How to fix Discord Screen Share No Audio (Suggested by Discord Team)

Discord Screen Share No Audio

Want to know how to fix Discord Screen Share No Audio? Discord is one of the most popular groups chatting apps and was originally built for gamers to make their community and chat simultaneously.

In August of 2017, one of the most powerful features of Discord Screen Sharing was introduced.

This awesome feature allowed users of discord to see and interact with others’ screens. Along with the screen sharing, they also added video calling which helped users to do multiple tasks with only one software.

Since its launch, most Discord users started reporting an audio bug faced while screen sharing.

Discord has known this bug since the middle of 2019 and released many package updates regarding this Audio issue but it can still occur in some special cases.

Discord’s Suggested Fix on Discord Screen Share No Audio

This fix was originally provided by discord covering all audio issued on-screen sharing with web browsers. It is a recommendation to try this first before moving to the below list as it was provided by the Discord team itself:

1. End your screen share meeting and revive the Discord application by hitting Ctrl R

2. Close your internet browser and return it. When opened, play a sound in the program first before your screen share meeting. 

3. Enable screen sharing and check whether the issue is resolved.

If the issue still remains follow the steps given below step by step.

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Solution 1: Make sure your Discord App is up to date

This issue was mainly faced by users who are using an old version of discord. To update Discord manually follow the steps –

1. Open Discord.

2. Go to your system tray and right-click on the Discord icon.

3. Click on the “Check for updates“.

Solution 2: Add a Program to your Game Activity

1. Open Discord.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Look for “Game Activity” (It should be on your left Navigation Menu).

4. Then click on the “Add it!” button beside the Not seeing your game? text.

5. A search box should appear, find the program that you are having issues with and add them to the list.

Solution 3: Modify your Discord Audio Settings

This problem may arise due to audio settings being turned down or push-to-talk being enabled. To fix this.

1. Open your Discord Settings.

2. Go to “Voice Video” on the side navigation.

3. Under the “Voice Settings” check if the input volume slider is at its highest.

4. If the problem remains you can disable “Push to Talk“. By default, discord screen sharing takes audio input automatically from your microphone but by enabling “Push to Talk” you have to manually toggle a button on-screen sharing mode before audio can be heard.

5. If this doesn’t work go to the bottom of the “Voice Settings” and select “Reset Voice Settings“. This will remove all changes and start discord at its default settings.

Solution 4: Check if the Audio Device is Connected

Generally, this problem happens when the microphone is disconnected or disabled. Check if your microphone is connected after that go to the bottom right in the taskbar and right-click on the voice icon and select “Troubleshoot Sound Problems“.

A menu will pop up on your screen, select the device, and follow the Troubleshooting setup and the problem should be fixed.

Solution 5: Updating your Audio Drivers 

This issue is sometimes caused by not having the most recent drivers for your microphone. In the case of windows, you have to update the drivers manually. 

1. First, go to your start menu and search “Device Manager“.

2. On the Device Manager window find the “Sound, video, and game controllers” section, and click on the down-facing button. A list will appear showing all your audio devices.

3. Navigate your way to the audio device you have plugged in Right-click on it and select “Update Drivers“.

4. On the Next window that appears, look for “Search automatically for updated driver software” & select it.

5. Your drivers should update automatically and after the update restart your pc and you will be good to go.

Solution 6: Launching Discord with Administrative Access

Sometimes Discord needs additional permissions that are restricted by the windows firewall so launching it with Administrative Acess fixes the problem. To do this navigate to your discord app and right-click on it and select “Run as administrator“.

Solution 7: By Clearing Discord Cache

Sometimes programs create cache data that gets corrupted and leads to audio and screen issues. If these cache files are not cleared they may offer difficult problems for the user

1. Close Discord and on your desktop press the Windows + R key to write run commands.

2. A search box should appear, in it type %appdata% and hit enter.

3. On the next window that opens, right-click on the Discord folder and delete it.

4. Restart your computer and your problem should solve.

Later check if the ‘Discord Screen Share No Audio’ error has been resolved or not.

Solution 8: Re-install Discord

If all the above solutions don’t work then you may have to reinstall discord this method will clear all your caches and bugs present.

The problem may lie in your version of discord as it is corrupt or it’s not downloaded from the original website which is why to use this as a last option and be sure to download Discord from its original website, not from any other scammy websites and it will surely do the job for you.

Just follow the directions step by step as given below:

1. Go to your start menu and search for “Add or Remove program” and click on it.

2. Scroll down until you see GitHub, click on uninstall and it will uninstall the program.

3. Now go to Discord’s official site and download and install the latest version of Discord.

and check if the Discord Screen Share No Audio error has been fixed or not.

Also if these methods don’t help you then try to watch a video on how to fix Discord Screen Share No Audio chrome.

Bottom Line

Discord Screen Share No Audio solutions as suggested by the Discord Team caused by caches and incompatibility issues of Discord and windows. The ideal solution will be if discord launches a fixed patch that completely eliminates the problem and gets rids of the problem. For the time being, I hope that the above solutions helped you in fixing the problem.