How to Convert PDF to BMP on Windows?

How to Convert PDF to BMP
How to Convert PDF to BMP

You can find that Both PDF (Portable Document Format) and BMP (Bitmap) are different file formats used for certain concerns. But, the time comes when you people are required to save each pdf page as a bmp picture for different purposes.

This is where PDF to BMP conversions take place. There are innumerable solutions available around the internet that lets you export pdf as bitmap, but not all works perfectly. But, you don’t have to worry more because we shortlisted a few best PDF to BMP converter sources that lets you make quick conversions without any distraction.

How to Convert PDF to BMP

Let us see what are ways you can use and convert PDF to BMP, check it below.

Use itsPDF to convert PDF to BMP

This is a full-fledged and easy to navigate PDF conversion solution. You can navigate to this online web-based application right now to convert pdf documents to the utmost extent. There you can obtain the best PDF to BMP converter that mainly functions to convert PDF to BMP (Bitmap) picture format without losing its quality. 

The given steps allow you to save PDF as BMP:

  • Open itspdf and navigate to PDF to BMP converter online using your web-based browser
  • Right after uploading PDF file into this online tool, make a click on the Convert button
  • Download the newly converted Bitmap file with a single go

Use Adobe Photoshop

You can use this program to adjust the colors in your shot, improve exposure and contrast adjustment, erase imperfections from a portrait, and do much more. Thanks to its powerful editing tools that lets you make certain editing to PDF files without any huge manual intervention. 

Following steps lets you convert PDF to BMP with Adobe Photoshop:

  • Install Adobe Photoshop into your system
  • Right click on the PDF file and open it through Adobe Photoshop program by using the drop-down menu
  • Make an instant click on the Save As button while you are in the existing Files menu
  • To convert PDF to BMP with this assistance, you ought to go to the output menu, choose BMP, and then make a click on the Save button

Use PDFelement

PDFelement is another solution that provides you with the ease of converting PDF to bitmap and even other image formats. It is indicated as a best alternative to Adobe and easily available around the internet. 

Follow these steps and let PDFelement export PDF as BMP for free:

  • Launch PDFelement right after installation. Select and drop the PDF file into this PDF to BMP converter. Make a right click on the files by clicking on the Open Files
  • Navigate > To Image under the given PDFelement Convert tab. You can find that another message prompt, this is where you have to set the output file format and location
  • Then, make a click on the given COnvert Settings, and then PDF to Image for choosing the pages to covert
  • Click Save
  • Finally, let this tool process conversions and simply open the picture folder


It is indicated as the portable and cheap PDF editing tool that you can use for certain PDF management and conversions. Try this PDF file to BMP converter in order to annotate, edit, view, convert, and organize PDF files to the utmost extent. 

Make navigation with these steps and let UPDF start conversions from PDF to Bitmap:

  • Start importing your PDF file into the main interface via the given Open File option. Alternatively, you could drag and drop the files into the main toolbox of UPDF
  • Very next, you ought to click on the Export PDF that is on the right toolbar
  • Right after that, just choose the Image from the given format selections, it is given on the right side of the interface

A new window prompt, this is where you need to choose BMP as the export file format. In addition to that, you ought to set the PDF to BMP conversion page range

  • On the bottom right, you need to make a click on the Convert button. Finally, your newly converted BMP (Bitmap) pictures are stored and shown in the designated location

Finally, you explored the easiest ways for converting your existing PDF files into Bitmap pictures without any hassle.