Discord not detecting mic windows 10

Discord microphone not working? Here’s everything you need to know about giving Discord access to microphones, fixing problems, and more.

Discord is a popular platform where gamers and game developers around the world come together to create amazing game models. The social application specializes in text, graphics, video, and audio communication between users on chat channels. With a great user interface, this platform can be used on various systems including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers.

However, recently there have been many reports of users complaining about the problem of the Discord microphone being damaged or not working. If you’re wondering the same, don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know.

Discord Mic does not work on Windows 10?

Most of the time, out-of-date firmware or corrupt Discord software files, or compatibility issues cause such issues. Discord Mic not working. A quick way to fix this problem is to give the app access to your microphone. If you’re wondering about the same thing, here’s what you can do to fix the problem if your Discord microphone isn’t working on Windows 10.

If this is the first time you find that Discord is not detecting input from the microphone,

  •  Close the app and open it again. This will help eliminate temporary errors that were causing the microphone to mismatch
  •  Also, turn off the audio/microphone or USB and turn it on again and open Discord again.
  •  Try running Discord with administrative privileges, and then see if the problem is resolved or if you still see it.

Fix 1: Logout from Discord

If you still have no problem with Discord, please log out of your Discord account and log back in using the steps below.

  •  Open Discord and check the lower-left corner. The custom settings icon will appear. Click on it.
  •  Find the exit button and click on it. You will be asked for confirmation,  confirm it and you will get logged out of the application.
  •  Now log in again and see if your friend can hear you or not.

Fix 2: Allow Discord to use the microphone window 10

If the microphone is disabled in Windows privacy settings, the microphone may not work and results in you experiencing Discord mic issues on your computer. Make sure that you have enabled microphone access on your Windows 10 computer.

  •  Open Windows Settings, then select Privacy.
  •  Then select Microphone under App Permissions in the sidebar in the left corner.
  •  Make sure the switch under Allow apps to access your microphone is enabled. If this – option is greyed out, under Microphone access for this device, click Change and enable microphone for this option
  •  Now check the list of apps to see if Discord is allowed to use microphones or not.
  •  Now restart your system, open Discord, and check the problem status.

Fix 3: Check the external microphone

  •  Check and make sure: the microphone is securely connected to the USB port or 3.5mm jack.
  • Make sure the microphone has no hardware turned on without the device sound.
  • Again, make sure you have the latest drivers and software to download on your device.

Fix 4: Run the Speech Troubleshooter

Launch the Windows 10 Speech Troubleshooter which will automatically detect and fix microphone issues including the Discord microphone not working in Windows 10.

  •  Open Windows setup with Windows key + I.
  •  Select Update & Security option.
  •  Click the additional troubleshooting link.
  •  Now scroll down to find the speech, select it and click on Start Troubleshooting.
  •  Follow the instructions on the screen to help Windows diagnose and fix the problem for you.

Fix 5: Change the input sensitivity mismatch

Discord has a setting called Automatic Input Sensitivity Detection which allows the app to recognize any audio input device as a microphone. If this option is accidentally turned off, Discord will not record the microphone. Let’s check and adjust these settings for Discord input sensitivity.

  •  Open the Dispute app and click UI Setup.
  •  Here, select Language & Video from the list.
  •  Scroll down to the right to find and activate automatic determination of input sensitivity.
  •  Now speak into your microphone and check if the bar shown below is solid green. If it’s steady green, the sound is transmitting you.
  •  Now disable the switch and place the slider in the middle. and check whether your voice is sent from a microphone or not.

Fix 6: Turn off Windows 10 Exclusive Mode

Some applications may be installed on your computer or sometimes control the audio device driver when it runs. This sometimes causes problems with disputed applications. Disable this setting to see if this is what’s causing the problem.

  •  Right-click the sound and volume icon in the lower right corner to select a sound.
  •  Scroll to the Recording tab, right-click the microphone, and then click Properties.
  •  In the advanced tab in exclusive mode, turn off the option.
  •  Click Apply, OK to close Microphone Properties and restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Fix 7: Reset Voice settings

Here is another effective solution recommended by many people who feel the Discord microphone is not working on their computer.

  •  Open the Discord app and click the User Settings icon at the bottom of the page.
  •  Go to the Sound & Video section, scroll down and click on Reset Sound Settings.
  •  Click OK when asked for confirmation to make sure you want to reset your language settings.
  •  Discord will reset the language settings, close and reopen the Discord app. Also, try – turning off the microphone and then reconnecting it to see if the problem is resolved or not.


 We hope this article helped you solve your microphone problem.

If all else fails, please contact Discord for assistance with microphone input detection issues. In the meantime, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Discord app as a last resort, or temporarily switching to the online version if your microphone works there.

Let us know in the comments what worked in the end.