Top 4 Ways On How To Fix No Sound On YOUTUBE?

 No Sound On YouTube

Want to know how you can fix the No sound on Youtube issue? When we talk about video streaming, the website named YOUTUBE comes first into our minds.

As it is one of the most leading and popular website for video sharing and streaming, so there are some set of problems that may occur due to heavy traffic on it.

To fix out these problems, its company continuously struggling out to buy more types of equipment and broadband connections that will be helpful in solving the issue.

These problems could be related to audio, browsing, sharing, picture quality, etc. The most common problem among them is compromised sound or no sound. It could be due to any reason but most probably the issue arises either with your web browser or with your computer itself.

What are the Methods to fix No Sound on YouTube?

Below we have discussed on best 4 methods that will help you in resolving the issue of No Sound on YouTube, to check it out step by step keep reading, so let’s start it out:

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Sometimes it happens that your system sound is TURN OFF or MUTE and you don’t even know about it. So check out your system sound first and for this, please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Find the sound keys on your keyboard.

Step 2: Press the MUTE sound key, so if the system sound will mute then it will be un-mute.

youtube no sound

Step 3: Now press the VOLUME-UP key on your keyboard and increase your system volume.

Then check if your youtube no sound issue is resolved or not.


If the above solution does not fix out your problem, then move towards the next method i.e. your video sound. It could happen that your video sound is TURN-OFF or MUTE when you watched your previous video before. So check it out and fix it by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to the video page.

Step 2: Find out the SPEAKER icon on the bottom- left of the video and left- click on it. If the video was mute then this click turns it to un-mute.

youtube no sound

Step 3: You can also adjust (increase/ decrease) the volume of your video through this icon.


To define volume level of each app individually, there is a volume mixer that is launched by system. By this volume mixer you can check or adjust the volume levels of your current browser specifically and easily. To check this:

Step 1: Find out the SPEAKER icon on bottom- right of your desktop screen and right- click on it.

Step 2: From the options that open, choose OPEN VOLUME MIXER.

youtube sound not working

Step 3: You will find there the volume levels of each app individually in the APPLICATION section

Step 4: Go to the levels of your current browser and slide up the volume- bar to the top. It increases your volume levels if they were low.

Step 5: You may also UN- MUTE the MUTE levels from there.


Sometimes system configuration may also compromise the functions of any app or browser. To fix out this, you may better use an incognito window. Incognito window is the most modern and flexible browser that does not chase your browser history or cache files while browsing.

Step 1: If you are using FIREFOX for browsing, then left- click on 3 horizontal- line on the top- right of your browser screen.

Step 2: Select INCOGNITO WINDOW from there and open it.

Step 3: Now open YOUTUBE on this browser and play your video.

Step 4: If you are a GOOGLE CHROME user, then click on the 3 dots on the top-right of your browser screen and open your INCOGNITO WINDOW from there.

youtube sound not working

Solution 5: Update the sound card driver for youtube no sound issue

If still the issue persists, there is another way to solve the issue of the Sound Card Driver. Here you are recommended to adopt Driver Booster to fix the driver update issue.

Driver Booster is professional software that can update all the outdated and missing drivers automatically into your laptop. Besides, it can also detect the malware or any viruses present in your computer, and also it can find the missing or outdated game components such as OpenAL, Microsoft Visual C++, etc and update them to the latest version.

1. Download and install the software into your laptop.

2. In the Scan Interface, click Scan.

3. Find the Display adapters and click Update. The most common Graphics adapter is Intel HD Graphics 620.

4. Once the update is completed, you will get status of ‘Up-to-date‘.

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Final Words on No sound on Youtube issue

We have tried our best to help you to get rid of this issue of no sound on youtube application. Hope you find this article interesting, do read our other related articles.

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