How to Enter Lenovo Boot Menu and How to Boot Lenovo Computer?

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What is Lenovo Boot Menu?

The process of starting a Lenovo computer and initiating all its hardware and software is called booting. Then, booting a Lenovo laptop manually is done from a Boot Menu. A boot menu can be achieved by pressing any button or giving a command to the computer.

When Lenovo Computer initially starts it doesn’t have any software in its memory and to start it at that time- the boot menu executes some software into the central processing unit of a computer. So that it can get started and ready for providing computing services.

What are the Types of Booting?

For different computers, the booting process can vary differently.

Rebooting– The process of restarting the computer is called rebooting it can be of two types.

Hard Rebooting and Soft Rebooting

  • In hard rebooting the electric power supply to the computer is cut off. And on the other side soft rebooting is when the supply of power does not get disturbed.
  • Soft boot sometimes is used in computers optionally to clear the caches on Ram.
  • Both of these types of soft and hard rebooting can be done by hardware or software sources.

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Types of Booting in Lenovo Computers

  • Warm booting

Warm booting is the stage when a computer is started from a stage of no power. This means there is no initial data stored in the Computer’s memory.

In that stage when you power on the button. The instructions from ROM that were stored as an operating system- will be sent into the processing unit to load the computing system and start it.

  • Cold Booting

Cold booting is the stage when the computing system of your Computer restarts instantly.

Sometimes when there is a fluctuation in light this can be seen in our desktop computers. In cold booting, your computer will get started into the same position it was left a second before. So, there will not be any loss of information from memory. If you didn’t save any files at that time chances are there are that you can lose that data during cold booting.

Cold booting mostly happened due to any glitch to the computer or a power loss that gets connected instantly.

How does the Lenovo Boot Menu work in Lenovo Computers?

When you press the start button of your Computer it automatically loads the operating system into the RAM and starts it.

There is a proper sequence of things happening at this time. If you understand these things it will be easy for you to know the process of booting in your Lenovo Computer. Read the process below on how the Lenovo boot menu works,

  • As soon as you press the turn on the button the BIOS installed on the ROM of your computer takes hold and wakes up itself.
  • BIOS stands for the basic input-output system, and this comes loaded on the read-only memory of your Lenovo Computer. Being stored on reading Only Memory it will not erase like Ram, so BIOS remains constant ready to work for booting actions.
  • The BIOS takes self-tests on its programs and looks for all the components of the Computer that are working finely to give a start.
  • After that BIOS will trace the program files stored on your system drive. In most cases, it is a drive that contains the operating system.
  • After tracing all the system files BIOS will copy all information onto Ram. And then Ram loads the system to make it start.
  • The first operating system file that will load into the RAM will be the config.sys file. After that frequently all the files that were important to start will get loading successfully.
  • If available all the files are at the right place without any problems in them your Lenovo Computer will boot successfully itself.
  • Now your Computer will get ready for interactive functioning with the programs and commands. Everything will be done automatically by your computer software if stated no problem with it.
  • This process can also be achieved with the Lenovo boot menu manually. But the sequence of booting will remain the same.

How to Boot Lenovo Computers?

Most of the subsidiary brands of Lenovo like

  • IdeaPad
  • ThinkPad
  • ThinkStation
  • ThinkCentre
  • IdeaCentre works on the same booting system.

The process of booting in Lenovo Computers:

Initial booting of all the Computers happens automatically but if there is any problem stuck in between. You will have to boot your Computer manually from the Lenovo boot menu.

Process 1: Using Key Buttons

Step 1: Turn on the power button.

Step 2: As soon as you see the logo of Lenovo, start pressing the f12 or (fn + f12) button rapidly on the keyboard.

Step 3: After a wait of a second- the windows boot manager will show up on the screen.

Step 4: Now select the boot device from the list shown. And proceed with the further details and you will get to successfully boot into your Lenovo Computer.

Process 2: Booting Your Lenovo Computer Using A USB Recovery Drive.

A window recovery drive is a built-in tool by Windows which consists of troubleshooting tools. Using this drive-in USB can help you alternatively boot into your Lenovo Computer. While doing so you have to take care if it does not reset your computer to factory mode.

Step 1: After connecting your USB flash drive to Lenovo Computer. open the control panel. You will see a small window option as a pop-up, from there you can click on the recovery option to continue.

Step 2: Next you will get another window of advanced recovery tools. Select the first option to create a recovery drive.

Step 3: Now select the checkbox of ‘backup system files to recovery drive’. And then click next for initiating the process.

Step 4: Like so click all the continue buttons that will open the next window of the process. After completing you will get a finish button.

Step 5: Click on the finish button and remove the USB from the Computer

You can use this USB Drive for Booting and other various purposes like resetting the problem of your Lenovo Computer.

Note* It is recommended to take a backup of all your data so that it does not damage any file important to you.

Conclusion on Lenovo Boot Menu

After reading this article if you still feel any complications in understanding the process. You can watch tutorials on YouTube on How to Enter Lenovo Boot Menu & How to Boot Lenovo Computer

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