How You Can Fix Internet Explorer Keeps Crashing and Won’t Stay Open in Windows 10/8/7

internet Explorer Keeps Crashing

When you are working on something important work on internet explorer and suddenly without intimating you, the internet explorer closes down and your frustration pops up, and immediately you try to find out what it made to go crash suddenly and the reasons for crashing?. So we understand, that many questions arise in your mind when “internet Explorer Keeps Crashing” & Won’t Stay Open.

So do not get fret, it may be due to some malware infection or a problem with the browser’s settings. If you haven’t updated the browser recently can also be the reason or it can also be due to Internet Explorer add-ons conflicting with browser settings.

So in this article, you will understand the cause of the issue and how we can fix the issue with our proven methods.

Internet Explorer Keeps Crashing, freezes, or hangs in windows 10?

Here we have put up some troubleshooting strategies steps you may want to try if you find your Internet Explorer freezes or crashes frequently then follow the below guide, that will surely help you in fixing the error of crashing.

Solution 1Low System Memory

internet Explorer Keeps Crashing

Microsoft recommends restarting your computer to wipe your computer’s memory before troubleshooting the ‘Internet Explorer Keeps Crashing’ issue.

It may happen that the computer may not be having sufficient memory to run several programs at once, low memory or damaged once prevent the system files from opening Internet Explorer. Reboot your computer and open Internet Explorer to retest the browsing.

This is the initial troubleshooting step that helps for minor issues. If this step doesn’t help then go ahead with the next step.

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Solution 2: Download the latest version of Internet explorer

internet Explorer Keeps Crashing

Some drivers or software that enable Internet Explorer to perform various functions, can be corrupt and cause the Internet Explorer to crash.

Old text files can also slow down the internet browser or interfere with the other functions. Always run the latest version of Internet Explorer. Visit the Internet Explorer download page to ensure you’re running the latest compatible version.

If you’re running the latest version in your system, then run Windows Update to install the latest updates by clicking on the Search bar and Type Update into the search field. Click “Settings” and then “Check for Updates”.

and later download the updates and install them.

Solution 3: Disable/Enable Browser Add-ons

Sometimes you might have seen Add-ons options in the setting of your internet explorer, Add-ons are bits of software that enable you to perform various online functions.

internet Explorer Keeps Crashing

Corrupt add-ons can cause the issue of ‘Internet Explorer Keeps Crashing‘, especially if several tabs are running simultaneously.

If you have doubt about add-ons that are causing Internet Explorer to crash your explorer needs to be checked, click the ‘Sporket’ in the internet explorer and click the “Manage add-ons” button. Click the “All add-ons” option in the menu.

Click on each add-on and select the “Disable” tab and then restart Internet Explorer. If you want to Enable one add-on at a time to see which add-on is causing the crash of your explorer.

Solution 4:Check the Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration: Checking the graphics processor for the internet explorer is another solution that speeds up the loading of graphics. For example, it may use your GPU when you play video games or watch streaming videos online.

However, it may also cause display problems and causes Internet Explorer to crash. To turn off hardware acceleration, click the ‘Sporket‘ and select “Internet Options.” Click the “Advanced” pane and select “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.” Click “OK” and restart Internet Explorer.

Solution 5: Scan for Malware

Malicious software can also cause Internet Explorer to unexpectedly crash down. Malware is often get installed on your computer during internet usage. So Scan your computer system with genuine third-party anti-virus software to delete the malware or virus from the computer, as this can cause larger problems with your operating system and internet explorer.

Updating to the latest version of Internet Explorer also has fixed the crashing issues, it’s safest to run anti-virus software anyway to ensure your system is free from any malware.

Solution 6: Clear the Cache and Browsing History

Lastly, if all the above solution doesn’t support your issue, then try to clear your internet cache and browsing history, that may also reduce the problem of crashing your computer.

Steps to clear cache and browsing history are as follows:

Step 1: Open the Internet Explorer, then click on ‘Tools’  and go to Internet Options.

Step 2: Then go to the General tab, under the Browsing History section, and click on the Delete option.

Step 3: Then in the Delete Browsing History window section, select the check for Temporary Internet Files and website files and Cookies and website data.

Bottom Line

So that’s all to share in this article. You understood the cause of the issue “Internet Explorer Keeps Crashing” and also you read how to solve the issue step by step. we have tried all to help you in solving the internet explorer issue from your computer. Suggest for any query that needs to be explained more on this issue or anything missed out from our end, do comment back in the comment section below. Thank you