How to Fix: “Amazon Account Locked” updated 2020?

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Want to know how you can easily solve the issue of Amazon Account Locked temporarily? Well, Amazon is one of the largest online retailers that showcase its products to its customers in an integrated website that works like an e-commerce store where anyone can buy anything.

Amazon’s service is the best and it’s great for buying and selling products on their website. However, some users have faced an issue of Amazon Account Locked on their site or app, which prevents them from doing business in their platform.

Today we are going to show you how you can unlock your Amazon account and regain all its features with the exact script that guides you through the whole process, so be sure to read the full article to fix your Amazon Account Locked problem in real-time.

What causes Amazon Accounts to be locked?

Amazon Account Locked

There may be a number of regions that could cause your Amazon account to be suspended. Here are some of them:

  1. Fake Information Detected

One of the main reasons Amazon accounts are blocked is fake information provided by people. This could cover up a fake name, fake shipping address, fake billing address, or fake phone number to ship your orders in different places.

  1. Excessive use of Gift Cards

Many people try to use Amazon’s gift cards on a large scale to get various discounts on their products, which is against Amazon’s rules. They block your account for a period of time, especially if you are a new customer of their platform.

  1. High returns on purchases

As in any other e-commerce store, if someone continues to buy and return the product, the losses are dealt by the company and the seller has to pay up. That’s why Amazon prohibits people who always return products in bulk to safeguard themselves from scammers.

  1. Multiple location logins

Several users try to log in from different locations using a VPN service to get a price difference for their products. This allows Amazon’s security features to function on your behalf, locking out your services, as there’s a good chance your account has been hacked and someone else is spending the money from your bank.

  1. Breaking there Terms & Conditions policy

Amazon has strict rules and regulations that every account holder must follow in order to continue using its services. Some people don’t know that Amazon uses category-specific rules to track patents and copyrights to notify sellers of any complaints.

If irregularities occur on your side, your account will be withdrawn and you will have to negotiate your way to find a solution to restore access.

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Ways to Fix Amazon Account Locked Issue

Fix 1: Directly upload your documents

The obvious strategy for any customer is to provide all the data to clear up any misunderstanding on your Amazon account.

Amazon Account Locked

Here’s a quick way to get your documents sent to your online Amazon account

  • First, check your email for any recent order confirmation that you have received.
  • Once you find the Amazon order link click on it to access your account.
  • The the details should contain most of the information that will redirect you to the buy now page.
  • Most probably you will see a message of “Your Amazon account is locked and the order is on hold“.
  • Navigate your way through the page to find the “Add Documents” button.
  • Upload all your required documents and wait for a few days for the Amazon team to review them properly.

Note: In case you didn’t get a reply from Amazon in a few days move to the next solution on the list to try a different fix.

Fix 2: Contact Amazon services via phone

A better way to fix a blocked Amazon account is to contact Amazon by phone to find out why your account was Locked and what to do to fix it.

Amazon Account Locked
  • If you are a US citizen try the number +1 (206) -266-2992 and for other countries search in Google for this specific number.
  • When the answering machine picks up your call choose option 2.
  • Provide all your legit information when asked by a team.
  • Remember to explain your situation in detail and how your account was accidentally suspended.
  • They should probably give you an answer on how to fix the problem or they will do it for you.

Fix 3: Contact Amazon services via email

Another way to contact Amazon Customer Service is to send them an email so they can recover your account from a suspended situation.

Amazon Account Locked

Keep in mind that this method can take weeks as it receives lots of emails every day, which will take some time to resolve your issue.

  • Open the Amazon homepage and open the menu.
  • Select the customer service option at the bottom of the list.
  • Click on your account section and select the can’t sign in to my account link.
  • Write a message and mention your problem in detail.
  • Provide your official email and send the application.
  • You will be contacted within a few days at the same email id that is used.

Fix 4: Use Public’s Forums like Social Media Pages of Amazon

This is the last method you can use to connect Amazon by using social media forums to fix your Amazon account locked issue.

All you have to do is go to one of the posts and describe your problem in the comments section and leave your email address which they can later use to track you down.

This should be your last resort as they can take a long time to resolve your problem. So if this doesn’t help, you’ll have to create a new Amazon account because there’s nothing else you can do about it.

Final Words on Amazon Account Locked

Amazon will block your account if it detects suspicious activity that causes the security system to display an error on the Amazon Account Locked to the customer.

In the above article, we examined some of the reasons due to which Amazon Suspense and Individual’s account and one of the most common reason is that the billing information does not match to customer’s info.

We hope that by reading this guide you were able to fix your Amazon Account Locked and unlock its services to regain control of the platform for your daily needs.