Desktop Vs Laptop! What Works Best For Your Business – 2020

 Desktop vs laptop

Which is a better Desktop vs laptop? In 2020 the technology has advanced so much in the fields of laptops and PCs that it gets very confusing for individuals to choose one.

Desktop and Laptop are both devices that have their own pros and cons and are targeted at different kinds of audiences.

To find out which is a better fit for you, you have to check your priorities before buying a laptop or a desktop.

When deciding to buy between a laptop and a desktop you should first check your needs and expectations before buying one. This will give you a checklist that makes your decision easy.

In this article, we have provided all the information you need before buying one of the above and what felicities that they provide that are unique to them.

Intro on Desktop Vs Laptop

 Desktop vs laptop

Here we will be discussing desktop vs laptop so keep reading.

About Laptops

Laptops are a portable form of personal computer that comes with a LED or LCD screen attached to its keyboard and other components.

Laptops have a close-able lid that can be opened if you want to use it and you can be close it if your work is done. Laptops are known for their portability because they can be taken from one place to another without any hassle.

They are light weighted and easy to handle and they have an inbuilt battery that can function without a port.

They are not for customization so before buying you should always check the features because afterward, it’s not very likely that you can update a laptop’s hardware.

About Desktops

 Desktop vs laptop

Desktops are personal computers that are stationary and can not be moved from one place to another frequently.

It is made up of parts like a monitor, a CPU, and the powers moving a desktop requires a lot of effort causerie you have to unplug everything and take it from one place to another in parts and reassemble there which is quite a hefty process. Desktops are very powerful and they can be fully customized.

Desktops are heavy and they should be kept on a desk and only moved when it is needed. Desktops are highly customize-able, you can change their RAMCPUMother Board, etc.

They support a large variety of parts from different companies and they cost less to make and achieve the same kind of performance.

So here you may have got a little bit idea about desktop vs laptop. Further, you can read about desktop and laptop pros and cons.

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Advantages of Laptops

  1. Portability

Laptops are designed for portability due to their compact size and light-weighted design. You can easily take a laptop from one place to another by carrying it in a backpack or in a briefcase.

This is why laptops are preferred by businessmen and students because they can take them anywhere they want. If you need a personal computer that you can take from home to other places a laptop is your best choice.

  • Ports & Connections

The laptop offers many ports to be connected with it like USB ports, VGA ports, HDMI ports, and Card Reader ports. Laptops also come with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity which makes it very useful to connect with your phone and use the internet of your phone on your laptop.

  • Power

A laptop comes with an inbuilt battery that can keep them running for at least eight to ten hours in good quality laptops. The battery allows its users to take a laptop in places where power options are not provided.

A laptop uses less energy because of its small compressed components that make it energy efficient. Its battery can also be charged from power banks which makes it more appealing to buy.

  • Screen Size

Laptops come in many screen shapes and sizes that give the user to select its proffered screen size suitable for them. Normal screen sizes of laptops are thirteen-inch, fourteen inches, and sixteen-inch.

Advantages of Desktop

  1. Upgrade

All laptop components can be found in the market that lets the user select each suitable component that he wants in his Desktop which makes it very powerful for the user because he selected what he needed on his computer.

Desktops components like Processor, Ram, Graphics Card, Mother Bord, etc can be upgraded very easily in minutes.

  • Gaming

Desktops are best for gaming because of their high performance and they can achieve greater FPS with low components than a laptop. They do this because of their external graphics working together with the inbuilt processor graphics.

  • Performance

Desktops are known for their awesome performance. There better CPUs and Graphics Cards can gain more performance due to more space and we can connect multiple components to achieve more performance.

  • Cooling

Desktops are known for their cooling systems. Desktops come with multiple options in their cooling department that lets the user select the best cooling system according to the Processor that he is using.

Disadvantages of Laptop

  1. High Price

You can build a Desktop with the same specks at half its price and the cost is affected due to the small components fitted inside a laptop. The more you make a component smaller the Pricey it gets.

  • No Upgrades

Only a handful of updates can be done on laptops and they may not work as a long-term solution because of the lack of space and compressed hardware.

Disadvantages of Desktops

  1. Stationary

Desktops are stationary and they can’t be used out of the range of power supply and that makes us sit at the same place to work every day. If you want to change its place you will waste a lot of time is unplugging and plugging the wires while moving it.

  • Power

It should always have to be plugged into the electricity to work. You can’t recharge it and use it afterward. In a time of power outage, you can’t even use them and if you want to use it with the battery you will have to buy an external UPS for it and even it won’t provide more than four hours of battery life.

So these are the few desktop vs laptop merits and demerits, that will help during procurement for your day-to-day activities.

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Bottom Line

You can’t just say that one of them is bad and one is good because each has there own areas where they shine, so you have to look at its features and does it matches your requirements before making your judgment. By reading the information on “Desktop Vs Laptop“, I hope that you were able to decide what you need and require. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to tell us and we will be sure to help you with your queries.