Top 11 Best Cheap Laptops Under $100 in 2023 (Quick Review)

Laptops Under $100

Are there laptops under $100? Do they exist?

Finding the top best cheap laptop under $100 isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. 

If you’re searching to pick up a cheap laptop or have one on your holiday wish list, then this review list of the best cheap laptops under $100 in 2022 would be very helpful. 

We’ve rounded up 11 of the most highly-rated affordable laptops on the market today. Keep reading to find out which ones are collected in our list!

Laptops that cost $100 might be right for you?

Before looking down at the list of laptops, please be informed that these cheap laptops are not suitable for everyone.

Please allow me to explain why.

Primarily, the vast majority of laptops for sale for less than $100 are either refurbished or used, so your options are much more limited. However, no laptops less than $100 can make the grade.

The vast majority of them are at least five years old, which means they have very old hardware components inside, and accordingly, they run old versions of the operating system (like Windows XP, Vista, or 7).

This is not a big problem since most Windows applications are backwards compatible, but I won’t be able to guarantee you that these already-aged laptops would support all the applications that you want to use.

You can install the latest Windows operating system 10 on some of these laptops, but it’s going to be a bad experience unlike any you’ve ever had because the hardware inside them can’t support the latest operating system.

Trick – If you are a geeky person, you can install Chrome OS Flex or any lightweight Linux distro by purchasing the laptop on our list. Chrome OS and Linux can run smoothly even on older and require less powerful hardware, so you’ll be able to improve the performance capabilities of the laptop that you purchase by doing this.

Would you be willing to spend $100 on these aged ultra-affordable laptops?

A laptop you buy might feel a little slow the first time you start using it, but it could be worth it if you only plan to use it for basic computing tasks. Cheap laptops under $100 can get the job done if you are going to be using your laptop for that.

Although they may not be reliable to use as your primary work computer, Chromebooks may be suitable for your kids to take online classes or for older relatives in your family who want a computer just to do normal activities such as checking social media and emails, pay bills, or watch YouTube videos.

However, if you can afford it, buying a new laptop would still be your wiser choice of yours. You need to spend just a little more, and you can get a new laptop. You would be free from all the risks that are usually connected with buying refurbished laptops or used laptop. 

In addition to those benefits, the new laptop would also have more additional features and more durable components inside the laptop which would mean it can last longer than our refurbished laptops.

Even if you can’t spend more, don’t worry. There are options on the list that would get the job done for under $100.

List of Best Cheap Laptops Under $100

12022 Flagship Acer 311 Chromebook 11.6″ HD Display Laptop Student Business

2022 Flagship Acer 311 Chromebook

 laptop under $100

  • Lightweight 
  • For Students
  • Business People
  •  Google’s productivity apps 

If you’re searching for a cheap laptop under 100 dollars and don’t want to compromise on performance, look no further than the Acer 311 Chromebook in this category. 

This Chrome-based computer performs surprisingly well for its price and features an 11.6-inch screen display that’s supported by Intel HD Graphics 400 as well as 4GB of RAM

And if you need a little more power to get your work done, there are numerous ways to upgrade it without spending too much money; between its SSD drive, RAM and 32GB of storage, there are numerous ways to boost performance while saving even more money along the way. 

For a great cheap laptop under 100 dollars, look no further than the Acer 311 Chromebook. Not only is it powered by Google’s popular Chrome operating system, but also comes with all of Google’s productivity apps built right in. 

It’s lightweight and portable enough to be taken anywhere—perfect for gaming, students or business people who like to travel light —and provides access to all of Google’s online services (such as Gmail and YouTube) at any time. 

It doesn’t hurt that it also has a crisp 11.6 HD display either! The best cheap laptops under $100 aren’t just affordable—they’re reliable, durable and powerful. That’s why we think that Acer makes some of the best laptops for under 100 dollars around. 

Its flagship product, The ACER 311 Chromebook packs a lot of punch into its low price tag. It can perform many tasks better than computers at twice its cost)

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2) ASUS Chromebook 14″ HD N3350

ASUS Chromebook 14″ HD N3350

laptop under $100

  • Lightweight 
  • Touch Screen
  • Android apps
  •  Good Battery Life 

The best laptop is also one of the cheapest Chromebooks around, but that doesn’t mean it’s poor quality. 

Its performance is on par with a pricier Chromebook and its battery life is pretty solid. It’s even slim and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere you want to go. This ASUS Chromebook 14 HD N3350 weighs just over 2.5 pounds and measures 11 x 8 x 0.8 inches, which makes it extremely portable. 

It uses Google Chrome, has 16GB of storage, and has an Intel Celeron processor. This Chromebook uses Google’s operating system so it works well with Google software like G-mail and Docs. 

While its battery life will last up to 11 hours when wireless devices are turned off, more than enough time to watch movies and listen to music on your next trip. This Chromebook by Asus has a touchscreen and quality keyboard, so you can enjoy both Android apps and standard laptop functions right out of the box. 

