70 Inch TV Dimensions | Size | Weight | Viewing Distance (A Complete Guide) 

70 Inch TV Dimensions
70 Inch TV Dimensions

Televisions are available in a variety of sizes and Dimensions. If you’re planning to procure a television this is among the primary aspects you should consider before purchasing a 70-inch TV.

The people who do not take note of this crucial aspect are often regretful buyers because the television they buy would be either small in size or large about the space size of a room.

To prevent this you should know the 70 Inch TV dimensions and size in the world of smart TV. 

Understanding the sizes available and their dimensions for your TV, the dimensions of your room space, watching distance, stand requirements and many more will aid you in making the right decision.

70 Inch TV dimensions That You Should Know

Smart TVs are usually measured in terms of Dimensions, Width, and Height. The width is often the biggest number, followed by height, while the depth is the least number.

How to check Width: Use tape to measure from side to side horizontally to check the width.

How to check Height: Measure the television from the top of it to its bottom to calculate the height.

How to check Depth: The TV is measured from side to back to determine the depth.

How to check the TV Screen: It is usually determined diagonally, from one edge to the next without including the TV bezel or the plastic casing.

A 70-inch television is an ideal size for rooms with a big space. A TV that is this large generally provides high picture quality. Although it is provided by some companies for a price that is quite high, some are priced at an affordable price, too.

  • A 70-inch television typically has a size that is 34.3 inches (87.1cm or 871mm) and the width is the 61-inch range (154.9cm (or 1,549mm). The 70-inch size refers to the diagonal dimension of the TV. However, there could be slight variations from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • The ideal area for this smart TV is 2,092 square inches 2. (1.349m 2).

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Viewing Distance for 70-Inch TVs

Based on the resolution of your TVs, the minimum viewing distance you should maintain is very important. 

To minimize strain on your eyes, televisions with lower resolution require a greater viewing distance than higher resolutions models.

A 70-inch HDTV with a resolution of 1080p is recommended to be viewed from a distance of 9 feet (274.3cm) to 14.5 feet (442cm). 

This is the exact distance you should sit to view the TV screen. This distance should be between 1.5 and 2.5 times the width of your diagonal screen.

The recommended optimal viewing distance for a 4K Ultra HDTV is approximately 6 feet (183cm), to 9 feet (274.3cm), respectively. 

The best viewing distance is between 1 and 1.5 times the width of your diagonal screen.

How Much is the Weight of a 70-Inch TV??

A 70-inch TV with a stand weighs between 55 pounds (24.9kg) and 65 pounds (29.4kg). 

The television is slightly heavier when it has an attached stand. Present-day televisions are lighter as compared to CRT television.

Earlier CRT televisions used to come with heavy components Like their CRT tubes, registers, ICs and capacitors were bigger in size and weight too which used to make television very heavy weight.

LCD televisions are 41% lighter than plasma TVs, regardless of the manufacturer.

We understand why you need to determine the weight of your television because it allows you to choose the right mount type. 

It helps you determine where to place it, and whether it should be wall-mount or placed on a stand.

Mounts and stands that can hold your smart TV’s weight without causing an accident are available.

How High Should I Mount a 70-Inch TV for the Best TV-Viewing Experience?

70 Inch TV Dimensions
70 Inch TV Dimensions

This principle states that if you want to mount a 70-inch TV in a bigger room, then the height at which it can be mounted from the centre to the floor should be 72 inches. 

You can increase this height by up to 75 inches, or even more as per your initial requirement.

You need to consider the following factors to determine the right height for mounting your smart TVs.

  • The viewing distance helps determine the right mounting height for your 70-inch TV. If you are looking for a theater-like experience, it is worth choosing a height that is at eye level.
  • You can determine the mounting height by sitting in the same spot you normally sit while watching television. Then measure the distance between the ground and your eyes in inches. To avoid straining their necks, viewers prefer that the television’s middle be at eye level.
  • Mounting the smart TV higher than usual if you intend to view it from a reclining position, such as on a bed or couch, is a smart choice. The reclining angle will determine the mounting height.
  • When you are trying to find the right mounting height for your television, subtract the height of the stand.
  • You should choose a height that is not reflective on the screen, or as low as possible.

