How You Can Fix and Update Google Chrome Components Error?

Chrome components

Google chrome is one of the regularly used web browsers that provide a lot of helpful features to the users while using chrome but sometimes you have to tackle the problem of crashing the Chrome browser due to many reasons. Chrome components help to fix these issues.

Now what are Chrome components and how do they fix the error, we will discuss this in this article.

Google Chrome updates a new version automatically, whenever a new version comes, it starts downloading in the background so that the current work of the users cannot be disturbed.

The updates are necessary to enjoy the new features and these updates assure the users for their security.

As we have told, Google Chrome updates automatically but still, if you want to go with the manual process, then just follow these steps.

Step 1: At first, open the Chrome browser, tap on the toolbar, and click on the ‘Help>About Google Chrome’.

Step 2: Now Chrome will show you the latest update of their Browser.

Step 3: Then click on the Relaunch tap, it will start the update.

This is the process to update the Chrome browser but if the components do not update because of any reason then you can use the Chrome components to update it and get rid of these crashes. Now let us know more about Chrome components.

What are Chrome Components?

Chrome Components are the part of the Browser that helps you to update components individually. When you will go to their page, it will show you the separate components that help to run Google Chrome properly.

Generally, the components are used when Chrome is unable to load the media or crashes. As we have told, components update Chrome individually, so let us learn about it.

How to update Chrome Components Individually?

You have to check the updates for Chrome Components to update it individually. Just follow these basic steps.

Step 1: First of all, open the Chrome components page by inputting chrome://components in the address bar. 

Step 2: Now you will be able to see different components on this page, just update it individually by clicking on the ‘check for updates’ option.

chrome components

Step 3: After updating all the components, now restart your browser.

So this is the process to update Chrome Components individually. Still, if you are facing the issues then uninstall your Chrome browser from the system and install it again. 

Now we are providing you the complete list of the Components.

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Chrome Components and their work

Here is the list of Chrome Components and their work.

1. Adobe Flash Player

This component deals with the flash content on the Browser. All the videos, images are shown with this component. If you facing any issues in viewing that, then update this component.

2Signed Tree Heads

This component provides the security to Chrome with the SSL certificate. It secures all Chrome data and if you are facing issues with the security system, then you should look at this component.

3Origin Trials

This component helps to experiment with the web platform. It will show an error when you will go to update it because you have to install the Chrome flag before going for the updates. 


This component can easily understand its name. It can help Chrome when it needs repair and maintenance, so update it only if you are facing any issues.


This component checks the untrusted code on the Browser, it runs and tests properly so that Chrome should not face any type of issues.

6Software Report Tool

This component helps Chrome to track the software issues and report them. It is aware that when the speed of Chrome goes down slowly. So update it when necessary. 

7Subresource Filter Rules

This component checks the filtered pages to identify malicious and dangerous links. It can filter the ads which are not supportable in Chrome. It enables security so you should check it from time to time.

8MEI preload

This component helps in running the media files in the Chrome Browser. If you are facing issues in loading the content then you should go for the update.

So these are the Chrome Components that play a very important role in working Chrome Browser properly. Now we will tell you when you need to update the Chrome components.

How and When do we need to use Chrome Components?

We have faced this situation rarely but if we have to update the component when we are facing the issues. Here are some reasons.

When Chrome doesn’t update properly

When you are facing the issue of not updating or uninstalling any application properly, then you have to go with the Recovery component. You need to update the Recovery component because this component helps to repair the problems you are facing during installation.

Generally, when we are facing these types of issues, we reinstall the application but we recommend you go with this component before trying any other thing. You just have to go to the Chrome components page and then find the Recovery component and tap on ‘check for updates.

When Netflix creates issues in working

The reason for Netflix not working is that Netflix uses some securities for its content to stream. At that time, you can check the components that can help you to get access to the Netflix content stream. 

When the Flash player doesn’t work

Flash Player is a very important component that helps to run videos, images, and app functionality. When you are facing issues in playing videos or showing some errors in playing the video, then you have to check for updates. Go to the Chrome components page and update the Adobe Flash Player component

Deleting Problematic Module’s Cache

Caching the data by chrome components to decrease the loading speed times and to provide a better experience. However, it is necessary to check if the cache is corrupted as it can cause issues with certain elements of the application.

Therefore, in this step, we will be deleting the cache folder for Chrome’s built-in modules that are not being updated.

Press Windows + R keys to open the “Run” prompt.
Then, type “appdata” and hit “Enter” and open the cache folder
Once cache folder gets open, then double click on the Local folder and on the “Google” folder.
Double click on the “Chrome” folder and then on the “User Data” folder.
Right-click on the Folder which has the module’s name and clicks on “Delete“, then click yes for the prompt.

Bottom Line

Very few people know this thing that we can update ‘chrome components‘ individually. Generally, when people face any type of issue, they just uninstall the application and reinstall it. The users should know this thing that when they face any issue, they should update the component related to your issues. It will quite helpful for users to solve their problems.