How to Convert BAK file to PDF with 3 Simple Methods?

Convert BAK file to PDF
Convert BAK file to PDF

Convert BAK file to PDF: A BAK file is a backup file and used by various applications to save the copy of the original file. Most of the time, it is generated automatically by the program to save the backup.

Sometimes users also create these files manually. Meanwhile, one can create a file, if he/she wants to edit the file but not change the original file. Users can easily add “.BAK” to the end of the file to keep themselves safe instead of getting out the file from the root directory. .BAK files can not be open in the same way as you open the JPG files.

Remember that there is no program that can open all the BAK files. For instance all the autodesk programs create a regular BAK file for saving the backup. Now, you can not open the BAK file of Autocad in the accounting program. 

On the other hand, portable document format (PDF) is the most popular document format and can be easily viewed and accessed on various platforms. Generally PDF files are not only created from the blank document, you can also convert a file to PDF with the help of a converter.

Why would you Need to Convert BAK file to PDF?

The most obvious reason to convert BAK files to PDF is the ease of use. PDF is a format that can be accessed on all the types of the smart devices and you can also share it easily. But if your file is in a format that is not easily accessible, then you will face trouble in opening the file.

You may also face problems in sharing the files between various applications and uploading it to the website. Anyone can easily overcome these limitations by just converting the file to PDF. 

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3 Ways to Convert BAK file to PDF:

Below we have listed 3 simple ways to perform BAK to PDF conversion:


This is a BAK file converter software for windows. As the name shows , it is a ZIP archiving software. It supports BAK to PDF conversion. With the help of it, the user can also create and extract various archive formats including 7Z, TAR, GZ etc. Anyone can easily convert a BAK file to all the supported archive formats. 


Lets see the steps:

  • First of all, launch the converter and utilize the internal file explorer to upload the one or more than one BAK files to perform the conversion.
  • Now press the add button to start the archive window. 
  • Choose the output archive format. 
  • Adjust the parameters like the compression method, and split volume etc. 
  • Finally, press the OK button to start the conversion and that’s it. 


It is an open source software that empowers the user to convert BAK files to PDF. It’s easily compatible with windows. By using it, the user can easily turn the BAK files into easily accessible formats including the 7Z, BZIP, PDF etc. It also offers various tools to adjust the level of compression, compression method, word size and split archive etc. 


Follow the below listed simple steps to use this free utility accurately:

  • Run the software and upload the BAK files that you want to convert. 
  • Click on the add button to open up the add archive window instantly.
  • Now select the archive format as per your need. 
  • Adjust the archiving parameters.
  • Simply, hit the OK button to perform the conversion rapidly. 


Bandizip is a BAK to PDF converter that supports both Windows and MAC OS. It mainly creates Zip archives. Empowers the users to perform conversion from BAK to different archive formats. It also supports batch conversion to facilitate the users. Meanwhile, the user can perform the conversions with an optimum speed. 


Go through the following easy steps:

  • Open the converter and click on the new archive option. 
  • Upload the BAK files.
  • Choose the output archive format. 
  • Simply, adjust the achieving parameter as per the need. 
  • Set the destination and press the start button to process the conversion. 

Final Words:

Today, the presence of the BAK file to PDF converters have created a huge ease for the users to perform the conversion effortlessly. They also allow the users to set the archive parameters as per the need.