Is a 70-inch TV too big for an apartment?

70 Inch TV Dimensions
70 Inch TV Dimensions

To fit the 70-inch TV, it is very important that you know the room size first. The size of the space can play a significant role. 

To determine if the size of the room is large enough, take note of the distance between where you’ll take a seat to watch and the location where you’re gonna place your TV.

This distance should be measured in inches. You may double the distance to determine whether a smart TV with 70 inches is too large or the appropriate size for your space.

It is possible to consider the following certain points to determine whether a TV with 70 inches is too large for the space.

  1. If your room’s dimensions are smaller than 500cm x 450cm, a 70-inch television isn’t enough for your space. If you want normal inch TV dimensions this would be about the appropriate size.
  2. A 70-inch television isn’t enough when you’re using it mostly for watching movies and watching long-shots. Also, this is the ideal size to enjoy the theatre-like experience.
  3. A 70-inch television isn’t too large if your living space has tall walls and plenty of space around the TV.
  4. Determine if you’ll place the TV in an appliance or put it on the wall. Sometimes, the TV may seem too large on cabinets, but won’t be large enough to be mounted on a wall.
  5. This TV may not be excessive when you plan to frequently use it with a long time of viewing every time.

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How to mount a 70-inch TV on drywall without studs

70 Inch TV Dimensions
70 Inch TV Dimensions

The best thing about the LCD TV is that you can easily mount the TV on the wall and watch the movie joyfully and it gives you a theatre-like experience.

But before mounting the TV on the wall, you should ensure that it remains secure in its place.

For that you should check the studs behind the drywall for direct screwing of the mount on the studs, if you don’t find any studs on the drywall, then you need to use toggle bolts.

To proceed with the mounting activity, you should always gather these tools to work with.

  • Drill and Drill bits
  • Screws and a screwdriver
  • Stud finder
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Leveler
  • TVs bracket

Now let us proceed with the mounting process step by step:

  • Examine the different mounting kits and mounts and pick one that’s strong enough to support all the weights of your TV, and is suitable for it. Most of the time the instruction manual of the TV or the manufacturer’s box will tell you the weight of your TV.
  • Set-mounts or full-motion are the best options depending on the way you wish to set up the TV screen. If you’re looking to put the screen at any angle, full-motion studs would be the better choice due to their tilt and turn capabilities. However, should you want to only tilt the screen upwards or downwards setting-mounts are a great option.
  • Put an area rug on the floor and place your TV on it, with the screen directed downwards.
  • Refer to the instruction manual for what the bracket is to be attached to the TV
  • Take the bracket off mounting and place it in the hole on the rear of the TV.
  • Fix the bracket in front of the TV using the screws that come to the mounting. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws to avoid damage to the TV.
  • Find a spot where you can put the TV close to your eyes so that you can watch the show without straining. You might need to get a couple of individuals to help by holding the TV at various heights while you sit down, and determine which is the best height.
  • Find out if the wall you’ve decided to put up the 70-inch television has studs by using a Stud finder. To find out you need to keep a stud locator in place on the wall, and then turn it on. Then, move it around the wall’s surface and keep an eye on the display to turn on or beep.

The steps below are a good idea to follow if your drywall has no studs or if the studs don’t match the location you intend to place your TV.

  • Install the mount on the wall and against the area that is aligned with the ideal viewing height that you established earlier.
  • Pick three holes over the mount that are equally distanced from one another to create the marks.
  • Make two holes at the end of the mount for the lower support screws.
  • Take the mount off and verify whether your marks are level. If they aren’t, you’ll need to repeat the process.
  • Utilizing a 1/4-inch drill bit to drill a hole in the wall.
  • Repeat the steps above for each mark you’ve made on your drywall.
  • Install a toggle bolt of 1/4-inch length through each hole.
  • Insert the anchor to each bolt in the holes, and snap off the plastic ends hanging off the wall.
  • Insert a screw that came with the mount in each hole, and then rotate them counterclockwise. This will tighten the toggle bolts.
  • Then tighten the process by using a screwdriver to ensure the mount is secured.
  • Lift the TV by holding it in both hands, then make sure the hooks are in the appropriate positions to the wall.
  • Release the hold of the television slowly and be sure that it does not fall off the mount until you tighten the screws or bolts that hold the bracket in place.

