Why is My Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On? – (Best 9 Fixes)

Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On

Lenovo laptops are known to be some of the most reliable machine systems as compared to other brands on the market. 

However, just like any other laptop, there are a few issues that you might experience with your Lenovo laptop over time, such as if your Lenovo laptop not turning on at all. 

This can be very frustrating, as you may get stuck during the urgency of work and it’s important to know what the possible causes of this issue could be so that you can fix the issue properly and resume your work.

There are several reasons why your Lenovo Laptop might not be turning on. Perhaps you’re just trying to turn it on but the screen is blank or maybe there’s an error message that tells you that the laptop cannot start. 

Whatever the issue, if you find yourself unable to get your Lenovo laptop power light up, we will help you out here, just keep reading…

Reason Why Is Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On?

You may not be sure why your Lenovo laptop not turning on, some common issues could cause the turning on problem. 

If your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on at all and nothing is showing on the screen display then the chances are your laptop battery may be drained completely, you need to charge the internal battery for a few hours and try it on the Lenovo laptops.

If still nothing is happening, then you might have a deeper issue going on with the charger or motherboard that you’ll have to fix with the laptop expert.

If you can turn on your laptop but it will not stay turned on without shutting off almost immediately afterwards, there is likely a hardware problem going on with your laptop’s hardware.

This could be anything from overheating processors to bad RAM or other internal components.

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How to fix a Lenovo Laptop that’s Not Turning On

We will check step by step how to fix the Lenovo laptops not turning On. We’ll start with the basics to more advanced techniques. 

Follow our 10-step process that will help you, starting by checking the battery, A/C adapter as well as charging port. From there we will advance to checking individual components for any internal damage.

Fix 1: Press Power Button

Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On

The power button can do wonders, the first thing you should try is to use the power button when your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on. 

You’ll have to press the power button for 30 seconds, make sure while performing the power button activity, you should unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and remove the battery if possible and press the power button once to check and see if it starts properly. If not then move to the second method.

Fix 2: Give Factory Reset 

Almost all laptops have a small dedicated switch hidden out of sight which is nearly impossible to push by accident, and it is called a reset hole. The steps below will show how to use the emergency reset hole.

Unplug the power cord and grab a paper clip or sim removal tool if you happen to have one.

Locate the power button or reboot button, which should be next to or on the underside of your laptop.

Some laptops have a button disguised as part of the frame so that it cannot be pressed accidentally. This button is called a reset hole. The steps to reset are below.

Carefully unplug the power cable and use the small device, like a paper clip or sim removal tool, that came with your smartphone to open it.

Search for the reset button on your laptop; it will be at the bottom of your laptop or by the side later power on the laptop and see if it starts properly. If not then move to our next solution.

Fix 3: Remove the physical battery from a Laptop

Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On

If the above fix could solve the issue, then this step might help you by removing the battery from the laptop. Once you have taken out the laptop battery and make sure to unplug the power cable then press and hold the Lenovo power button for 30 seconds.

This will power drain the static power leftover in the laptop, now put back the laptop battery and power on the laptop and check for the issue, if this method didn’t help out, then move to another method below.

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Fix 4: Press The Lenovo NOVO Button

If your Lenovo laptop not turning on, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem.

First, try pressing the Lenovo NOVO button. This button is located on the side of the laptop and has a small picture of a sun on it. Pressing this button will cause the laptop to boot up from a special recovery mode. From here, you can try to troubleshoot the problem and fix it.

If pressing the NOVO button doesn’t work, try removing the battery from the laptop. Once the battery is removed, press the power button for 30 seconds. This will discharge any static residual power in the laptop and may fix the problem.

If neither of these solutions works, you may need to take your laptop to the Lenovo support service center for further diagnosis and repairs or you can move to our next solution, which might help you.

Fix 5: Remove the CMOS battery

lenovo laptop not turning on

The CMOS battery is the most likely culprit during the investigation, and that’s the next thing you should check while performing the rectification process. 

Remove the CMOS battery from the laptop shell and leave it out for 10 minutes. Then plug the laptop in with an AC adapter or, if you have one on hand, a different adapter that is known to work with your Lenovo model laptop.

Put the battery back in and turn it on. If it turns on after doing that, then well done, otherwise, you can go ahead with our next solution methods.

Fix 6: Check the Display Screen

lenovo laptop not turning on

After performing all the above solutions, if you are still stuck with the problem, then you must check the display LCD screen. 

Your Lenovo laptop display black screen might appear blank if it’s not receiving power. One of three things may be preventing your black screen from displaying: no power, an external device plugged into your external monitor or a connection issue between your video card and monitor. 

If you don’t know what to do, here are a few simple steps that should solve most black screen issues. 

To begin, check for any external devices connected to your external monitor by pressing F8 during startup. If there is a device attached, such as speakers or headphones, remove them one at a time until you find which one is causing your display to go blank. 

