Top 5 Reasons: Why Does My Internet Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

 internet keeps disconnecting

There are several reasons why your internet disconnects and after a few seconds, it connects and again disconnects, to find out we have assembled the top 5 reasons why do ‘the internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.

We understand, what it feels when we are engaged in some of our important work on the internet and suddenly face a problem of internet disconnects and reconnecting, again and again, we guess nothing could be worse than this situation.

But do not worry in this article, we’ll guide you and how you can easily get rid of this problem of the ‘internet keeps disconnecting. Just follow our step-by-step methods in this article on

Instant Tip: If you have any other computer, tablet or smartphone try to check the same internet connection on it, if it works on the other devices then it means the problem is with the computer itself, or if all devices have the same internet problem then it is likely a problem with cable, modem or ISP.

Why Your Internet Keeps Disconnecting?

Internet Keeps Disconnecting and reconnecting is a common problem for internet users, to know why it keeps disconnecting and to get it resolved you need to do some testing as per our guide.

Solution 1: Check Your DSL Modem or Router

 internet keeps disconnecting

The first step you need to take is to check the modem is overheated, when it overheats then it causes the internet connection unstable, it is better if you can turn off your modem for at least 15 minutes to let it cool down, then turn it ON to test the internet connection is stable or not.

Also restarting the DSL modem can resolve the issue, we recommend you to power off your computer first and restart your modem, as you restart your modem, it does a self-check and reconnects to the internet and check for the problem.

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Solution 2: Check with Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

 internet keeps disconnecting

Another reason could be with Internet Service Provider(ISP), there could be higher chances as your internet link maybe sometimes up or down and some users think that the problem is with their devices.

You need to call ISP technical support and run a system check and link check. If the issue is from their end, they will fix it within their stipulated time period.

If your other devices are working with the same link, and your computer internet is not working, then the problem could be with your computer.

Solution 3: Check your Network card

 internet keeps disconnecting

Another factor that may also be the reason for ‘Internet Keeps Disconnecting’ is your computer network card. There are two ways you can fix your network card issue.

Reinstall your network card: Reinstalling network card drivers may sometimes solve the driver corruption issues and stabilize the network connectivity.

To do so, delete your network card driver from your computer’s Device Manager and restart your computer, let windows automatically reinstall the network card drivers, and check for internet connection stability.

Update Your Network card drivers: Sometimes your drivers may be outdated or corrupted, so it is highly recommended to update drivers by downloading network card drivers from the internet and updating it.

After updating restart your computer and check for the internet connection stability.

Re-seat the Network card: If you have a desktop and the network card is a removable expansion card, you can try reseating the network card. Many desktops have a built-in network card into the motherboard which cannot be re-seat and checked.

Solution 4: Windows Updates

 internet keeps disconnecting

Sometimes windows update may cause an issue with the internet connectivity, if you have recently installed a windows update and your internet become unstable afterward, then you need to restore the windows back to a previous point before the Windows update was installed, often fixes the issue and check for the issue of ‘internet keeps disconnecting.

Solution 5: Check for viruses or Malware

 internet keeps disconnecting

If the computer has not installed any third-party antivirus into your computer then the virus may have infected your computer and if the infection is severe enough, the Internet connection can become unstable or not work at all.

If you have installed the antivirus into your computer then check the security setting of the antivirus program that may have unstable the internet connection, try to disable the security settings, and check for the internet connection stability.

And also check with the antivirus program manufacturer to determine if those settings are necessary to keep your computer protected. If they’re not necessary, leave those settings disabled.

Bottom Line

Hope you find this article interesting and definitely, your issue of “Why Does My Internet Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting” has been resolved with help of our proven solution.