Can a 70-inch smart TV fit in an SUV Car or Truck?

If you are thinking about how to transport your device to the store or home to the next, you’ll require a vehicle capable of transporting it securely and safely.

Since you’ll be moving the TV out of its box, the standard TV box’s actual dimensions are approximately 41 inches in height and 70 inches in length (depth).

The most effective alternative is a single-cab pickup truck that can fit the TV on the mattress (upright) and can be able to accommodate a depth of 70″ or more, and height up to 41 inches.

Another option is to utilize the minivan option if you can remove the final row of seats. The TV can be placed in an upright position as the cabin’s height is typically higher than 41 inches.

This 70″ TV will be about 41″ tall inside the box. The internal dimensions of minivans are about 45″ tall. This means you’ll have plenty of room to place the television.

How Wide Should a TV Stand be for a 70 inch TV?

It is important to think about the dimensions of a TV stand or an entertainment centre the gadget will be set on.

The ideal TV size stand isn’t solely about looks. A TV that is large on a stand similar in size or less than the TV’s frame could create a significant safety risk.

If you have a 70-inch television that is 70 inches wide, you must utilize a table or stand for a TV of at least 65 to 70 inches wide.

If you want to have additional space on your TV stand for decoration, and other things, you need to buy a larger size.

A common rule of thumb for installation is to place the TV (when placed on a stand or in the room) to be at or just lower than eye level.

Making sure that your TV is in the best position requires some simple math. Measure the distance between the floor and the average view-line of people in your home and subtract half of the height of your TV.

If you have a 70-inch television the height of the TV’s mounting should be 67 to 70 inches between the ground and the middle of the TV’s screen.

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What’s the best brand for a 70-inch TV?

TV manufacturers try to produce superior quality images that make it an enjoyable, engaging entertainment experience. Top brands include Samsung Vizio, TCL and LG.

Sony TVs have a very high audio level and provide an outstanding sound experience. They also have a distinctive Acoustic Surface Audio+, which emits sound from an underlying TV panel rather than using speakers.

Sony TV is renowned worldwide for its high-performance audiovisual products. Televisions are not inexpensive and they certainly cost an additional cost. The most popular cheap option is the TV TCL.

How far should I sit from a 70 inch TV?

The minimum distance required for viewing television is dependent upon the resolution. Televisions that display high-resolution require longer viewing distances.

The recommended viewing area for the 70-inch HDTVs in this category consists of a height of 9.5 feet (274.3 cm). Recommended distance from the screen. Its optimal height can range between 1.5 and 2.5x the diagonal measurement width of the display screen size.

A typical 4-inch Ultra HD TV has less optimal viewing distances which range from 6 ft (284.3 cm) to 6ft (93.4 f.).

How are smart TVs dimensions measured?

Television heights, width and depth usually determine a TV’s dimensions. The width is generally the greatest number followed by its length.

The depth of a TV should measure from the front to the back with a measuring tape to determine its horizontal TV dimensions. This can be accomplished using a TV stand.

TV screens: The advertised screen dimension can be calculated diagonally from the screen edge to the screen without including television bezels or plastic casing.

What is a different resolution for 70″ TVs?

Resolution refers to pixels in televisions. All of these pixels are lighted in front or sidelight on LCD or OLED TVs. The bigger the pixels the better the picture quality, and the more contrast the color and the variety are.

The lowest-priced 70-inch TVs

If you want an affordable 70″ TV, you may find a small number of television sets at less than $1000. There is no need to sacrifice quality because 4 K TVs offer brilliant color and special features.

Wrapping Up

To watch movies, Netflix or to watch TV shows on larger screen size, A 70 inch TV dimensions will be a great choice.

This TV can enhance your viewing experience and make it more enjoyable as you’ll be able to watch everything in crystal clear clarity.

If you’re buying a 70 Inch TV then you must be sure it’s the correct size to fit in your home. 

So, you don’t need to make any changes to your room size after purchasing the television. 

We hope this article has helped you. Should you still have concerns, please let us know via the comments section. 

Thank you for taking the time to read “70 Inch TV Dimension” article !