How To Register Eehhaaa App & Eehhaaa com Login 2022


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We’ll today in this article you will get to know how you can register an Eehhaaa App and earn lots of revenue from this eehhaaa AAP. So to know more keep reading.

What is eehhaaa?

Eehhaaa is an advertisement tool. Eehhaaaa allows you to reach the smartphone user’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram platforms.

We all know about advertising and many large businesses put out promotional material. If you understand how to advertise, working with eehhaaa com will be a breeze for you.

Perhaps many of you are familiar with eehhaaa com , but somewhere in your head, there will always be a question: “How does eehhaaa com firm work?” Or, “What is the income scheme of eehhaaa Com? ” The same individuals who have never heard of this company might have a perplexity regarding what it is.

Many individuals are now making money playing online games, and some people may make money by participating in referral programs. Similarly, the Eehhaaa website is quite popular on the Internet these days, allowing you to earn a lot of money simply by viewing advertisement videos.

How do I register at eehhaaaa?

  • Download the app on your smartphone by visiting eehhaaa’s official website, i.e.,, first.You will find a signup option in the upper right corner of the official website for eehhaaa.
  • Click the ‘Sign up’ button to view additional choices, such as ‘Advertiser’ and ‘Viewer,’ among other things.
  • Choose any of these choices based on your requirements.
  • If you select the “Viewer” option, you will see a form for an application.
  • You’ll need to supply your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, and so on.
  • Next, click on the “Next” button.
  • You’ll be able to fill out a new form to submit your information, such as age, gender, and city.
  • Then, click on the “Register” option.
  • To discover a new page with numerous sorts of advertising, click the “Register” button.
  • You must choose at least 25 categories to which you wish to show the ads.
  • After you’ve filled in all of the required data and selected the categories, click “Submit” to finish.
  • Now your registration with the eehhaaa application complete.

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Eehhaa app details:

App nameEehhaaa
Release Date2021-06-15
CompatibilityRequires Android 5.0 Or Later


  • Go to  www eehhaaa .com
  • Enter the search box and write “register”
  • Next, enter your Facebook or Google+ account > press the button “Continue”
  • Fill in the registration form> press the box next to all sentences to confirm registration.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your activation link. If you don’t copy and paste this mail, please check in the spam folder.
  • Otherwise, go back to www eehhaaa summary page > press the button “sign-in” > click on “forgot password” and go directly to your email address> Activate your username and password.

How can you make money with the eehhaaaa app?

There are two ways you can make money with eehhaaa:

Advertisers make money

As viewers, you can earn money

If you choose “Via Facebook”, you will earn eehhaaa money by connecting your eehhaaa account to your Facebook profile.

After selecting the platform via which you want to sell (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Instagram), you must first create some ad sets for this platform.

Then select an image> write a title> select a URL> how often new posts should appear.

Paste in the link of your blog and enter an amount starting with 1 euro per click (max 5 euros). Press confirm and increase your earnings with each view! However, the more times your ad is viewed, the greater eehhaaa pays you.

For example:

In just 2 clicks, you have received €5 from your publisher account!

Your balance can be seen at the top of this page next to “earnings.”

On a daily basis, eehhaaa will pay out any earnings> if there are no earnings due on a specific day, these funds will be paid out on the first working day after you have completed all conditions for payment.

Please note: –Eehhaaasummary page > press the button “earn” and then push on any of the six buttons. -The minimum amount that can be transferred per month is 50.

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What are the Benefits of an ad on

  • Ah-hah, a worldwide advertising service that offers you the opportunity to have your ads displayed in various countries and locations based on your preference.
  • Eehhaaa is a very inexpensive advertising network when compared to others. Low-budget advertisements can be more successfully shown.
  • Because eehhaaa provides people the option to generate money by viewing advertising, more individuals will be enticed to view advertisements.
  • The ads will be be displayed based on the interests of viewers.
  • The eehhaaa provides advertisers with access to analytics, which allows them to examine how their advertisements perform.


Q1. What is Eehhaaa advertisement?

EHEEHHAAA is an advertising platform that works for everyone. We match advertisers with a willing and interested audience, so marketing dollars aren’t wasted, while our technology allows viewers to be compensated for viewing commercials. Your advertisement will appear on the screen of people who are interested in your product.

Q2. How do I register for Eehhaaa?

  1. The official website of JAA Lifestyle is
  2. Then, from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the page, choose Sign Up.
  3. Fill out the registration form that appears, being careful to include all of the requested information.