7 Ways To Fix Resolving Host Issue On Google Chrome

Resolving Host Issue: We all live in a modern world where everyone uses the internet to search/buy anything just by sitting simply at home. The one who is always working on the internet to gather information from different websites needs a lot of patience.

Resolving Host

Sometimes the internet tests our Patience. Yes, you heard it correctly. You may want to go on a website and get a display on your screen as “resolving host“. Most of us ignore it thinking it might go just if we refresh the page once but it’s a serious error message which is sent by “Google’s DNS prefetching setting. It cannot be resolved unless it is disabled.

In this article we’ll walk through:

Why resolving host errors happen and how frequently it does?

Top 5proven techniques to fix “Resolve host issues” on chrome

The easiest go-to method to fix the error

Why Do ‘Resolving Host’ Errors Happen On Your Website?

You might don’t know but it involves a complex process to get a website displayed in front of you. Firstly, you enter the URL of the system in the address bar and click on “enter“.

Now, the URL which you entered is converted to an IP address for the computer to understand and display the website onto your screen. This conversion of URL into an IP address happens through DNS (Domain Name system).

It doesn’t just happen on chrome but also on other websites like Firefox where these issues are solved in other similar ways. For now, as most of us are chrome users it is important for us to know how to deal with such problems without getting panicked.

It might be difficult for your Internet service to configure the DNS servers for framing an IP address for the entered URL.

There might be even other reasons such as changes in your Domain settings too or the stored DNS cache may take a longer time than expected to find the Ip address of your website.

  • You can first give a chance to tackle this problem by changing your DNS server into a public server or by disabling the DNS prefetching on your chrome.
  • Also, you can change the LAN setting which can be the root cause.
  • Modify your host’s files once.

 If the 3 simple ways mentioned above cannot resolve your host’s issues, breathe in some patience inside you and go for the Steps mentioned below.

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Methods 1: Turn Off Your DNS Prefetching

Chrome stores the IP address of the websites you searched earlier in its cache memory (which you can download or find from the settings). When you want to revisit the website again instead of typing the whole URL the server will directly connect you to the IP address of that website.

But these can also cause a few issues in settings that are the reason why you have to turn off the prefetch feature by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open your Google chrome
  2. Tap onto the three-dot icons at the right corner of the page, and select settings.
  3. Now scroll down and click on the “open a specific page/set of pages“.
Resolving Host

4. Turn off the button next to the option of ” use the prediction service

After getting done with the steps mentioned above, your prefetch resource option will be turned off and you can go back to your website at high speed.

Method 2: Erase Your Browsing Data

This is the most simple and easiest way to speed up the level of your website. Go to the website and download the cache memory, if you already have it in the cache memory, just click on “clear all browsing data, (on the left panel)” your problem can be solved.

Also keep in mind to erase the data for which period of time (that might include clear data for hours, days, weeks, months, years, or all over at once). After clearing the browsing data, do not forget to clear the cached images and files too.

Lastly, delete the whole browsing history on your mobile, which improves your internet speed.

  • Turn Off Ipv6
  1. Go to open network and internet settings
  2. Click on Network and sharing center
  3. For opening the properties window, click on your current connection
  4. Click on the properties button
  5. Uncheck the protocol IPv6
  6. Click Ok then close your Pc and save changes
Resolving Host

Method 3: Using Google DNS Server

Sometimes It may be possible that the default DNS server provided by the ISP can Create the issue in the Google Chrome application or it may be not reliable, it would be better if you change the DNS server.

Resolving Host

So it is highly recommended to use Google Public DNS as they are more reliable and also can fix any issues related to DNS on your PC.

Method 4: Clearing DNS Cache

If You still have issues with the ‘Resolving Host’ error then this method of clearing DNS cache might help you in solving your issue. let’s do it step by step below.

1.Firstly, open your Google Chrome browser and then go to Incognito Mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N or by Tap onto the three-dot icons at the right corner of the page, and select the New Incognito window Option.

2.Now you have type the following letters as show below in the address bar and hit Enter:

Resolving Host

3.Next, click Clear host cache and restart your browser.

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Method 5: Disable Installed VPN and Proxy

Resolving Host

Using VPN to block specific sites if you are on a business platform might often cause such resolving host errors. To many people, it is suggested to turn off your VPN for a while and check if you are visible on the website or not.

Steps to uninstall the VPN:

  • VPN icon will appear to you in the chrome address bar
  • Click on that and select “Remove from chrome option”
  • If you have a VPN installed on the system, from the notifications itself click on the disconnect option.

In case you are still facing the error issue, it is time to turn off the proxy.

Steps to follow are:

  1. Type window key+R on the search bar then enter ‘msconfig’ in it.
Resolving Host

2. Go to the boot tab, select the safe boot, and click on OK.

Resolving Host

3. Restart your Pc once again, press the window key+R, and then next type “inetcpl.cpl.

Resolving Host

4. After unchecking the protocols it’s time to open the internet properties and select the connections from there.

5. Uncheck the ” Use a proxy server for your LAN“, Click on OK.

Resolving Host

6. Uncheck the safe boot option once again like previously.

Resolving Host

7. Now restart your PC and check if your issue has been solved now.

Method 6: Flush and Reset the TCP/IP

In this method, you will come to know how you can try resetting the TCP/IP. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), and IP (Internet Protocol).

These protocols are used to communicate between two or more computers in a particular network. If there is an issue within the network or one of those networks is interrupted, it can’t receive the instructions, thus resulting in the ‘Resolving Host’ error.

To fix this issue, you need to troubleshoot this, with Command prompt tool with administrator rights. Let’s check it step by step below.

  1. Firstly, Press the start button on the keyword or you can press the windows key.
  2. And type CMD keys, a Command Prompt will pop up at the start menu.
  3. Just right-click on it and select the “Run as administrator” option to access the Command Prompt.
Resolving Host
  1. Once you get the access with the command prompt, then type the following commands to Flush and Reset the TCP/IP.
    • ipconfig /release 
    • ipconfig /flushdns
    • ipconfig /renew 
  1. Then, restart your computer and try accessing Google Chrome to see if the error ‘Resolving Host’ has successfully been resolved.

Method 7: Connect To Your Internet Service Provider

Resolving Host

The above-mentioned techniques must have solved your issues, if not then it’s time to call the experts as your computer might have another problem. You should send them all the website URLs you are unable to access because of resolving host errors.

The person/team will check the issue and let you know if you’re blocked from their website. They may also fix the IP address conflicts which are serious trouble nowadays for many internet users.

It usually happens when another device on the same network also has the same IP address as it is on your PC.

The issue can be solved by experts which is between the computer and router. They might suggest you bring the modern router though the problem can be easily tackled.

Conclusion on Resolving Host error

hope you find this article interesting, in solving your google chrome issue of ‘Resolving Host’, we have tried all our best to help you with our proven methods in solving your issue, just flow those methods and get rid of the error.