Solutions To The “Access Violation At Address” Error

Solutions To The “Access Violation At Address” Error

Access Violation At Address: Sometimes when we install a new game, software, or any program on our computer it doesn’t run properly and shows an error. This error also does not give a chance to further examine it and keeps appearing whenever we try to run that again.

People also face this problem in certain other applications whenever they try to access them as a normal user. The reason for this error message might be due to corrupted software or damaged memory.

In this article, we will be addressing all such reasons and solutions for this “access violation at address” error.

This access violation at address error happens when the computer system doesn’t allow accessing a part of memory to run any application. It shows an error code with an attached address of the issues. This error also sometimes tells specifically which of the paths of new software is dis-functioning and doesn’t let it start.

Why Does The “Access Violation At Address” Error Happen?

“Access violation address error happens when you try to launch a software which asks to read a protected memory address.”

This is specifically a windows error that can happen in any system variation installed with Windows OS.

Protected memory of your computer is a delicate space which due to some privacy reasons is always protected and unauthorized to be used by third-party software on your computer. Whenever computer software needs this protected memory to create a successful launch, your system doesn’t allow it and shows this error at the end.

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How To Fix The Access Violation At Address.

We have mentioned many possible ways out of which you can try any of them to fix this issue yourself.

Method 1-Run a Malware inspection.

When you install new software in your computer that contains some type of malware inside them, this can potentially affect the system’s memory and cause this error to pop up.

How To Read The Malware Attack Before This Error Will Show Up.

If your computer shows any involuntary activity like automatically opening a fake browser window or any unprovoked alert on your desktop. Then there can be a malware infection creating this problem behind them. In this case, a deep scan with details will be required to instantly remove it and protect your computer’s memory.

To get rid of this virus; depending upon the inbuilt antivirus will not be necessary enough. But once you successfully get rid of this malware from your PC the error will be resolved.

Method 2- Add the Program To Exception Access List

This method will allow the software to run despite being creating an error. If you don’t have a paid version of antivirus software, that has the only potential to set things automatically suitable to run your desired software without any error.

If you don’t have that, you can try to add the program to the data execution prevention exception list, which will give your desired program all the access that is necessary for its successful run.

Below Are The Steps To Add The Program To the Exception Access List:

Step1- Go to the control panel

Step2- From there, search for the system and security option and click it to open.

Step3- Into that; click on system option for the advanced system setting.

Step4- Now go to the performance section from the advanced tab and click settings.

Step5- On the top, you will find a data execution prevention tab, click on that.

Step6- From the list, you can select all the programs you want to run with all the required choices for accessing your system’s memory.

Step7- Add the program software that you want to run and hit Apply settings.

Now try to run the program again and see the “access violation at address” error will be removed.

*Note- Sometimes the error can also be fixed when you reinstall the software again, this will make a fresh new installation with all the default settings and the software will run successfully.

Method 3- Consider Disabling User Account Control

When you try to run the software that is a java-based program it will require private memory access, and the chances of “access violation at address” error, will be higher for such a program.

For a temporary period, you can try to disable the user account control and run the program without any hassle of the error showing up.

For your information, let us tell you that disabling the user account control will create a slight security risk which might make you comfortable to do so.

But for some time you can turn it off and back on again after successfully using the required java based software.

Steps To Disable User Account Control:

Step1- Go to the control panel

Step2- Find the option of user accounts and click on that.

Step3- From there you will get the option to change the settings of user account controls. Go for that

Step4- There you will get an option to choose whether to notify for the changes that will be made. You can slide it down to never notify and hit ok.

Step5- After successfully applying all the settings, try to run the program again.

*After using the software you can turn the user account settings back in the same way to its default manner.

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Method 4- Check Your RAM For Corruption

If you Ram has a section that was ever infected with the malware; then this might also be the reason behind the “access violation at address” error. The corrupted part of your Ram will not cooperate to provide full memory access which will create an unsuccessful launching of software.

To Fix This You Can Try Below Steps:

Step1- From the computer’s search bar find window memory diagnostic.

Step2- Run the program

Step3- Choose the option “restart and check for problem

Step4- This will fix the corrupted part of your RAM and eliminate all the potential of getting errors again.


Hope you find this article interesting on Access Violation At Address error, these are some of the steps that are easy to do on your own. If you still don’t get the error fixed you can check more tutorial videos from YouTube.