5+ Ways to Fix ”Sim Not Provisioned MM#2″ Error On Your Phone

Sim Not Provisioned MM#2

When you get a new Sim card and you insert it into your Android or any smartphone and after inserting when you start your phone, it displays an error on your phone with a message called SIM not provisioned,  then you start thinking what is this error, how does it appeared into my phone after inserting and if it is an error then how I can find a solution on this?

Typically this error occurs when you try to transfer the existing number to a newer sim card. You do not need to worry it is likely to see this error because your sim might not have activated by the service provider.

The evolution of this error “sim not provisioned” and rectifications of this, We will divide this into 2 parts for better clarity.

  • Part 1: will brief about, why does the error ” SIM not provisioned MM#2″ pop up on your smartphones?
  • Part 2: will show the proven solution methods on how to fix the error ” SIM card not provisioned MM#2″, so keep reading guys.

Reasons for “SIM not provisioned MM#2” error?

sim not provisioned MM#2

There may be many reasons behind the pop up of “SIM not provisioned” the most commonly observed by the users, either it is not activated or suspended by the service provider. Below you will find the list of a situation when the “SIM card not provisioned” error may bother you.

  1. If the sim card is old then check if it is dead try for a new sim.
  2. Check if the Sim not inserted properly into the slot try to reinsert it.
  3. Due to some dirt on the address lines of the Sim card can be the reason.
  4. Sometimes Carrier network provider server is down which reveals this error.
  5. Sim is not activated by the service provider after registering which usually takes time for activation that can be a reason.

So these are the few reasons for the error, try to note done and fix accordingly. How to do it, please follow the below methods step by step.

The proven solution to fix the error ” SIM not provisioned MM#2″

Some of the proven methods on how to fix the “SIM not provisioned” error are mentioned below, this will surely help you in resolving the error. just try to follow these below-proven methods.

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1. Restart Your Smartphone

It may happen that the network of your phone may get hang due to network congestion sometimes. So at the initial stage, it is highly recommended to reboot your mobile phone and check for the error of SIM not provisioned message display.

If this is the error then after restarting the device it will disappear. If not then find other methods below that will surely help you in resolving the error permanently.

2. Insert the SIM card correctly

SIM not provisioned MM#2

There are chances that SIM might not have inserted into the slot properly and you may face the “SIM not provisioned” error, again and again, I would recommend you without wasting further time just switch off your smartphone and pull the SIM card with help of Q pin and try to reinsert it, into the sim location in a proper manner and check if the error persists.

3. Check SIM card dirtiness and moisture contain

Make sure that the SIM card and SIM card slot are not dirty or moisture contains in it, if it is so then try to clean the SIM card and Slots from dirt and moisture thereby you will notice the proper contact between SIM card pins and the smartphone circuit slot.

4. Carrier or network provider approach

SIM not provisioned MM#2

If your SIM is not activated then try to grab some other phone to make a voice call to your network provider and give them info about your SIM error, they will investigate about your issues and after some time or it may take longer duration depending upon the complexity of the issue but they definitely find out some solution on your sim not provisioned error.

5. Activate SIM card

When you buy a new SIM card, within 24 hours the SIM gets activated automatically. If you don’t get activated messages from the service provider then try to call carrier service provider, or send SMS or last but not the least go to the carrier website and look for the activation instructions page.

6. Insert SIM card on other slot

sim not provisioned MM#2

We are happy that our smartphones are having dual SIM technology, even if one SIM slot gets corrupted then you may insert the SIM to another slot. If the solution worked out then it will obvious that the problem was with the SIM slot which got corrupted.

7. Try on other Phones

Last but not the least, this solution can be opt only when all the above solution methods don’t show any results to you. Is just to remove the Sim card from the existing phone try to insert in on another phone, this will ensure that whether Sim card is having the issue or the phone itself.


we have tried all possible solutions to get rid of this issue and kept in front of you so that your error “SIM not provisioned” get the fix, we ensure you that you will definitely find the solution on your error just follow our proven methods in rectifying your error.If you have any problems with the solutions mentioned in this article, you can leave a message in the comment section below, we will reply to you as soon as possible. Happy Day

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