Overwatch Won’t Launch/ Crashing on Launch Error Problem

Overwatch Won't Launch

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Overwatch Won’t Launch: Overwatch is a multiplayer team game. You can choose your player from a variety of 30 characters, each of which has a unique fighting style. The team consists of six members. Once the team is ready, the fun begins. The team wants to provide checkpoints located on the map.

In addition, you must accompany the payload on the card for a certain period of time. The game has become very famous due to the recent growth of multiplayer games.

But in the middle of the play, the Overwatch crashes during launch or in between the play. If you are a computer user and are having trouble starting the game or crashing the game in the middle of a play, please follow this guide.

What needs to be Checked to avoid the ‘Overwatch Won’t Launch’ error?

We recommend you, restart your computer once before performing any troubleshooting steps for this particular issue. This will refresh your computer system and remove any unwanted corrupted files from your PC.

If you have tried installing software on your computer, then kindly take note that your computer must have certain requirements of specifications in order to run the game without any errors.

What are the Minimum Computer requirements?

  1. CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom X3 8650
  2. RAM: 4 GB
  3. OS: Windows 7/ 8/10 with 64-bit
  4. VIDEO CARD: Intel HD Graphics 4400, Nvidia GeForce GTX 460, or ATI Radeon HD 4850

Recommended Computer requirements

  1. CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom II X3, 2.8 GHz
  2. RAM: 6 GB
  3. OS: Windows 7/ 8/10 with 64-bit
  4. VIDEO CARD: ATI Radeon HD 7950, or Nvidia GeForce GTX 660

So before moving on to any of the Overwatch crashes listed below while starting Windows 10, you’ll need to go through this basic checklist first. Make sure all of the following have been checked.

Check for Windows Updates

Check for game updates

Check for graphics driver updates

If all three of the above are fine and up to date, head over to the Overwatch Won’t Launch methods below to get started.

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Solution 1: Uninstall Razer Chroma SDK to Fix ‘Overwatch Won’t Launch’ error

The Razer Chroma SDK allows your computer to download and install SDK files automatically when Razer Chrome peripherals are detected on your system. It also includes regular updates that address bug fixes and new product support.

Despite its many advantages, the Chroma SDK has been known to clash with games and cause them to crash or prevent them from launching. You can try uninstalling this software and see if it works.

To fix Overwatch crash on startup issues, below are legal and common ways to fix this problem. 

  • Press Windows + R on the keyboard
  • Type ‘appwiz.Cpl’ and press Enter
  • Now you will see a list of programs on the right
  • Find the Razer Chroma SDK. as soon as you find it
  • Now click on Uninstall button
  • After removing the program, you need to restart your computer
  • After restarting, try starting the game.

Pro Tip: If you are running a background process (for example avast or Logitech) it is recommended that you turn it off completely. They are known to cause conflict. This solution also instructs you to remove all Razer products like Synapse, Cortex, and others.

Solution 2: Check your GPU and disable overclocking

Let’s get to the hardware side before we move on to more in-depth software troubleshooting. There are some simple checks to do for each game. Your GPU airflow shouldn’t be restricted, and your system core moderation shouldn’t exceed security limits.

There are many reports that show that the CPU or GPU cores are increasing moderately. This is one of the reasons the game crashes. Make sure this is all working properly before continuing.

If you have enabled overclocking, you should try disabling it. Many users reported that overclocking caused their games to crash after installing the hotfix. Make sure overclocking is also disabled in your BIOS before restarting the game. Disable CPU and GPU overclocking.

Solution 3: Remove some versions of MS Visual C ++

Another reason for Overwatch won’t launch or gets crashed. when the game was launched in 2018 is some version of MS Visual C ++ installed on your system. Some versions create conflicts and thus the game crashes. Therefore, it is recommended to uninstall the following versions of MS Visual C ++.

MS Visual C ++ 2010

MS Visual C ++ 2012

MS Visual C ++ 2013

MS Visual C ++ 2017

To uninstall it, follow the steps mentioned in Method 1 to Monitor Startup Crashes. It is recommended that you only delete the above version.

Solution 3: Change GPU configuration to default

If you have overclocked your GPU or CPU, this is probably why the game got Overwatch Crash when starting Windows 10. Therefore keep the default values ​​of GPU / CPU. Don’t overclock.

Overclocking can increase your productivity by a few percent, but there are also a number of ill effects. Plus, it can even break the system completely in the long run. Because of this, games have built-in technology for determining whether the CPU / GPU is overclocked or not. If there is an overclock, the game will be closed.

Solution 4: Repair game

If all the above methods didn’t work for you, you can also try to fix the game. To do this, follow the Overwatch crashes listed below when it launches in 2019.

  • On your desktop, launch Blizzard Battle.net Launchpad
  • Go to the Game tab and select Monitor
  • Then left-click on the Settings icon below
  • Now select Scan and Repair
  • Once done, try starting the game

Solution 5: Update / reset graphics driver

Graphics card manufacturers release our regular updates to add more functionality and continue to reduce errors. You will need to do some research on the internet, Google your hardware, and see if there are any drivers available to install. Either that or you can let Windows update it for you automatically. However, a little research can make problem-solving easier.

If updating the drivers didn’t work for you, consider reverting the drivers to a previous compilation. Unsurprisingly, newer drivers are sometimes unstable or conflicting with the operating system.

Note: Don’t ignore Intel display drivers. If your computer has Intel HD / UHD drivers, you need to make sure they are updated to the latest version even if you are using someone else’s driver.

  •  Install the display driver uninstall the utility. You can continue without this step, but it will ensure that there are no driver residues.
  •  After installing the display uninstaller (DDU) driver, restart your computer in Safe Mode.
  •  After starting your computer in Safe Mode, launch the newly installed application.
  •  After starting the application, select the first option “Clean and restart”. The application will then automatically remove the installed driver and restart your computer and check for the issue ‘Overwatch Won’t Launch’.

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Solution 6: Check Windows Updates

If your windows operating system is older, not having or installed updated OS on your computer, then you might face problems while launching the Overwatch Game. Due to some security and bugs-related issues in the older versions of OS, the shooter game will not launch on your Computer.

That’s why you have to install the latest versions and update your operating system for better operation of your computer.

  • Press Windows + I keys to open the Settings.
  • Then click on the Update & Security Section.
  • Be on the Windows Update Tab.
 Overwatch Won’t Launch
  • Come To The Right-Side Pane And select the Check For Updates option.
  • Thus, It Checks For The Latest Updates And Installs Them Automatically On Your Computer.

Once done, restart your computer, then launch the Overwatch game without any issues. If the issue ‘Overwatch Won’t Launch’ still persists, then move to our next following methods.

Conclusion on Overwatch Won’t Launch issue

Some programs running on your computer can conflict with your game or Blizzard Launcher and cause freezing problems while you play. So you have to turn off unnecessary programs during playback.

Additionally, here is a list of overlay programs that can cause ‘Overwatch Won’t Launch’ if not updated. If you have any of these programs, please disable or uninstall them before playing.