What is Base System Device? How to Fix Base System Device error?

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After installing Microsoft Windows, one or more base system devices will appear in the device manager. This happens when the card reader driver isn’t properly installed on your system.

To fix this problem locate the driver on the media that came with your system or download it from the computer manufacturer’s website. Most of the manufacturers list this driver under removable media or removable chipsets.

This problem can also come with the USB port on the motherboard. If the windows installation doesn’t recognize the USB port properly then this can be the cause. To solve USB port problems, you can also try searching for USB drivers on the media that came with their system or on the manufacturer’s website.

If the system has a card reader, but the problem persists after installing the card reader driver, then there is another system device that Windows cannot detect properly.

How to Fix Base System Device error

You can find additional drivers for your system on the manufacturer’s website. Download and install all the drivers this will solve the problem and let Windows and device managers find all the system devices.

If the above solution didn’t work then follow the solutions given below where we have given a step-by-step guide to fix the error of “Base System Device”.

  1. Install drivers directly from OEM websites
  2. Install drivers using Windows Update
  3. Install drivers using Driver Easy

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Install drivers directly from OEM websites:

The error of the “base system device” occurs when the hardware driver isn’t properly installed on your system. These drivers are associated with motherboards, processors, and other chipsets.

To fix this situation, you need to locate and download drivers for it. You can use an OEM DVD if you have it, or download its driver from its official website. You can also use Windows Update to download the latest driver, If available.

Install drivers using Windows Update:

For this solution follow these simple steps given below.

(The example is taken from windows 10)

  1. Search for “Check for Updates
  2. Click on updates (if any)
  3. Restart your pc when installation is done.

Install drivers using Driver Easy:

Driver easy is software that automatically recognizes your system and finds the correct drivers for it. You don’t need to know anything about your system, not even your Windows version. And even you don’t have to worry about you are downloading the wrong driver. The driver easy will recognize your system compatibility with the driver and install it for you.

  1. Download easy driver for your windows
  2. Run and click on the scan now button
  3. Click on Update ( now the easy driver software will find and install correct drivers )
  4. After updating, restart your system.
  5. Done

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conclusion on Base System Device error

In this article, we have discussed 3 fixes of the “Base system device” if you have followed every step correctly then you must have got rid of this error if no then let us know in the comment section hope this article helped.