3 Ways To Fix ‘Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device’ in Windows 10

In some recent versions of Windows, there is a problem arising from the users. Where they face an error message showing on the screen as ‘Reboot and select proper boot device’. It is a problem that mostly happens when the windows are starting, which asks the user to put proper boot media.

Why This Problem of Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device Happens?

When the BIOS of your system is unable to find the right device on which operating system of your Computer is stored then it shows this error of “Reboot and select proper boot device”.

This is all about the BIOS system and the error that occurred in that. Now, whatever the type of your COMPUTER it is, if it has windows running then it can get this problem also. If your computer is an Asus, Toshiba, Acer, or gigabyte laptop then the chances of getting this error are most often higher than other Computers.

Even if you try to reboot the computer, most of the time this problem comes again and again- which does not give you access to the next screen.

To resolve the problem, we have collected some methods that can successfully help you with the ‘Reboot and select proper boot device error.

Before understanding the method to solve the problem we will have to understand what are the basic types of reasons which cause this problem.

There Are Two Types of Factors That Leads to Generate This ‘Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device’ error – (Physical Causes and Logical Causes.)

  • Physical Causes

Some physical causes that can create this error in your Computer can be due to BIOS doesn’t detect the boot disk.

  • Which happens sometimes if there is a faulty cable or damaged Sata slot or the hard drive of your Computer becomes dead.
  • This problem also arises when BIOS can detect the media disk but it is not connected properly for completing the functions.
  • Other physical causes that can create this error are because the boot disk got damaged. Sometimes old boot disks fail to work more for powering the system.
  • Logical causes
  • The partition of storage where the system has saved files- must have to be active.
  • If that partition is not active windows will not boot up with the files.
  • Another logical cause can be due to the master boot record. MBR can get damaged or corrupted and create this error.
  • The booting sequence in BIOS might be wrong which created confusion for starting the COMPUTER.
  • The operating system might get corrupted on the boot disk.

Above are some of the reasons that possibly can create this problem in your Computer. So we have now done our best to find solutions that are easy for you to understand and you can try them yourself.

How to Fix “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” Error?

After understanding all these causes which are creating this error- it is now easy to take measures according to them.

If you don’t know which one of the causes above is creating problem in your computer. You will have to apply all the solutions in sequence to resolve this issue. If any one of them worked for you will be lucky to solve your problem yourself.

Solution 1: Understand and Check If the Boot Drive Is Detected by BIOS of Your COMPUTER or Not.

If the screen is showing this error and asking for pressing any key. You can check to do the below steps to see if the boot disk is detected by BIOS or not.

When you will reboot your Computer just press keys like F2, Del, Enter, etc. repeatedly to get into the required BIOS system. If you don’t know which key works for your Computer to do so- you can search for it on the internet.

After doing this will get another tab or call the main tab which will show all the devices your BIOS can detect.

If you find that the disk is not in the place which you have selected to be used as main for your windows operating system.

You can try to remove and reconnect the hard disc. If still, it doesn’t work- try out an external SATA and a slot directly connected through the cable into your Computer.

After reconnecting the proper installation media, the error of “Reboot and select proper boot device” stop appearing and your windows will start finely.

Solution 2: Setting BIOS to Default Values

The BIOS system comes with some default settings which are saved to be used in emergencies. If you have the problem arising of “Reboot and select the proper boot device” you can set default values again in BIOS.

Which will optimize the performance of your bios system without creating any risk to stability.

Finding the default setting option and selecting it can be complicated if you don’t have prior knowledge of Computer things.

So according to the motherboard type of your COMPUTER, there are options like load optimized defaults, load optimal defaults, get the default, etc.

After doing all these simple steps chances are there that this problem will be resolved now. But if it continues to show up. You will have to understand that this is not a problem that can be fixed.

Sometimes Windows boot files or the Windows system itself get corrupted. So, to fix this you will need to reinstall the windows which is the last option we have now.

Solution 3: Reinstall Windows and Boot Media

Note* Installing the windows might delete all the files that are saved on your COMPUTER, so you will have to have a proper backup of your important things.

Reinstalling the windows will automatically fix the boot partition and all the files that were corrupted before will be fixed now.

To understand how to install windows you can check out YouTube videos and tutorials which are easy to apply and give you full understanding and precautions before doing so.