3 Ways To Fix ‘Discord Awaiting Endpoint’ Error In Discord

discord awaiting endpoint

Recently many users have faced this problem of having an error of “Discord awaiting endpoint” in Discord. This problem really has created so many issues in running the application and doing some important activities. Today we have come up with the solution in this article to fix the error of “awaiting endpoint” on discord.

First of all, let us know what is Discord?

Discord is an app that is mostly famous among gamers, developers, or the streamers community.

Because of its easy text messaging, communication via voice call, video call, sharing of media and files, this app has various great features that attract its customers very much.

Its download has recently increased at its highest level in some past years. This application also supports making servers that are like some private chats, made by people with the same interest or communities.

It is an interesting app with an amazing interface and great features, which all come together to share insightful information among peoples and help them socialize with its easy facilities.

All the steps are written below, which you can apply and back test to resolve the problem yourself.

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Why Discord Shows The Error Of “Discord Awaiting Endpoint”?

The “discord awaiting endpoint” error on discord is not a big issue to panic. It is basically a normal problem that comes most often times due to some network problems.

Many users face this problem whenever they try to join a discord server; they face this error which does not let them join the community server with their fellow gamers.

Discord Awaiting endpoint “is an issue that is a combined effect of a potentially low network that gives you insufficient connectivity at the time of joining servers.

Also, this error can be due to the failure in working of the discord server, which also resists you to connect due to downtime. There can be many causes on your side as well as the server-side; mostly this should ideally be resolved itself.

But if you still face this “awaiting endpoint discord” error, you will have to do something out of yourself and fix this discord connectivity issue.

We have some easy tips below which you can follow to resolve this trouble on your own.

Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error Yourself

We don’t want you to get confused with various techniques of resolving this “discord awaiting endpoint” issue.

Having some simple steps we have written 4 general techniques that can be understood by any simple user to perform this operation efficiently and fix this “awaiting endpoint discord” error.

  • There is also one more option for you which is a kind of nothing to do from your side but just wait. Discord resolves this error of “awaiting endpoint discord” itself after a period of time, sometimes instantly; depending on circumstances.
  • If you are not that lucky to get instant resolution, just wait for some time and it will get fixed itself.

But if you are looking for a quick solution, then by understanding your concern we have the following useful and general techniques, easy to implement.

Method 1: Change The Region Of Your Discord Server

Discord servers host can be the reason for this error. If this is so, you can test to change the region of your server’s location to the other place, improving the connection from the host and eliminating this “discord awaiting endpoint” error.

Sometimes, down servers are also responsible for most connectivity issues in discord; which can be improved with the easiest method of changing the server’s region to another place.

Below are the steps to change the host server’s region:

  • First, visit your ‘discord platform
  • Go to the ‘settings’ now
  • Proceed to the ‘server settings and click on the ‘overview option there.
  • From here you can change the ‘location’ for your host server to the other area.

This method is easy to apply and efficient if the problem is on the side of the host.

After doing this method if you still face the problem of discord awaiting endpoint error; Move the next type and try out.

Method 2: Check Your Wi-Fi Settings

discord awaiting endpoint

Reconfiguring your Wi-Fi settings will potentially help you to resolve this problem. Because many times discord also shows this “discord awaiting endpoint” error due to bad Wi-Fi connection. Here, the internet doesn’t connect and throws out an error inside the discord application. 

There is an easy step to personally check and fix this;

Reconfiguring Wi-Fi Yourself:

  • Check whether the internet connectivity is working in your device. Try out browsing some websites to access and find out if there is really a internet connectivity or not.

If you cannot load any website on that internet connection, then this is surely an issue on the web connectivity side.

  • Now to fix this you can try the method of rebooting the modem or reconnecting to the router. For instance, just try to switch off and on the Wi-Fi router and try to re-establish the internet connection. Once done successfully you will not see this “awaiting endpoint discord” error in the discord.
  • Sometimes different settings in your Wi-Fi router also create problems for the host to connect with the discord server. Just keep them defaults to avoid other issues in the future.

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Method 3: Reinstall Discord

In the end, if all these above methods do not work for you. The last option which you can do yourself is to re-install the discord step by step below.

  • Open the Task Manager by right clicking on the taskbar.
  • Then go to the processes tab, and look for any process related to Discord, select it, then click on End task.
discord awaiting endpoint
  • Go to the Control panel and search for programs and features.
discord awaiting endpoint
  • Find Discord in the list, and Uninstall.
  • Then open the run box and press Windows + R keys.
  • Type “ %appdata% “ and hit Enter.
discord awaiting endpoint
  • Select the Discord folder in the window that pops up, select it, right-click, then choose Delete.
discord awaiting endpoint
  • Then open the Run box, and type “ %localappdata% “ and hit Enter.
discord awaiting endpoint
  • Select the Discord folder in the window that pops up, right-click it, then choose Delete.
discord awaiting endpoint
discord awaiting endpoint
  • Right-click the downloaded file in the system tray, then choose Show in folder.
  • Find the DiscordSetup file and double-click it to start installing.
discord awaiting endpoint

Actually, it is not like there are no more solutions to resolve this “awaiting endpoint” error in discord, but it includes more technical terms in depth which will create a complexity for you to understand and apply steps precisely.

To best avoid all such complexities there is a fantastic option; you can update discord to the latest version by uninstalling and reinstalling the new.

By updating your discord you will get more new features as a compliment and the error of “awaiting endpoint discord” will also so get resolved without any chaos.


Discord has become more popular in recent years. It has really dealt with lots of traffic on its applications, which is rapidly generating different types of new errors for various users. Hope you find this solution method article helpful in solving your error of Discord Awaiting Endpoint.