How to Solve ‘Nvidia Control Panel Missing’ in Windows 10

Nvidia Control Panel Missing

Want to how to get rid of NVIDIA Control Panel Missing on Windows 10 PC? Everyone knows how annoying it is to fix a bug in windows as they take your time and reduce your productivity while not letting you use some of the features on the machine.

Sometimes when you update your windows versions or configure your driver this Control panel missing problem occurs in Nvidia which prevents you to change your graphic or display settings.

Don’t worry! You are not alone as many of the users of Nvidia have faced this problem in the past because of which we wrote this guide to help you solve your graphic card problem in a jiffy.

So, What are the Methods to Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

There are few fixes that you should try which have worked in the past for removing this particle problem from your windows PC. Remember if one of the fixes does not work for you then you have to move to the next fix to permanently solve your problem of NVIDIA Control Panel Missing.

Fix 1: Solution Provided by Nvidia Support Team.

After seeing so many reports from users, Nvidia decided to take control of the situation, and by providing their solution for this error that might help you fix this problem in the least amount of time.

Follow this below steps to try this method on your Windows computer:

⁃ Open your C-Drive and click on Program (x86).

⁃ Then navigate your way to find the NVIDIA Corporation folder, and select the “Display.NvContainer” from the panel.

⁃ Lastly, find a file named “Display.NvContainer” from the specified folder.

⁃ Afterwards, select the file and copy it on your clipboard.

⁃ Now you can press “Windows key + R” simultaneously to open the run dialog box.

⁃ Type “shell:startup” in the input field and press enter to run the command.

⁃ As soon as the startup file opens, paste the copied file on the given field.

⁃ Right-click the file to edit its properties.

⁃ Go to the compatibility section and checkmark the “Run this program as an administrator” option.

⁃ Simply restart your computer and check if your Nvidia Control Panel Missing problem is fixed or not.

Note: If you could not find these files then check your other drives as it is mostly placed in your default location and you can even search it from the search bar which is present at the top of every folder.

Fix 2: Remove Nvidia from the hidden menu.

If you cannot find your Nvidia control panel from your desktops dropdown menu then there is a high possibility that it is hidden which can happen due to Nvidia graphic card software update. especially if you have used some third-party software to update all of your graphic settings.

So, let’s look at how to fix this Hidden Nvidia graphics problem using the following steps:

⁃ Tap on the search icon on your Windows PC to open the Control Panel.

⁃ Find the Nvidia Control Panel for the list.

⁃ Click on the “Add Desktop Context Menu” from the Desktop tab at the header.

⁃ Now, start your computer again to check if the problem of Nvidia Control Panel Missing is fixed or not.

Fix 3: Updating the Nvidia Card Drivers.

Bad drivers can sometimes cause this problem as they interfere with your graphic settings which is why you should always use up-to-date drivers on your Windows PC, so you can always get the latest bug fixes and regular checkups on your drivers.

To update your Nvidia Card Drivers simply follow the given steps:

⁃ Search for Device Manager on your Windows Search Functions and click on it.

⁃ Find and click on display adaptors to view your Nvidia graphic drivers.

⁃ Afterwords left-click on the drivers that you want to update and select Update from the drop-down menu.

⁃ Click respectively on the next button and this will fix your Nvidia Control Panel Missing problem.

Fix 4: Restarting the service.

The Nvidia control panel may have disappeared from your desktop because you accidentally switch off the Nvidia service from your taskbar. Additionally, the windows update feature also switches off the display drivers during installations which can cause these types of issues on your computer.

⁃ Enter the “services.msc” command on your RUN program (To open RUN just press Windows and R key simultaneously).

⁃ Navigate your way to the Services program to find the Nvidia Service on your computer.

⁃ Right-click on the Nvidia Service and click on the restart button from your dropdown menu.

Afterward, check if the problem is fixed and if it is still not showing move to our last solution.

Fix 5:By manually launching the Nvidia Control Settings

You can try this last fix in which you have to manually launch your Nvidia control panel by going to your C-Drive and making a shortcut on your desktop to easily access it anytime you want on your computer.

⁃ Open My Computer and go to your C-Drive to open Program files.

⁃ Now look out for Nvidia by scrolling down to the bottom of the folder.

⁃ After you find it click on the “nvcplui” file to manually open the panel.

You can also make a shortcut on your desktop to easily access it since this is a temporary solution and if you could not find your Nvidia Folder in any of the drives then it is a good idea to reinstall the whole program by just downloading it from Nvidia’s official website as a last resort.


We hope that with these many sets of solutions you were able to fix your problem as all of these are tested and tried methods by genuine users who might have faced similar issues on their personal computer.

Also, you can download third-party software like Driverpack, Driverhub, Driverboost, and many more which will help you easily update your drivers and help you search for any corrupted files or folders in your software’s directory.

But you need to make sure that the application is trustworthy and reliable as many of these bug fixing applications contain some malware and spyware which can harm your computer in the long run, so try to find an application from a branded manufacturer that you can use on your computer and solve the issue of ‘Nvidia control panel missing’.