Top 5 Ways to Fix ‘Boot Manager Is Missing’ Error

Boot Manager  Is Missing

Do You want to know, how you can get rid of the ‘Boot manager is missing’ issue? Well, Boot Manager is a necessary software that keeps a large volume of code in its records for Windows 10, 7, 8, Vista, XP, and other operating systems to function properly.

Without a boot manager, the system can’t read your hard drive files and starting Windows in the operating system can be a problem.

Sometimes the boot manager file gets deleted from your operating system and an error is displayed that the boot manager is missing, which removes some basic Windows functions and prevents you from working properly.

Don’t worry today, we have a solution to get rid of this Boot Manager Is Missing problem on your PC with simple steps that anyone can follow to quickly stabilize your windows setups.

What is the cause of this Boot Manager is Missing error?

In General, the error boot manager missing from your computer will appear on your Windows starting screen with a black display in the background.

The error sometimes occurs as soon as you turn on your Windows computer and it starts up automatically but can’t find its file location in the boot process.

Many things can cause this problem, such as RAM, CPU, or other hardware components not working properly and causing the bootloader to fail at startup.

Also, boot manager errors can be caused by viruses and corrupted files in the Windows installation software while you were updating it or if the hard drive is suffering from power failure.

How to solve the boot manager is missing error?

Down below we have provided some of the common issues that you can check on your computer to fix the Boot manager is a missing problem easily, right from your home without any technical knowledge.

Just follow the steps and if a solution doesn’t work move to the next fix until your black screen of boot manager is missing is gone from your windows operating system.

Fix 1: Hard Restart Your PC

Sometimes hard resetting the CPU can fix your boot manager problem by skipping the booting process so try this method firsthand before anything on the list and it may coincidently work for you.

For hard resetting your PC restart it multiple times by pressing the Control + Alt + Delete button simultaneously, three to five times, and check if your PC is starting normally or not.

These are common solutions that you can use to activate Windows to solve the problem automatically. However, they don’t work for everyone. So if you are still suffering from this problem then move on to the next solution.

Fix 2: Switch Booting Order from System Bios

Even though you can’t access Windows settings, you can find the boot manager and change it manually via the system BIOS setup point, follow the steps below to change the boot order directly from the system BIOS.

  1. Hold Control + Alt + Delete at the same time to restart the computer.
  2. Then press the specific button to load the Bios from the keyboard.
  3. Depending on your system, this could be the F2, F8, F10, F12, Esc, or Del keys.
  4. Now scroll down from the start of the search to find the Boot loading order.
  5. Change the boot device of your primary hard drive, save the settings, and exit the Bios to restart the computer.
  6. After restarting, check if your error is still there or has been resolved.

Note: Every device has its own location where they have the boot loading option for you to click which is why you need to search the internet with your specific device name to find how to access the boot loading order from your bios menu.

Fix 3: Test if your Hard Drive is working

Another reason for the lack of a boot manager in your computer error is due to Hard Drive Failure. Also, power output from the hard drive point can also create problems with boot loaders.

Put your Hard Disk on another computer and see if space shows what it has used up and what space is remaining. If you find that your hard drive is not working, then you can buy a new hard drive at a cheap price from online websites and later check for the problem of bootmgr is missing.

Fix 4: Update system BIOS to the latest versions

Corrupt BIOS files or out-of-date motherboard data can cause this problem if you can find this error in boot device startup settings.

In order to update the BIOS to the latest version, you need to check what BIOS is currently installed on your computer that you need to update.

To check the BIOS, you can simply type the name of your motherboard on the internet to find its BIOS name.

Always download the BIOS from the original manufacturer’s website and once the BIOS has been downloaded, create a boot USB device and connect it to your computer to update it further.

Fix 5: Use Startup Repair Windows

Use this method only if you have your Windows installation CD with you as it plays an important role in the repair process.

Follow the steps below to perform the repair when you start Windows setup:

  1. Insert the Windows installation CD into your computer’s CD drive.
  2. Restart the computer and start your CD drive installation software.
  3. Press Enter when the message “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” appears on the screen.
  4. You can now set the language, time, and other important things from your computer.
  5. Then click on Repair Your Computer From CD Drive.
  6. Select the Windows installation folder where the previous version of Windows was installed.
  7. Continue with the installation process and weight for the initial repairs to complete.
  8. Now your problem should be resolved and you can enjoy your Windows computer as much as possible.

Final Verdict

Windows boot manager or BOOTMGR is a volume of small pieces of software stored in a specific location that is only available to read from your home directory.

The files of boot manager are primarily located on your C-Partition of your hard drive which gets lost or missing due to some specific reasons like outdated bio, corrupt MBR, wrong booth loading disc, damaged hard drive, or power failure.

With our list of easy-to-use solutions, you can solve all these problems on your Windows operating system in a matter of minutes, so you can get back to your computer and work smoothly without any problems.