New to Mac? Here Are 7 Amazing Features You Should know

New to Mac? Here Are 7 Amazing Features You Should know

New to Mac? Here Are 7 Amazing Features You Should know
: If you are a new user, you might be intrigued with your new friend in the house. The Mac gives you endless possibilities, and it is fun to explore your new system. As you have dived into the Mac ecosystem, you will be rewarded with many special features for being a proud Mac owner. If it’s the holiday season and you have got a Mac, and you are wearing your fuzzy socks and sipping hot chocolate while waiting for your system to turn on, there are a few features that will astonish you.

Shut Siri Up!

Siri might be offended by our statement, but you have got a friend that never stops speaking. Her responses might amuse you; however, after a while, her answers will start annoying you. You can mute her responses so that the notifications are displayed on your screen rather than her saying everything out loud! To mute Siri, you have to click on the Apple menu, jump to System Preferences, and click on Siri. After that, you can go to the Voice Feedback heading, where you can turn it off, change her voice, language and explore other features.

Recover Overwritten File With Time Machine

Let’s consider you have replaced a file accidentally, and now you are trying to recover it; how can you do it? Mac lets you go back in time to recover your file with its built-in Time Machine; pretty cool, huh? However, to enable this, you should have kept Time Machine active on your system.

To recover an overwritten file, jump to the folder where the overwritten file existed, click on Enter Time Machine from the Time Machine option, and use the arrow (up) to go back in time and set things right. Click on Restore and choose the file you want to keep in your system. If you want to know more about how to recover an overwritten file with time machine, head over to

Declutter Your View

While browsing on Safari, you might come across several annoying ads that obstruct your view. Well, who would like to buy a ceramic doll while you are reading the update of the coming season of your favorite show! Fortunately, you can block ads that will declutter your view on a given tab. To turn on the Reader mode, open your browser, click on the menu option, and choose Preferences. Now, select the Reader tab, find the “when visiting other websites drop-down list,” and turn it on.

Share files

What if you want to share the photo of your new dog with your best friend and can’t do it? Sharing files on Mac has been more accessible than ever, and having an iCloud account allows you to transfer and receive files from your system. All you have to do is select the file you want to share and from the top of the Finder window, click on Share and choose people with whom you want to share your happy memories.

Permanently Get Rid of Files

There might be some files that you want to permanently get rid of forever. However, after deleting a few files, they get stored in the Trash can until you remove them permanently. If you are stressed about your trash piling up, we have got a solution for you. From your Finder, select the files you want to permanently bid adieu! Press the option key, open the file menu, and hit delete immediately, followed by delete. The selected file will be permanently removed!

Launch Programs Automatically

When you log into your system, some applications might automatically launch themselves after your mac boots. This might be easier for you to work just after your system turns on; however, it is borderline. Other applications in your system might also launch after start-up and will cause chaos for you. To prohibit other apps from launching, head over to System Preferences and click on Users and Groups, and then go to Login Items and remove the apps which you don’t want to invade after your system turns up.

Favorite Wi-Fi networks

If you are someone who loves to work in a cafe and connects to the Wi-Fi available in the cafeteria, then you might have a few favorite networks.

When you visit your favorite cafe and connect to the Wi-Fi network, your Mac remembers it for later use. Unfortunately, your system would have a list of saved networks, and you would be drowned in the wave of passwords. To avoid choosing your favorite network manually, click on System Preferences, select Network, choose Advanced, and edit the list of networks to select your favorite ones.

We know, as a new user, you can’t wait to explore all these awesome features. Let us know in the comments if we have missed out on anything.