve this problem. This solution involves downloading additional software from the internet and running an advertisement on your device. Which is annoying. We still recommend that trying the manual solutions detailed above first.

-Install button unlocker

Install button unlocker is an app available in the playstore which can unlock the Install button caused by a screen display error.

Once you download and activate this app you will be asked to give access and permission to download for other applications. It is essential to troubleshoot problems caused by the other applications. Try the activity that was previously affected by the overlay error again. If it works properly then the error should no longer occur.

-Alert Window Checker

There is an app called alert window checker which checks if any app is using the screen overlay function.

After enabling it the Alert window review feature will show you a menu of the application and whether they use overlay permissions. if so, you can select the app and force close or you can uninstall it depending on whether you want to use the app regularly or not. 

You need to be aware of some of the apps causing the problem. These applications include:

Clean master

UC Browser

DU speed booster


360 security

EX Explorer


All of these apps can cause problems with your phone. So, if you have already installed one of these applications, it is better to uninstall it immediately.

conclusion on screen overlay detected error

Screen overlay detected is a very common problem for many Android users and very frustrating too. Especially for those who want to install new updates for their smartphones whatever we have covered in this blog will help you for sure You can always go back to Settings and allow apps to use screen overlays. It doesn’t matter if you encounter such a problem, methods that are mentioned in this blog will definitely help you.