With 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI port and an SD card slot, you’ll have plenty of ways to add memory or connect your device to other hardware. For security purposes, there is also a webcam cover that ensures only those you want can see what’s going on in front of your screen.

The 8 reasons why I think that ASUS Chromebook 14 HD N3350 is one of the best laptop computers available:

1) Price – It comes at a very affordable price which means anyone who wants one should be able to afford it. Its features make it worth every penny spent on it. It’s a worth budget laptop.

2) Screen Size – The screen size is 14 inches, just right for watching movies and browsing through websites without straining your eyes.

3) Storage Capacity – The storage capacity of 16GB is enough to store all your movies, songs and photos without worrying about running out of space anytime soon.

4) Battery Life – The battery life lasts up to 11 hours when wireless devices are turned off so you can enjoy watching your favourite shows or listening to music without having to worry about charging it in between breaks. 

This feature makes it ideal for people who travel frequently as they don’t have to carry their chargers with them everywhere they go.

3) Acer Chromebook 512 Laptop 

Acer Chromebook 512

laptops under $100

  • Lightweight 
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Android apps
  • Built-in virus protection

The Acer Chromebook is one of my favourite cheap laptops. The computer features a quad-core processor, a 14-inch display, and good battery life. It also comes with Google’s Chrome OS, which is easy to use and works well for basic computing tasks like word processing and surfing. 

The Acer Chromebook 512 Laptop is an affordable laptop that still has impressive specs. Coming in at an affordable price, it’s a good deal, especially considering its display size of 14 and a processor speed of 2.16 GHz. 

It also comes with 16 GB of flash storage, as well as a lot of useful features like support for multiple devices (including Bluetooth), Wi-Fi connectivity and DVD playback capability.

Though its hard drive space might be limited by today’s standards—making it more appropriate for cloud storage than anything else—this Chromebook offers just about everything you could ask for in terms of features at an affordable price. 

However, its performance may not be up to par with pricier models. If you’re looking for a cheaper option that still delivers on quality, then consider investing in an Acer Chromebook 512 Laptop. 

While it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles found on other laptops—such as a high-end processor or large amounts of storage space—it does come with all of your standard necessities: fast internet connection capabilities, reliable battery life, quality keyboard and smooth functionality touchpad.

For those who need something simple but effective to help them get their work done while they travel, then look no further than this entry-level model from Acer.

4) Dell Laptop Latitude E5430 14′ LED Notebook

Dell Laptop Latitude E5430 14′ LED Notebook

laptops under $100

  • Lightweight 
  • Small in size
  • Fast Boot
  • 8 Hours of battery life

One of Dell’s most popular laptops, and for good reason. This laptop has a 14-inch display, and it’s fully equipped with 2GB of RAM and 320GB of hard drive storage space. There are even touchpad controls for added functionality. 

The battery will last you up to eight hours on a single charge, and that should be enough to get you through an entire workday without having to recharge. All in all, if you want great value on your laptop purchase, then look no further than Dell Latitude E5430 Laptop. 

The Dell Latitude E5430 is a very durable laptop. The Latitude E5430 can also handle any job thanks to its 14 HD display, Intel Core i3-3110M 2.40GHz, Windows 7 Home Premium, 2GB RAM, quality keyboard and 320GB hard drive. 

Overall, when it comes to durability and functionality, there’s no better laptop out there than Dell laptop Latitude E5430.

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5) HP 14 Laptop | 14-dq0030nr | Budget laptop under $100

HP 14 Laptop, Intel Celeron N4020

laptops under $100

  • Micro Edge HD screen
  • Best for Games
  • Good battery life

For an affordable 14-inch laptop, HP’s 14-d000 series is one of your best bets. And it’s no longer available on HP’s website.

The starting price is usually around $80, which makes it almost half of its original retail price of $170. For that kind of cash, you get a big 14-inch display with 1366 x 768 resolution and a thin chassis that weighs only 2.6 pounds. While its base specs may be modest (2GB RAM and 32GB storage), it does have USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI port. 

If you’re looking for a cheap laptop and want to keep up with your social life, then you should get a Chromebook. 

The best Chromebook is no other than ASUS. It has an HD screen of 14-inch which means it has a high resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Moreover, its dual-core processor clocks at 1.1GHz and lets you run all your favourite games like Minecraft and different apps with ease without compromising on performance or any lags in between. 

You will be able to work on Chrome OS seamlessly without having any problems! At $130, there is nothing better than money can buy!

6) 2022 Newest Acer 311 Chromebook Laptop Student Business

2022 Newest Acer 311 Chromebook

laptops under $100

  • Chrome OS
  • Wi-Fi 5 with dual antenna
  • Tough security and a long battery life

Chromebooks are increasingly popular as computers that can be carried anywhere, even to school. Students who use Chromebooks will never lose access to their work because everything is saved on Google’s servers. 

