Best 12 Puzzle Block Games To Sharpen Your Brain

Puzzle games are played a decade ago when even we were not born. At that time there was no invention of digital conversion. The fundamental reason for playing puzzle games is to enhance brain skills. People used to play puzzle games with stones and pebbles. 

As time passes paper and pen were introduced, and with pen and paper people came up with new puzzle games which still exist. But nowadays no one plays these types of traditional games with the usage of paper and pen.

In the modern era, most people use cell phones, and with the use of these cell phones, people get to know more puzzle games like never before. There are too many types of puzzle games but in this article, we will talk about the best 12 puzzle games.

  1. Unblock Me Free:

This is the best block puzzle game on an android cell phone. The main aim of this game is to keep your brain healthy and fit. In this game on every level, you have to unblock the red block by set-out other blocks. These types of block games are improving brain function and as well way of thinking.

  1. 2048

2048 is the best Merge block game. This is an addictive game where you just have to Merge the blocks with a similar number. To play this game you have to move the blocks down, up, right, or left.

 When you match the two tiles of the same number a bigger number is generated. You have to combine the tiles until you get to 2048. These types of  Number puzzle games are best for you if you are good with logic and numbers.

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle:

Jigsaw is a free puzzle game. In this game you have to set out all the pieces of the puzzle to make a complete single picture. This puzzle game is for everyone like kids, adults, or elders. A jigsaw puzzle is one of the best free puzzle games that release the stress level and relax our brain.

  1. Flow Free:

Flow-free game is a simple and attractive game. In this game, you have to just attach similar colors with pipers to design a free flow. Find and link up all similar colors and the same pipers in such a way to cover the board. 

There are also some rules of this game that you have to match the same colors if the colors are not the same then pipes will break and also keep in mind that overlapping is not allowed.

  1. Word Search Puzzles

Word search puzzle game is one of the most played games. In this game, you have to find and identify the hidden words and also mark them, down, left, right, diagonally, or swipe up, This is a free word puzzle game that will help you to enhance your vocabulary and also in sharpening and increase your brain skills.

  1. Plumber 2 – Fix the Pipes

In this game, a small flower needs water to survive with using small pieces of pipes you have to construct a pipeline to get the water for the flower. Although, in this game, there is no time limit but limited moves. Such offline puzzle games will definitely help you to enhance your abilities.

  1. Block Puzzle Jewel:

Block Puzzle Jewel is such an energetic and colorful puzzle game. This is one of the best block puzzle games for android users. In this game there are a lot of geometrically shaped blocks are appeared on the screen. 

You have to figure out how to combine them in a way that they form lines and clear the screen line by line before it becomes filled. And also you have to clear all the gem tiles in horizontal or vertical lines to win the game. Moreover, removing more blocks in one move will give you higher points.

  1. Merge dragon:

Merge dragon is one of the most popular puzzle adventure merge games, where players have to harness the power of dragons, heal the magic and, Build their camp to grow their dragons and solve the puzzles. This game has trees, dragon eggs, stars, magical flowers, and dragons themselves. 

Players need to discover the object and interact with them. They have to match and merge the objects to grow the magical power. Dragons can also be matched and merged. Rare dragons will aid the players on their journey. 

  1. Cut the rope 

This game is the award-winning and most famous free puzzle game. In this game, players have to discover hidden prizes and collect the gold stars to unlock new levels to complete the game. Just Take your time and think before cutting the rope because cutting the wrong rope can take you frustration every time.

  1. Roll the ball:

These are puzzles for free play games. This game looks easy but it is a very challenging game. To play this game you have to move the blocks with your fingertips to make the direction for a ball to roll to the finish line. Roll the ball is for sure between the best puzzle apps due to its smart and strategic gameplay.

  1. Tic Tac Toe Glow:

One of the most played games in previous times with the help of pen and paper. But now you can play this puzzle game on your cell phone as well. This is a free puzzle game with a new version. This game is played on a grid. The first player who gets 3 of her marks in a row (down, up, diagonally, or across) is the winner.

  1. Sudoku:

Sudoku is one of the most played number puzzle games. This is one of the best free puzzle games for adults, many of you played this game in the newspaper or magazines but now you can play this game on your cell phone as well. 

You can choose from five different levels of difficulties according to your brain’s IQ and practice. It also has characteristics to perform infinite undo/redo functions. well, if you are good at solving numbers and series then sudoku is the best puzzle game to enhance your cognitive skills.