Unveiling the Secrets of Genshin Impact: Tips for All Players

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey in the enchanting world of Teyvat, this article is packed with secrets that will enhance your Genshin Impact experience. From character advantages to hidden treasures and overlooked features, we’ve curated a collection of valuable tips to help you thrive in this captivating game.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Character size matters

Surprisingly, tall characters in Genshin Impact possess distinct advantages over their shorter counterparts. Their increased height translates into higher jumps, faster climbing, and swifter running, providing benefits in both combat and exploration. While precise numerical comparisons are elusive, subjective observations indicate that characters like Lisa, who stands among the tallest in the game, can move approximately 15% faster than characters like Venti.

Embrace the advantage of height and harness its potential to excel in all aspects of your Genshin Impact journey. To succeed in leveling heroes, many players use the service https://skycoach.gg/genshin-impact-boost because it saves time and effort. Professional gamers will quickly level up the character while choosing the right configurations of items and skills.

Check private messages

Perhaps, almost the very first thing to do when starting the passage of Genshin Impact is to look into the in-game mail and read all the messages. Unfortunately, many players overlook this point, but if you want to get an impressive amount of resources at the start of the game that you are unlikely to earn in dozens of hours of play, then there is no more efficient way.

After reading a small number of messages sent by the developers, you can get more than 3000 source stones for free, several dozen prayer items (used to open loot boxes), and other useful bonuses. To enter private messages, open the Paimon menu and click on the tab with the letter icon.

Get Birthday gift

Continuing the topic with private messages, we offer a little secret in Genshin Impact, especially for those gamers who do not want to wait for their birthday and want to receive gifts as soon as possible, and even better – right now.

In the Paimon menu, the game offers you to set your date of birth and, of course, no one forbids marking today as a holiday date (taking this opportunity, if it’s your birthday today – congratulations). Each birthday person in private messages will receive a letter with a gift item – a cake for a traveler. The use of the cake gives a weak resin, which is equal to 60 units of the original resin.

Killer Ponds

If most of the creatures inhabiting the world of Teyvat have something in common, it is a panicky, even deadly fear of depth in any body of water. Almost all land-based opponents cannot swim, so when you are near a pond, try to push as many enemies as possible into the depths with strong blows or using special abilities. You will see that they die instantly.

It does not matter the size or level of the enemy. Of course, there are rare exceptions who are not afraid of water. Basically, these are all enemies using the freezing element.

Regular fishing

In Genshin Impact, cooking is a separate headache that requires players to constantly replenish the range of products in their inventory. However, if you wish, you can limit yourself to one fish, which is used in both simple and complex recipes, but most importantly, it is the easiest to detect. You don’t have to go far for fish – go to almost any body of water and near the shore, you will be able to find small flocks of carefree swimming fish. To catch fish, here are some Genshin Impact tips – either grab them alive with your hands, swim up close as the hero, or shoot them from a distance.

Statue of the Seven – Best First Aid Kit

The next secret of Genshin Impact may seem obvious to experienced players, but given the usefulness of the mechanic, we can’t help but mention it. We are talking about the statues of the seven archons, which can be found throughout the world of the game. Most often, you should visit them for the sake of offering crystals in honor of the goddess, but in addition, the statues serve as a free first-aid kit and a means of resurrection, which is especially valuable in the early stages of the game. If there are dead heroes among the team, then visiting the statue will resurrect them for free, and the missing health can be replenished using the blessing of the statue function.

In the wake of the lights

An attentive traveler, in addition to wanderers, will be able to notice numerous wandering lights on his way. Following them, you can find altars, the activation of which leads to chests and source stones. But what if the altar is found, but the will-o’-the-wisp required to activate it is not visible nearby? The solution is quite simple – turn on elemental vision and a blue path will be visible next to the altar, following which you will be able to find the source stone.

Unveiling these secrets of Genshin Impact has armed you with invaluable knowledge to elevate your gameplay. From leveraging character advantages and maximizing rewards to exploring hidden treasures and optimizing your cooking endeavors, these tips will aid both new and experienced players on their journey through Teyvat. Embrace these secrets and embark on a thrilling adventure like never before.