Fix ‘Reboot and select proper boot device windows 10’

reboot and select proper boot device windows 10

Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device Windows 10: The worst experience is meeting with an error screen after rebooting your computer. It creates a sense of panic as you can’t access anything at all. Regardless of how many times you try to reboot the computer, all you see is a black screen and an error message. The error may be due to corrupted files, failed hard disk, along with various other causes. 

How ‘Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device windows 10’ Error occurs?

Before we find out how we can eliminate the errors, let us look at what It is and what causes the error. When this error occurs, the computer’s basic input/output system cannot boot the device containing the operating system.

It indicates that you need to select the computer’s restart and select the correct boot device that includes the operating system. The error may be physical errors or software errors.

The various physical issues include the boot disk’s improper connection with the computer’s hardware or having a damaged or faulty boot disk, or a defective cable. The last reason can be a damaged SATA slot or a dead hard drive.

The various software issues include an inactive boot partition or a damaged or corrupted master boot record, and a wrong BIOS sequence.

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Solutions on ‘Reboot and select proper boot device windows 10’

Now that we know what the reboot and select proper device error are and why it occurs. Let us look at the various solutions to eliminate the issue.

1. Check The Power Cable Connecting The Hard Drive

The hard drive is connected to the operating system to the motherboard using cables, and if the line is broken or combined improperly, the system may not detect the hard drive.

Steps To Solve The Issue

  •  Start By Shutting Down Your computer and letting it rest for some time, and then restarting it again.
  •  Find the power cable that connects the hard drive and the motherboard and look for any physical damages or improper connection.
  •  If the cables are correctly connected and the error persists, remove the connection and use it on a different system.
  •  If the error remains, then replace the power cord with a new one.
  •  If the error doesn’t occur on the test computer, reattach the cord properly before use. 

2. Clean Your RAM Regularly

Reboot and select proper boot device windows 10

Cleaning up the extra space in the memory is necessary. If you don’t clean the RAM, then it may cause errors. 

Steps To Solve The Issue

  •  Shut down the computer and pull off the sideboard after unhinging the tower and the bottom of the laptop and locate the RAM
  •  Remove the clamps that hold the RAM in place.
  •  Clean the dust off the RAM with a soft cotton cloth.
  •  Reposition it into the slots.
  •  Clamp it back and place and reboot the computer to see if the errors persist.

3. Check Whether Boot Drive’s Detected In BIOS

Sometimes boot devices are not detected in the BIOS. 

Steps To Solve The Issue

  • Reboot the computer and press on the BIOS key to get into the computer’s BIOS
  • The main screen shows a list of all the devices detected, including the fans, hard drives, and every hardware connected with the device. 
  • In case the hard disk is not on the list, then shut down the computer and restart it again after some time.
  • Connect the hard disk to another SATA or use a different SATA cable to connect the hard disk to a different motherboard slot.
  • Reboot the system to see if the list in the BIOS contains the hard disk.
  • If the hard disk is still not appearing, then the chances are that the boot disk Is corrupted or damaged.

and check if ‘Reboot and select proper boot device windows 10’ still persists

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4: Use BIOS To Check The Boot Order

Sometimes the reboot and select proper boot device error pops up due to the messed-up boot sequence.

Steps To Solve The Issue

  • Go to the BIOS and select the startup or the boot tab. You can find the Boot order on the main screen for the newer versions. 
  • If you can’t find the boot sequence, you can try the advanced BIOS features to find the exact location.
  • The first item in the boost list should be the boot disk. If it is not the first position but appears in the list, then move it to the top.
  • Once you drag and drop the boot disk to the top of the list, save the changes and reboot the computer. 

And check if your issue ‘Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device windows 10’ is resolved or not.

5. Disable Or Enable The legacy Boot 

Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device windows 10

The basic input/output system comes with a legacy boot that commonly causes the reboot and selects proper boot device error. You can enable or disable it to remove the error message.

Steps To Solve The Issue

  • Restart the system and enter the BIOS and look for the legacy boot option,
  • You can need to go through every single tab to find the option. Once you find it, disable or enable the option.
  • Save the changes and exit the BIOS to restart the computer.

6. Set The BIOS To Its Default

Even though this is not the issue in most cases but sometimes, if the values are not set the default values, it may cause instability, leading to the error message popping up. To solve this issue, reboot the computer and get into the BIOS and look for a setting that allows you to load optimal default settings and restart the system.

And check if your issue ‘Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device windows 10’ is resolved or not.

7. Use The Command Prompt Line To Activate A Partition

Then reboot and select the proper boot device pops up when the hard drive partition is not in the active position. Setting the primary hard drive partition as active can help you eliminate the error.

Steps To Solve The Issue

  • Follow the instructions to find the repair restore and recover your computer option. 
  • Once you click on either of them, you will see a system recovery option or a troubleshoot screen option depending on the windows version.
  • Choose the command prompt from the list and enter the command line disk part[enter].
  • Then enter the line list partition (the inactive partition) and press enter.
  • Then enter the active command line to mark the partition as functional.
  • Exit the command line and restart the computer to see whether the errors persist.
Reboot and select proper boot device windows 10

Conclusion on ‘Reboot and select proper boot device windows 10’

One of these solutions should help you remove the error, but it doesn’t fix the issue of Reboot And Select Proper Device windows 10. You need to update the SATA drivers or reinstall the windows if you suspect a corrupted operating system or if the boot drive is damaged or dead.