How to Convert JPG to Word Online for Free?

Convert JPG to Word

Convert JPG to Word : JPG is arguably the most common and popular image format used. The majority of images are present in this format. This means that some JPG files hold valuable information. However, as you already know, the text inside an image can neither be copied nor altered. So, in a way, the information inside an image cannot be utilized.

In this article, we will be showing you a solution to this. JPG files can easily be converted into Word files with selectable text. To do this all you need is an online OCR tool that can extract text from an image. Let’s begin by introducing these tools.

Efficient Online JPG to Word Converters

JPG to Word converters uses Optical Character Recognition technology to scan text characters inside an image and give them a form of an editable Word document. Some advanced tools can even maintain the formatting of the text in the image.

Here is a list of some tools that are effective in converting jpg files into editable documents:

  • Prepostseo

By using these tools, you can easily convert Jpg images into Word files completely for free.

How to Convert JPG to Word?

To explain the working of these tools we selected one of them. All of them have more or less similar working. The tool that we chose is Image to Text as it is simple to use.

Here, we have split the work of this tool into distinct steps. Let’s get into it.

  • Choose a JPG file that has text in it.
  • Insert it into the tool. You can do it in three ways: selecting from storage, dragging, and dropping, or copying and pasting. To select from storage, click on the browse button given in the center of the tool page.
Convert JPG to Word
  • Once your image is inserted, click on the submit button. This will start the processing.
Convert JPG to Word
  • Once the tool is done with processing the inserted image it will show you the results. The results will be in front of you in the form of selectable and editable text.
  • Underneath the results, there will be an option to download the results as a Word file. Click on it.
Convert JPG to Word
  • Once you click on this button, the download will start, and you will be able to access the file from your downloads folder.

If you adhere to these instructions, you can transform your desired JPG image into a Word file without a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still confused about something, this list of FAQs might help you.

1.      What will happen to the inserted image file?

The image file will be transformed into a text document. However, if you still want to access that image, you can do so by going to the source from where you uploaded it (PC storage).

2.      How to Convert JPG to Word on a Mobile Phone?

The above-mentioned can also be accessed on the mobile browser. Some of them also provide phone applications such as Image to Text.

3.      Can I convert PDFs into Word files?

Yes, you can. There are separate tools for that known as PDF to word converters.

Final Words

The significant amount of information inside images often needs to be converted into an alterable format. The most common format in this regard is a Word document. So, to convert images into Word, you would need a program because manual transcription is a really odd and inefficient method. Hence, you can use online tools that are discussed in this article to effectively extract text from JPG files.