How to Convert PDF to SVG File for Free?

Convert PDF to SVG File
Convert PDF to SVG File

Convert PDF to SVG File: Well, give a read to this informative context and explore the most reliable conversion tools for converting PDF files to SVG vector images.

Converting PDF (Portable Document Format) to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a pretty simple task. To help out in this regard, we shortlisted few best-proven tools that allow you to turn PDF into SVG without any quality loss. For instant conversion, you simply have to navigate to theonlineconverter that provides this free PDF to SVG converter to save PDF as SVG while keeping the quality high.

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Convert PDF to SVG File

Pixillion is indicated as the most convenient and even the best way to convert PDF files to SVGs on both mac and windows. In addition to that, it supports more than 20 different image file types. It lets you make conversions for nearly all image formats for free of cost.

Moreover, it also works as image editor that helps you to make editing for the images prior to convert such as flip, rotate, resize, or more.

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How to Convert PDF to SVG file using Pixllion?

  • Grab the copy of Pixillion, install and launch it
  • Then, you have to add the PDF files into the main panel of the program. You can get an image reader in order to attain the preview of the PDF file first
  • Very next, simply navigate to the effects in order to make editing into your PDF files (if required)
  • Finally, make a choice for SVG as the output format and hit the Convert button to commence the PDF file to SVG conversion

Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator is the native program to deal with PDF documents related issues at an optimal level. Yes, it also works as best PDF to SVG converter, it does not requires huge manual intervention for saving pdf as svg format. No matter at all how frequently you want to turn PDF into SVG vector format, it supports remarkable conversion without any quality disruption.

How to Convert PDF to SVG file using Adobe Illustrator?

  • Install and launch the Adobe Illustrator onto your device
  • Now, it’s time to open the PDF file into Adobe that you want to convert into SVG
  • Move to the File > Export > SVG
  • Make an instant click on the given Export button and let this freeware utility start exporting PDF as SVG without any quality loss

How to Change PDF to SVG file without Adobe?

You can even now convert PDF files to SVG images without Adobe. Inkscape is a well-known tool that also works as perfect PDF to SVG converter. According to experts, it is an optimal alternative to the Adobe Illustrator that mainly considered to edit the vector graphic files.

The most appealing reason behind suggesting this program is that it allow you to export PDF as SVG on Linux, Windows, or macOS. It provided you with high quality conversions as SVG is native format for Inkscape.

  • At first, you need to grab the copy of Inkscape, install and launch it
  • Very next, just click on the import PDF to Inkscape
  • Then, navigate to the File > Save As
  • From the output formats selection list, choice with SVG and save your newly converted file

Get this cloud-based online source that loaded with image, audio, video, PDF, and different other free to use converters. One can easily turn PDF into SVG vector format with the assistance of this online PDF to SVG converter. The upside about this utility is that it allow you to convert one or even more PDF files at once into SVG vector files.

Once you get the converted SVG files, you can even convert it into more regular format like PNG, JPG, and more for free of cost.

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How to convert PDF to SVG by using theonlineconverter?

  • Move to theonlineconverter and get its PDF to SVG converter
  • Drag and drop the PDF files that you want to change into SVG
  • Click convert button and wait for a while. Once you have done with all, just click on the given Download all button to save your newly transformed vector SVG files at once


To get high quality and instant PDF files to SVGs conversion, you simply have to navigate with this best PDF to SVG converter. In addition to that, it supports conversion for variety of formats that packed within audio, video, image, document, pdf, eBooks and certain other categories.

Its interface makes it differ from its counterparts, just make a couple of hits to save PDF as SVG right now.  

How to Change PDF to SVG using CloudConvert?

  • Fetch cloudconvert from your default browser
  • Now add the PDF files into the main toolbox
  • If you want to make additional settings regarding saving PDF as SVG, then make there (optional)
  • Once done, click on the Convert button to save the newly created SVG from the uploaded PDF

You people successfully fetched the best PDF to SVG converter sources that takes minimal effort to turn one of more PDFs into SVGs. So, choice with one-go solution from the above-mentioned tools to process legitimate and instant conversions. Good Luck!