Discord Update Failed? Here Is How To Fix It

Discord Update Failed: Discord has increasingly gained extreme popularity among its customers. It is an app mostly containing features for communicating and entertainment purposes. With such a wide variety of users range, it has reported with a new error showing a message of “Discord update failed”. This error is such a barrier which doesn’t let you open the software and nor lets you close.

Sometimes this creates a loop and repeats itself, again and again, every time you try to open Discord.

Here we have come up with a solution that will help you to update Discord on your windows computer.

Below Are The Methods To Fix “Discord Update Failed” Error?

Method 1: Run Discord As An Administrator

The simplest thing you can do right away to fix this error instantly is to open Discord with administrative permissions. This will give the app more authority to create new changes in the form of updates and let the software run successfully.

*It is mandatory for you to stay logged in as a local user for your computer otherwise you won’t be able to directly run the process as administrator and require to type a password for it.

Steps To Run Discord As An Administrative User

Step 1: Go to the Cortana search box in windows and type to search for the Discord app.

Step 2: Once you got it. Right-click on the application’s icon and choose the option of run as administrator.

Step 3: You will get a pop up to give the access of user account control to Discord.

Click on the yes,

By this, you will be successfully using Discord as an administrative user and can update the application without any error.

Method 2: Rename The Update.Exe File

In this method, you will have to rename the update.exe file of Discord. By doing this the Discord troubleshooters will be able to locate the file easily and fix the problem itself. In this manner, you will be able to update your Discord application successfully.

Steps To Rename The Update.exe File Of Discord Application

Step1:  Navigate to the application data folder.

  • You can do this by pressing the Windows + r key and then typing command an as C:\Users\Username\Appdata; in which the ‘username’ will be replaced by the local account name that you are using on your computer.
  • Another way to open the app data folder is to manually go to file explorer and then go for this PC- C: users – username – App data.

Step2: After reaching the App Data folder you will find a ‘local’ folder- inside which the folder of the ‘Discord’ application will be available. Open it from there.

Step3: Opening the Discord folder you will see the update.exe file which you have to rename by right-clicking on it.

Step4: Click the rename option and change the name of update.exe to updateX.exe (case sensitive)

Step5: Press Enter and try to run the Discord application again as an administrative user.

The problem will be fixed this time.

Method 3: Disable Windows Defender Services

Many times windows inbuilt antivirus software also creates problems to understand Discord as a threatening application. This limits its usage and continuously creates an error in running the software.

We can try to solve this problem by disabling the windows defender system and updating the Discord application under the settings.

Steps To Disable Windows Defender

Step1: Opens the settings by directly pressing the Windows + I button or hovering to the gear icon available in the start menu.

Step2: You will see an update & security tab, click on that.

Step3: Now goes to the windows security then–Virus & Threat Protection–Manage Settings.

Step4: From there you will see an option to turn “ON” and “OFF’ the Real-Time Protection.

After you select to turn it off of the windows defender system will be fully disabled.

Now you can try again to run the Discord software as an administrative user.  This will most likely help you to fix the issue of “Discord Update Failed”.

Method 4: Reinstall the Discord Application, With All the Default Settings

If you have come up at this, stage without getting any benefit from the above methods. The last option for you now is to reinstall the Discord with all its default settings and data files being cleared.

Steps To Reinstall Discord Software

Step 1: First of all you have to uninstall the Discord application from the settings.

For this, you can directory visit the settings application by pressing the Windows + I key or open the setting by clicking on the gear icon available in the start menu.

Step 2: Reaching there the next step is to open the ‘apps’ tab.

Step 3: In the apps tab you will get a search box to find applications, type “Discord” and press for search icon.

Step 4: On the Discord application you will get an option to uninstall. Click on that to process the uninstalling.

Step 5: After going through the step by step process. The uninstalling of your Discord application will be successful.

Step 6: Now we have to clear all the residuary files left over by the application.

For that open run by pressing windows + r keys.

Step 7: Type %appdata% and press okay to open it.

Step 8: All the data for the applications available on your computers will be seen in this app data folder.

Step 9: Look for the Discord app folder and delete it to remove all the leftover files available on the computer.

Step 10: Now, go to the Discord.com website and download the latest original version of the application.

The fresh new installation of the Discord application will be more stable and likely to come up with new solutions for older problems.

Conclusion on Discord Update Failed error

With all these easy methods the problem might have been solved till now.

Don’t forget to turn back on the windows defender settings, they help to keep your system safe from viruses and malware.