They’re great for typing up notes, writing papers and taking screenshots (which you can annotate with a Chromebook). All of these are easy on Chromebook laptops: schoolwork, homework, spreadsheets and so on. 

One cheap budget laptop for school that offers a lot of features without breaking your budget is Acer’s 311 Chromebook. It has 32 GB of internal storage space, which means that documents and files won’t have to be shared between students or passed around via flash drive; if it’s stored online in Google Drive it will always be available wherever there’s an internet connection.

You should mention how it works great for typing up notes, writing papers and taking screenshots (which you can annotate with a Chromebook) at school and that it also works well for everyday tasks like shopping, reading emails and browsing Facebook.

7) 2022 Newest HP Chromebook Laptop Student Business

2022 Newest HP Chromebook

laptops under $100

  • Chrome OS+MarxsolCables
  • Quick boot-up 
  • SuperSpeed USB Type-C
  • Business Student

This HP Chromebook Laptop is the best choice for students and anyone on a tight budget. It has a vivid 1366 x 768 LED-backlit display, which makes it easy to view from wide angles. 

The Chromebook comes with 16GB of onboard storage, making it easy to download apps and stream media without worrying about filling up space. The Google Chrome OS allows users to run Android apps such as Spotify or Google Docs while also allowing them to access their documents anytime on any device using cloud computing. 

This laptop also has two USB ports and one HDMI port, making it great for connecting additional accessories or entertainment devices to your screen. 

8) 2022 Flagship Acer 311 Chromebook 11.6″ HD Display Laptop Computer

2022 Flagship Acer 311 Chromebook

laptops under $100

  • HD ComfyView Display
  • Long battery life
  • SuperSpeed USB Type-C
  • Chrome OS+HubxcelAccessories

Acer’s Chromebook 311 is a solid and affordable laptop. It comes with an 11.6-inch HD touchscreen display, and it’s available in black or white. You’ll get access to all your favourite Google apps, as well as free cloud storage and up to 12 hours of battery life. 

While it’s not full of bells and whistles, it has enough power for basic productivity tasks such as web browsing, video streaming and writing emails. Thanks to Acer Chromebox for Meetings you can also hold meetings on Skype for Business without sacrificing screen space. 

9) Asus L210MA 11-inch laptop

ASUS Laptop L210

laptops under $100

  • Ultra thin
  • Built-in Windows 10 OS
  • One Year of Office 365 Personal
  •  NumberPad

You need a Windows laptop for an inexpensive cost of around $100. It is also an ultra-portable lightweight notebook that can be transported by plane.

The device features an 11.6-inch HD display and 1366×768 pixel resolution. This Laptop has all the necessary functions such as MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

The Asus L210MA is powered by Intel N42020 Processor. A further 64 GB RAM card is available with the motherboard. It can be easily used by anyone who needs help with everyday tasks.

10) Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e 2-in-1 Chromebook (Refurbished laptops)

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e 2-in-1 Chromebook

laptops under $100

  • Touchscreen 
  • 2 in 1 Notebook 
  • (IPS) Technology NumberPad

If you are a Lenovo laptop lover, we have also tried to include the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e 2 in 1 Chromebook, it’s a refurbished one but is it worth buying this laptop?

You can finish your school projects and gaming activity (Low MB games) without spending too little. The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e is aimed at your needs.

These laptops are capable of performing basic daily tasks such as surfing Internet notes and creating PPTs. This Lenovo ThinkPad 11e offers a 11.6-inch HD screen. The laptop is supported by an Intel Celeron N4100 Quad-core [4 Core] 1.10 GHz and Intel HD graphics integrated.

When talking about storage, there will be 128 GB of SSD memory and 4 GB DDR4 memory and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit available. It is an outstanding keyboard quality and there is nothing that can bend it.

11) Samsung Chromebook 4

Samsung Chromebook 4 (2021 Model)

laptops under $100

  • Compact
  • built-in virus protection
  • Gigabit Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Lightweight and Portable

Samsung Chromebook 4 Laptop price is below $100 for an affordable laptop on the market. It offers better performance and user interface when performing everyday tasks.

Samsung laptop features an 11.6-inch HD screen display and a 64-GB eMMC ROM. It is a computer processor with a Intel Celeron Processor N4020 CPU that can handle your everyday tasks., with 4 GB Ram and 32 GB Internal Hard disk.

For the students, they needed to be able to transport their devices to their campuses and schools. Samsung Chromebooks 4 is lightweight and portable, has more battery capacity than most laptops and is running Chrome OS.


When purchasing cheap laptops under $100, there are many factors to consider. There’s no need to break the bank to get a quality computer that will serve your needs while you’re on the go, and with so many options available today, there are plenty of reliable machines out there for less than one hundred dollars. 

Keep these tips in mind when searching for your next device, and you’ll be sure to find something that checks all of your boxes.