Next, proper shutdown your Lenovo laptop and remove any nonessential hardware like USB flash drives or memory modules. Then restart your Lenovo laptop again. This will force Windows to reset all settings back to default values without reinstalling Windows itself.

Fix 7: Press Onekey Recovery Button

Till now all the above methods were not in support with your laptop, might be waiting for the Onekey Recovery method.

To prevent any permanent damage from occurring to your system files (which would essentially render your Lenovo laptop useless), you can activate the OneKey Recovery (OKR) Button and bring up the boot menu. 

This will give you access to several different recovery options so that you can either attempt to repair your current file system or reinstall Windows altogether.

Fix 8: Lenovo AC Adapter And Power Port Bad?

lenovo laptop not turning on

If your Lenovo laptop not turning on, it could be due to a bad AC adapter or power port. If the AC adapter is not working properly, it will not be able to provide power to the laptop. 

The power port could also be damaged, which would prevent the laptop from receiving power.

To fix this problem, you will need to replace the AC power adapter or power port. You can purchase a new battery adapter from Lenovo or a third-party retailer. If the power port is damaged, you will need to have it repaired by a qualified technician.

Fix 9: Check a Laptop Adapter with a Multimeter?

lenovo laptop not turning on

Finally, one last check you can do is to make sure whether the battery adapter is giving the proper same voltage supply to the Lenovo laptop.

Here what you require is a digital multimeter and the battery adapter to check the output power of the adapter, below are the steps to check.

  • Connect the one end of the adapter cables with the wall power outlet.
  • You can see 2 cable probes in the multimeter, one is black in color and the other is red. You need to connect the black one to the COM port which means the common port on the multimeter, and the red with the Volt- meaning Voltage.
  • Now, you need to turn on the multimeter and rotate the switch towards DC voltage. It is a “V” with an equal sign that means the DC (Direct Current) Volt.
  • Then, connect the red probe inside the adapter port and keep the black probe end (the ground) on the outer metal edge of the port.
  • Now, check for the reading on the multimeter.
  • It should give an output of enough power and reading of 20V or near to that?
  • If it is giving below 20V output, then you need to change the internal battery adapter.

Once you go through this all methods, check whether the Lenovo laptop turning on or not.

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How do I fix my Lenovo laptop that won’t turn on?

First, you want to make sure that your power adapter is working fine; it’s one of the most common reasons why a Lenovo laptop might not turn on. If you’ve tried charging your laptop battery and you still can’t get it to boot up, there are other ways to fix a PC that doesn’t turn on—the important thing is not to give up too soon!

Check if Battery is dead, Battery is faulty, the Power cable is loose, the Power cable is damaged and check if the BIOS settings need to be updated.

How do I force a Lenovo computer to start?

Lenovo laptops are designed to be durable and long-lasting in condition. With proper maintenance, you can expect your Lenovo laptop to last for years and even decades. 

That being said, sometimes a laptop may stop working or will not turn on properly. If your Lenovo laptop not turning on, don’t worry! There are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix any problems. 

Use the Power button drain method, Use the emergency Reset Hole, Remove the CMOS battery and check. Most issues related to a laptop that won’t start have something in common: they’re all related to the power supply.

Why won’t my laptop turn on even when plugged in?

If your laptop is not turning on even after you have plugged it in, then there could be a problem with either its battery or its AC adapter. 

Many laptops display lights that indicate whether they’re getting power and how much power supply they have. This information can be critical to identifying and troubleshooting issues that prevent a laptop from powering on correctly. 

How do I reboot a dead Lenovo laptop?

The first thing you should do when your Lenovo laptop models stops working is restart it. If your laptop is turned off, turn it on as normal. If your laptop doesn’t start, push and hold down its power button for about ten seconds to force a reboot. 

If your laptop still doesn’t work, continue with these steps to see if that fixes any problems: 

1. Restart your laptop by pressing and hold the power button for a few seconds. 

2. Remove all external peripherals from your Lenovo laptop, including external hard drives and USB devices. 

3. Try turning on your Lenovo laptop again; if it works, plug in each peripheral one at a time until you find out which one caused the problem. 

4. If restarting or removing peripherals didn’t fix your problem, try uninstalling recently installed software or graphics driver.

Where is the Lenovo reset button?

If your Lenovo laptop not turning on, it might be because it’s off. If you’re wondering where my Lenovo reset button is, look near the corner of your keyboard. 

You should see a key similar to F2 or Fn+F2. This key typically has an icon of a monitor with an I-beam pointing to it; that indicates that it will put your laptop into Sleep mode.

How to check the Lenovo laptop’s internal battery?

You can install Lenovo Power Manager (LPM) software that will give battery information on your laptop. One of the important aspects to check battery health is FCC (Fully Charger Capacity) which will show the actual capacity of your battery.


Now here, we are at the conclusion part, if your Lenovo laptop not turning on, try the above troubleshooting steps first. 

After that, move on to more advanced ones to see if you can get it working again. If all else fails, give Lenovo a call or head into a store so an expert can help you figure out what’s wrong with your laptop. And good luck.