Apex Legends Advanced Legends Guide: Tips for Experienced Players

Apex Legend

The Apex Legend is an exciting game of battle that became famous in the first month of release and was used by millions of users. This game can take a lot of work for beginners to achieve the top position. This game is a legend in the world of the battle royal genre. 

If you are an experienced player, you can look for apex legends hacks to reach the top of the heap. But this guide will also provide tips and strategies to help the experienced player reach the top. So, let’s go through the article and understand the game’s mechanics. 

Tips for experienced players for Apex Legend

Even though you are an experienced player, you will need some tips to reach the top position. So, here in this section, we will provide you with some clever tips to become an expert of the battle gaming world.


Zipline is important in the game; you can easily see the ziplines on the map. You can also change the directions through the ziplines. They are tricky, but you can cover a long distance while using it. It is a challenging task to aim while riding the zipline. In contrast, it will be better to protect yourself from enemies while riding the zipline by switching to another zipline.

 You just have to press the jump button, rotate your screen to the side you want to go to and press the zipline button to switch your zipline from one to another. It is important because enemies are often in front of you, so you can quickly switch to the zipline to come in a safe position.


Re-position is essential, do not stay in the same position for a long time because the enemy can target you and can attack you or your teammates. And if they successfully killed any of your teammates, they can also try to loot your dead team member. So, it’s better to change your position frequently and be safe. 

Close-range combat

If you remember this tip, you can achieve long playback and improve it. Basically, in close-range combat, if you reload your gun, it will start completing the reload, and this will be your big mistake, so don’t do that ever.

 Instead, anytime you see reload in the gun while the combat switches your weapon instantly and fire against the enemies. While the time enemies gun will be in the reloading position, you can obtain profit in that situation by switching your weapon because you have the advantage of numerous weapons. 

Utilize Ballon

In this game, you will have a balloon through which you can cover great distances efficiently. It is a handy method to escape from a bad situation. Whenever traveling through a balloon, you can see the special positions everywhere where you can land and easily obtain the advantage. When you approach the drill section train yard, land on the tower to easily target your enemies. 

Gas trunk

It is used in caustic places. The key factor of gas trunks that help in combat is very often, you can see the wraith player in the game, so you can block the portal of the wraith player by using the gas trunk. You just have to lay down the trunk in front of the portal simply, and if the enemies come through the portal, they will directly get into the gas trunk and face heavy damage. 

And if you knock any of the enemies, put down one gas trunk in front of them so that they will be finished up easily for that, neither you have to use ammo, nor you will have to use finisher. You can also place it near their load box so that other enemies do not loot their weapons. 


In conclusion, If you are a beginner then you will face problems in starting but as you will start playing and practicing you will easily reach the top position and if you are an experienced one in the gaming world you will definitely reach the top position if you will follow the tips mentioned above. 

As you will go the levels up you will find little difficulty while playing but we know always that practice makes the thing easier. We hope applying our tips and tricks in your game will take you up to the leading position. So, apply these tricks and enjoy your happy game zone!