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how to build your own laptop

Want to know, how to build your own laptop? The laptop is a device that is usually the first choice of people when it comes to buying a personal computer. All of us are aware of its best usage and how much it helps in our day-to-day life.

A laptop can give you full functionality with the best portability. Which you can handle anywhere with yourself to do your work.

Every type of laptop is available in the market which you can buy according to your preferred requirements and your budget.

There is one more option here- “what if you can make your own laptop yourself”

Is It Possible to Do So?

The answer to this question is very simple, improvement in technology and innovation has made it possible today to achieve this task. If you want to make your laptop you just need to have the right information about the mechanisms and working of a laptop computer.

Collecting Right Information for building a laptop

To understand the working and how a laptop is made you can search on the internet to read the articles or watch out some YouTube videos about it.

Once you understand the basic working you must get some technical knowledge on- how to assemble components of a laptop computer in the right way.

If you get understand these two things wisely you are set to make your laptop yourself.

Such a piece of information is also shared in this article which you can read easily to understand the building blocks inside a laptop.

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How to Build Your Own Laptop?

  • Finding Parts

Laptop kit

Not all companies make laptop kits that can be assembled by users. But some third-party companies copy the designs of laptops and make assembling kits and design their casings. This kit will only include the plastic part of your laptop and not the other components inside it. So, select a version of the laptop that you want to build and complete research over its suitable component designs. Then only purchase a fine product that can fit them.


We all have listened to this word somewhere already. Ram stands for random access memory which is the component very basically required for any laptop to work. RAM is required to run applications on your laptop computer- to process the memory and information inside it.

You can find out and buy it from any online store or locally from any computer repairing store. There are different versions of Ram available like DDR3, DDR4, etc. Read out more about them and buy what type you want.


how to build your own laptop

A motherboard is the main thing without which a laptop is nothing. We can understand itself as the name suggest- mother for all functioning inside a laptop. It is the processing unit that processes everything as a central base for your laptop computer. On the laptop, all the things required precise and minute things are already assembled in a motherboard chip. It is a flat type of plate that can attach every other component inside of a laptop together.

You can also buy them online from Amazon or shop them from any local store.

Just keep in your mind that it is a very delicate element and you have to handle it with care.

Hard Disk (Storage Drive)

how to build your own laptop

A hard disk also known as HDD is a component in which all your data and operating system are Stored. For laptops, a hard disc is very thin compared to a desktop computer. you have to understand the different types of hard discs available out there- where they vary in prices and their functionalities. Same you can understand more about them from online research.


how to build your own laptop

The processor is also one of the main components that build a laptop. It is a square shape component not too big in size but great in its working.

There are various types of processes mostly known by their manufacturing company’s name. Like Intel processors, AMD processors,s, etc.

You can understand their different preferences and clock time speed, and choose the best for your working requirements. You can buy them online.

Battery Pack

A battery pack is the main thing of a laptop which makes them portable with its power. If you are going to make your own laptop there are batteries available which will come in different sizes and shape. So, you have to select them as per the laptop kit you have purchased. Also, keep in mind your requirements of power and how much your overall customized laptop consumes.

You can easily buy them online from Amazon.

Other Components

Other than these main basic things to build your laptop, some other inputs and output components are also needed. Like- keyboard, Trackpad, Network card, disk drive, cooling components, and webcam. You can buy these things according to the laptop kit you have purchased. Everything that you will buy must have to be fitting in the laptop kit that you are planning to make.

Assembling Your Own Laptop

After purchasing these things the next step is to assemble them all inside a laptop. The assembling part is the main thing that you have to take care of and handle things on a precise level.

How to Assemble All These Mechanisms Inside?

  • First Make Yourself Ready for That

To learn the assembling of a laptop you can watch out the videos on YouTube and understand how to handle components and attach them properly in the right place.

  • Making Preparation

To do the assembling you will need a bunch of tools and some other things, which you will get to know once you see a video on YouTube.

Purchase them all together and you are all complete to make your laptop at home.

Conclusion on How To Build Your Own Laptop

Making your laptop can be a tough task if you don’t have a budget and understanding of things. And sometimes it’s hard to get all these required components nearby at your local stores. You will have to do proper and deep research and make your purchases from a trusted online platform.

But, one advantage in today’s world, is that you have all thing available out there, and many people have also made proper tutorials on how to build your own laptop. Just check learn and apply.