Top 5 Open-World RPGs Of All Time

What makes an excellent open-world RPG?

Well, if you ask us, our first requirement in this aspect will be all about having an immersive environment. Besides, we will want the role-playing elements to be there as well, even if it is conventional to the core sense.

Unfortunately, the open-world RPG segment has been taken aback a little since the release of Red Dead Redemption: 2. There’s nothing new to talk about as of now.

Hence, in this article, we will pay an ode to the OGs of this genre and share our thoughts about them. If they pique your interest, you can also try downloading and playing them from It’s free and much more convenient!

5 Open-World RPGs That You Should Play

Before we begin, we wanted to remind you that we’ll be strictly talking about the story mode of the games. There won’t be any information available regarding the online version.

Hence, if you are all about enjoying a seamless single-player gaming experience, you will surely love our list. We’re sure of it!

Option – 1: Borderlands 2 

A worthy sequel to Borderlands, the second installment of the series took the franchise to yet another level. The storyline, gameplay, and character design looked much better than before. The comic-book-style graphics also blended pretty well with the environment.

Like any other role-playing game, you can also fix up your own skill tree here. Besides, there are loads of loot available in the world of Pandora, waiting for you to pick them up.

Option – 2: The Witcher 3 – The Wild Hunt 

The Witcher 3, unlike any other game of the series, is hugely narrative-driven. However, the gameplay and combat system of the same is pretty exceptional as well. The skill tree system is a little different here. Nonetheless, it takes care of the purpose efficiently.

The side characters of the game, like Letho or Philippa Eilhart, are pretty awesome as well. Also, the “traversing on a horse in a medieval setting” is pretty amazing.

Option – 3: Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain

When talking about a stealthy, open-world RPG, the first name that comes to mind is Metal Gear Solid – Phantom Pain. It comes with a vast, well-managed world, a variety of missions, and, well, loads of memorable action sequences.

It’s not the liveliest world, though, as the Hitman series. However, you still have to make the most out of what you have, and that’s where the game wins our hearts.

Option – 4: Fallout 4

Arguably the best one in the Fallout series, Fallout 4 comes with a vast, open world to follow through. Exploration and survival in a hostile environment will be the aim of the player. However, aside from this, you will still get many quests to follow throughout the story too.

Besides the open-world elements, the dialogues between the NPCs are pretty interactive as well. All in all, if you’re into survival-craft games, Fallout 4 would be perfect for you!

Option – 5: The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim

The godfather of every open-world RPG, Skyrim boasts a massive world and immersive gameplay as the primary attraction of the game. Besides, there are different classes that you can play to enjoy their specific skills and buffs.

Also, the quests in Skyrim tend to keep regenerating. Therefore, there is virtually no ending to the game. You can put in hours and hours at the same and still enjoy it to the fullest.

The map can be a little confusing to people who are more used to modern-day RPGs. But, it doesn’t really affect the experience too much. Instead, it helps you explore the game and the world of Skyrim more carefully and rigorously!

The Bottom Line

Soooo… this is it – the concluding part of our article. We’ve been talking since the beginning, and now we feel a little dizzy in the head, unlike Claptrap from Borderlands. However, we don’t want this conversation to end right now. So, why don’t you help us out a little and share your own opinions about the best open-world RPGs with us? We would love to learn about your choices and offer our verdicts on the same. Don’t forget to comment, then. We will be waiting