Is iPad capable of fully replacing a laptop?

The question of whether it is possible to replace a full-fledged laptop with a tablet has been raised for a long time, but it seems that now we are closer than ever before, because now iPad has both a keyboard and a mouse, which means you can work on it like a full-fledged laptop.

Let’s see how convenient and practical it is to use iPad on an ongoing basis for work and communication.

Practicality and simplicity of use

A tablet is a more adaptable and portable gadget that, while maintaining the benefits of a laptop, also offers certain added benefits above it.

This applies, for instance, to the keyboard. The method for connecting the keyboard to the tablet is admirable. It’s incredibly alluring how easily a tablet and a tablet-keyboard may go from laptop mode to the original iPad style at any time. But keep in mind that you will also need to buy a keyboard and mouse, which substantially raises the price of the purchase.

The tablet’s extremely small size and light weight make it convenient to carry along. A MacBook weighs 1.36kg, whereas iPad Air weighs 1.04kg with the cover and keyboard attached. The difference is slight, but if you need to carry the device with you constantly, it might be fairly obvious.

Additionally, iPad is somewhat less than 11 inches, but the minimum diagonal of the MacBook is 13 inches.

When working on a tablet, it is not necessary to sit at a table, as laptops require. You can work with a tablet while sitting in an armchair, even lying on the couch; it is difficult to provide such comfort for work with a laptop.


Safari is a great and very user friendly browser. However, the tablet does a good job with ten tabs open at the same time.

If the number of tabs exceeds a dozen, then moving between them becomes noticeably more difficult: they are partially hidden and require more extra clicks to go to the desired one. But if you do not go beyond these ten tabs, then working on a tablet is in no way inferior to working on a laptop.

Text and photos

Creating a visual on a tablet, in our opinion, is much easier than on a laptop, primarily due to the presence of a pencil. Any designer will be delighted with this tool, which greatly simplifies his life.

The App Store also offers a huge number of design and photo editing applications, such as Procreate, PicsArt Color Paint, Paper by FiftyThree. The application offers a complete set of drawing tools that will suit both beginners and professionals.

The application interface is intuitive. Basically, these applications are simpler and more understandable than Photoshop, which requires learning.

It is also very convenient to use ready-made mockups to create a visual on a tablet. A tool like iPad mockup will help you quickly and accurately demonstrate your idea to a customer or make your own choice.

On a tablet, working with a large amount of text is a little frustrating. It is many times more convenient to select, copy, transfer entire blocks of an article or pieces of code on a computer than on iPad, even with a keyboard and mouse connected.

The convenience of working with the manipulator in the desktop OS has been perfected over the years, while the mobile system has only recently learned to work with mice and trackpads.


It’s quite convenient to mount video on a tablet. But if you’re shooting videos for work, you’re also better off using a separate software like Luma Touch for this.

A really professional video editing tool that can meet the needs of beginners and intermediate users has been developed and refined by the creators.

Working with video on a tablet is considerably more convenient when using an Apple Pencil. Using the stylus makes it easy to select, move things, find the ideal frame and perform other routine tasks.

What iPad lacks to fully replace a laptop:

  • There is an acute shortage of professional software on Apple tablets.
  • A new method for interacting with the file system is required for iPadOS. There is currently no practical way to inspect the directory tree, compare the data in-depth for any attribute or copy files in the background.
  • Developers should expand the range of iPadOS compatible accessories.
  • iPadOS has serious problems with multitasking. Every extra background process is detrimental to battery life. If you allow the system to leave a couple of time-consuming applications in the background, the tablet will not live without recharging until lunchtime.
  • Every year the problem of connecting an external screen to Apple tablets becomes more and more urgent. developers need to add a desktop extension mode to the second screen and optimize programs for the aspect ratio familiar to monitors.

Thus, a laptop today is a purely working thing. At the same time, iPad can partially replace this working tool. If professional activity is not connected with the active use of a laptop, then you can safely get by with iPad keyboard instead.